They head to the deva castle to find a safe place. The protagonist fights of Tania the Asterian to stop her from killing mom. Depending on your stats build, you want to slot in Zenonia 5 Titles that match your character’s build strengths. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. He is the most complex character, and the only one whose in-game model has a visible nose. He has dark purple hair, along with a coat and uses a longsword for battle. In this section we will go over how fairy works. All Stats Goat Slaughterer: All Stats +5 Kill 50 Baphomets, Frog Killer: All Stats +10 Kill 50 Venom Frogs, Winner: All Stats +10 11 Zenonia 5 PvP wins, Ent Slaughterer: All Stats +15 Kill 50 Dark Ents, Cerberus Killer: All Stats +20 Kill 50 Cerberi, God of Winning: All Stats +50 5001 PvP wins, Bourgeois: All Stats +10% Obtain at least 1,000,000 gold, Attack Strong Challenger: Attack +10% 101 PvP losses, Mud Slayer: Attack +20% Kill 100 Mud Titans, Defense Loser: Defense +10% 11 PvP losses, Eye Destroyer: Defense +20% Kill Big Eyes, HP Challenger: Max HP +100 Achieve level 5, Rookie Hero: Max HP +500 Achieve level 30, Veteran Hero: Max HP +1000 Achieve level 50, Legendary Warrior: HP +20% Achieve level 99, Strength Mining Mania: Strength +10% Acquire 1 magic pickaxe, Kumtra Killer: Strength +20% Kill 50 Kumtras, Legendary Miner STR+15% Mine 100 Orichalcons, Constitution Rookie Miner: Constitution+5% Mine20 Bronze, Top Class Miner: Constitution +10% Mine 50 Mithril, Super Miner: Constitution +15% Mine 50 Orichalcon, Intelligence Fairy Lover: Intelligence +10% Use 10 awakening stones or Extract skill stones (20 stone), Fairy Mania: Intelligence +20% Use 20 awakening stones or Extract skill stones (40 stone), Dexterity Smuggler: Dexterity +10% Talk to the Dark Merchant (Agran Village) 20 times, Pro Smuggler: Dexterity +15% Talk to the Dark Merchant (Agran Village) 30 times, HP Absorb Jackpot: HP Absorb +2% Have exactly 7777 gold, Invincible Hero: HP Absorb +3% Use 50 origin of life, SP Absorb Cool User: SP Absorb +2% Play for two hours, The Resurrected: SP Absorb +3% Use 20 Origin of Lives, Apprentice Blacksmith: (?) They rest for the day and in the next day the protagonist sets out to find Bronte. Using the right title for your class is essential. In general, you will spend the majority of your gold to purchase potions and repairing gears. Fairy Runes can have different stats but mainly either in Offense, Defense, or Normal. Rare gears usually come with 2 stats boost. After playing the game a couple of times using all kinds of character builds. simply means that by challenging the Zenonia 5 boss, you will obtain 50% more EXP and evolution points per ZEN spent. In general, you will spend the majority of your gold to purchase potions and repairing gears. The players are typically strong with at least avatars purchased. How to Get the Gears in Zenonia 5 There are a few ways at which you can obtain the various gears in the game. For pure CON Paladin: Legendary Warrior: HP +20% Achieve level 99. When you die, simply go back to the main titles and avoid the penalty altogether. However, if you are pure builds such as Pure Int Zenonia 5 Wizard or Full Dex Mechanics, the specific stats increase will help. However, we will provide the following pointers. Extracting fairy stones is important to help you get. Magic gears come with 1 additional stats boost. You will then be able to select “mercenaries” which are other players to fight along side you – at a cost of 50 additional ZEN. If you play through the entire game and defeat the final boss Salvatore, the game will restart in Hell mode at Agran Village. In general, every class can benefit from titles that grant all the stats. He was trying to release Aster from Celina's seal by using the Celetial's (Lisa) blood.

Evolved Gear Example: If your evolved gear has effect ATT+3%. One of the best Zenonia 5 title for mechanic to get and use is the Pro Smuggler: Dexterity +15% Talk to the Dark Merchant (Agran Village) 30 times. You can obtain upgrade stones of their respective level by “making” them via blacksmiths in the different stones. We have compiled this guide to help you start the game easily and fast. That in reality he was siding the monsters so that he can stall time for the protagonist( referred as prince) to arrive. After the events of Zenonia 4, Regret left to an unknown time so no Dark Lord would arise again. 1. The elite rich began to exploit the poor and great darkness came over the kingdom.Then, from the ruins of a slum village, rises a hero destined for greatness…. Then in the magic city you find that Ordo is the leader and he gives you information about the asterians and the past. It was released in 2012 early on the Android Play Store and then on the App Store. With this you can extract Fairy Runes or Fairy Stones. Long ago, a great war was fought to restore peace and harmony to mankind. Duke wants to revenge the Protagonist as he was unable to protect mom and Lisa. The story begins with the attack in the Deva castle and Aster murders the king.

Higher levelstonesyield more stats. Grind Lower Level Enemies To earn more gold, you want to be able to kill enemies fast and efficiently. Normal – White Magic – Blue Rare – Yellow Epic – Purple Unique – Orange Legendary – Red.

The Zenonia 5 raid mode is completely useless in boosting your characters. Abyss Crawling can give you some of the best Legendary or Unique ranked gears. However, they are still controlled by AI which can be quite weak. After entering you will see a roster of mobs and bosses that you can fight. However, to get a high level skill stone, you still want to grind with your highest level characters. In addition, you can only refine gears that are magic or above. He can have light-medium skin, very light skin, or purple skin with a trident-like symbol on his forehead. 2. You can send and receive the various Fairy related items through banks. Note that this step will “NOT” deduct your ZEN yet. Win and Complete PvP Fights for random equipment 7. Hunting the “Special” Mini boss mobs for better drops. He is the only character whose in-game model has no mouth or nose and is probably the most minimalist. Consider to grind lower level enemies if you cannot advance higher. Each level adds 3% to the default attack value. Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny is the 5th installment of the Zenonia series with revamped graphics.

Deciding your gears to evolve: First of all, the evolved gears do not get additional upgrade stone slots and they can still be broken via the refine process. And always put on new runes that you obtain. 2. You do not earn any additional gears which is really what most players end up doing in Zenonia 5 end game. Then Aster commands his guardians to teleport with him and he goes to unknown territory.

It appears that any of these methods can yield gears of any types other than “combine”, because you are coming for the gear that you are making. The Chance 50%! Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny is the fifth installment of Zenonia series. He finds Bronte that seems to be helping the monsters and he is asked to leave by Haima the Asterian. However, the higher level you go, the more likely that they can be completely destroyed. Learn to execute your movement and attacks. Combine at least 5 times, Skilled Combiner: (?)

It has many new mechanics and is the sequel to Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend. He can teleport you to a new Graveyard zone. And a full bag can sometimes yield 50~60k or even more. Runes can come with up to 3 stone slots to add skill stones. Zenonia 5 Gear Evolution The Zenonia 5 gear evolution is a cash shop feature that uses ZEN to power up your gears.

They met Duke over there and Duke tells the protagonist to go find Lisa at the temporary rescue station. The gears can be fused into one to create the various stones. After Hades is defeated the protagonist brings Bronte back so Ordo can heal him, they succeed in healing him but he can’t live on. However, this costed the lives of Lu and many other people. Ordo tells the protagonist to go to the outlands to find Bronte.

The protagonist goes to his usual training but his master Azelos was missing, and Lisa comes running to the protagonist and begs for help. At this stage you convert the gear into evolution gears. Save Often and Reset When You Die The fastest way to lose your Gold in Zenonia 5 is when you lose both the weapon’s durability and gold when you die. However, PvP fighting typically only give you up to Magic and Epic ranked gears. By having bigger bag, you do not have to travel to the town as often as possible. When this happens, upgrade and make your gears stronger.

Gold can be very important or close to useless depending on your class and build. Zenonia Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. You can choose if he has dark brown hair with a streak in it, red spiky hair, or brown hair. Lu was proclaimed king, and piece had almost returned. Level 1: 200 Gold Level 2: 800 Gold Level 3: 1800 Gold Level 4: Insert Upgrade Stones into Slots You can power up your gears further in the game by inserting upgrade stones. The level of stones created are based upon the gears. If you lose in raiding You earn nothing, losing both your entrance fee and mercenary fee if you did purchase. 4. The game ends with the Protagonist teaming up with Celina to face the invading monsters. Combine at least 25 times, Rookie Scanner: (?) 3. 3. Use SP Absorb Titles and Gears to Lower Your SP Potion Cost You can make more gold when you do not need to spend them on SP potions. Combine them using Combine Scrolls and collecting the various materials. In short, never waste your money on the raid mode. When you wake up you are almost at the magic city. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hades the Asterian leader tries to trap the protagonist inside Bronte’s mind but Celina wakes him up and the two battle. She says that mom has helped her escape and she was left behind with the monsters.

1. You can also check out the amount of ATT and DEF that they have. The two gears fused must be the same ranking.

They are more or less cannon fodders against the more serious bosses. Lastly, you should always extract the stones or runes as soon as they become available.

However, they soon came to suffer through their own greed and selfishness, especially the noble class.

Wizard: Ranged class utilizing magic to battle. The protagonist wakes up at the village where he ate the pill and realizes that it was all just a dream.

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