This boss has been quite the topic through the community, and not for the best of reasons. Can it drop the lvl100 wands or only 120+ wands, Okay thank you I appreciate it. What are your thoughts on this pack bundle hybrid? I hate cheating bosses, they are so annoying. 100% critical madman . They mean the Sultan statue becomes collectable and you can gain items from it. Steeleton: Halt, meatbags! Sinbad: We're almost there. There's a Sultan's ransom with my name on it. But you're right! Instead of being included in a bundle, it's available for purchase from the Wizard101 website or can be crafted in game using reagents from the Sinbad Hoard Pack. I'm also a PvP Champion for all Pirate101's Ranked PvP Seasons. Oh yes... Sinbad: An evil magician named Hari Houssen happens to possess a particular magical jewel that is said to grant exceptional transmutation powers. I have gotten nothing but housing items since that time. This evil magician possesses a powerful magical jewel called the “Iommi Stone”. The gauntlet linked to this pack can be obtained in two different ways.

Let's go, Wizard.

the link brings you to an empty search) then you must create the topic, using the topic naming convention explained here. I make guides in order to help and reach the Pirate101 Community out. The monsters were just practice. Sinbad: Those metal monsters melted before the might of my Wizard.

New Wizard101 Sinbad Hoard Pack Guide - What's inside the new Sinbad Hoard Pack? The pack contains three new pet variants, a Roc-in mount, and three new gear sets - but what is sparking a lot of discussion is the gauntlet, and moreso, the methods to obtain the new gauntlet. That is the volcanic Isle of Metallos. Now through December 1st, Sinbad: As I was saying... See that desolate rock standing stubbornly above the violent Sea of the Dead? In most other gauntlets, you get something of use at the very least every other run. The metals they produced built Ferros into a Spiral power. dunno about the fire, but I should assume that they all still drop. Anyone know the glitch where the Iron Sulton does not spawn and you only face the dragon and skeletons over and over? Here's the tricky part. This time around, it appears they have taken a different approach this time around, with the dual release.

}); Hari Houssen’s Clay Reagents & the Housing Gauntlet. This is a secret wall that leads to the boss! Feel free to comment down below!

While this boss doesn't have very high health, there are some tough cheats to deal with! Rumors has it that he occasionally drops unique items… I wonder what they could be? T4R5 (960 Points) – Free 3 Thunder Snake/Scarab/Fire Cat/Frost Beetle Spellements. There are 2 ways to obtain it. hide. Chromeclopes! Can anyone confirm if Metallosus drops the wands in the Sinbad gauntlet? This gauntlet is unique in the two ways that it's available. Immediately after casting Darkwind, he will say.

Did you buy the gauntlet or would you prefer crafting it? Pirate101 Player and enthusiast ever since the game announcement in 2012. Check out below more details about this pack including the Sinbad and the Iron Sultan Gauntlet. Each weapon has a 165 shadow damage hit that has a maycast chance of summoning a Sinbad minion in non PvP scenarios. To Metallos! Like almost every other pack, the Sinbad Hoard Pack comes with three different gear sets – the Grand Admiral (Balance + Death + Life), the Fleet Kapudan (Fire + Myth), and the Sky Captain (Ice + Storm) sets. Let’s dive in and take a look at all the talk in the spiral! Both the Iron Sultan and the Golden Dragon can cast Shadow Spells. Take a look at the level 130 sets listed below. Sinbad is a Rank 15 Fire minion with 3,870 HP and quite the spell deck! This boss has an insanely low drop of any items, with most wizards getting ONLY gold. These pets remind me of a young Buckbeak the Hippogriff from Harry Potter which is beyond adorable! In this gauntlet, you’ll join Sinbad’s crew and travel to the forbidden isle of Metallos, battle menacing monsters, and perhaps win the astounding Sinbad treasures from the pack! The gauntlet’s storyline occurs in the mysterious lands of Ferros. I personally am a HUGE fan of having a different option of obtaining this gauntlet, and it does appear that this is the cheaper way than just straight buying it, so I would recommend going about getting the gauntlet through the reagent/crafting route. Most of the time, a Leadite will appear.

Theme: Mirage and Aquila. This pack introduces a new option that has never been used before - pack exclusive reagents! Your email address will not be published. He looks to be performing a transmutation spell... Hari Houssen: Mekalekahi mekahineehold, turn my Dragon into solid GOLD! you can farm for the mats in the seasonal events. The Pet Promenade is a Wizard101 event that takes place once a month (check the Monthly Calendar to know when it's coming up). There is also a gauntlet available with this bundle which we have already highlighted in a previous article. Bone to iron, they say. Encounter a new secret boss and battle your way to the summit with this gauntlet guide! But completely dastardly!

They’ll stop at nothing to prevent you from reaching the Iron Sultan.

Grandfather Spider awaits in the Sands of Time for the final duel of Mirage. Since it says tier 5 is 101 – 130 and tier 4 is 80 – 100 ? The Golden Dragon is Sun School with a health of 5,875. You can, In this gauntlet, you'll join Sinbad's crew and travel to the forbidden Isle of Metallos, battle menacing monsters, and perhaps win the astounding Sinbad treasures from the pack! Or care. the link brings you to an empty search) then you must create the topic, using the topic naming convention explained here.. Sometimes, Metallossus will appear. Giant beasts, I know! I've a proposition for you. You can buy it for $39 from  (also included are 7500 Crowns) OR you can craft it by buying the recipe from the Castle Block recipe vendor in the Shopping District and then opening the Sinbad Hoard Pack to get the necessary reagents. Then come forth! This beautiful dungeon offers a chance to get items from the Sinbad Hoard Pack as drops from the enemies. When did you get here? Magical Clay is a reagent used to craft the Sinbad and the Iron Sultan Gauntlet. Why monstrology? The salty sea air is making me rust like crazy. Sinbad: Fear not, my unfortunately oxidizing friends, we'll reverse this terrible curse as soon as we find Hari Houssen. Battle the Iron Sultan and claim your share of loot from the new Sinbad & the Iron Sultan Gauntlet! Our task starts with that wily herd of Minotaur just up the path. This dungeon is truly really bad. Lemmi: Oi, Cap'n, I don't know about the hu-hu-hummus statue, but I reckon that Golden Dragon migh t be valuable no? Once you reach your destination you’ll find giant beasts, Skeletons Steeletons, and many more foes that try to halt your progress. Biography . Your first option is to purchase it on the Wizard101 website, along with 7500 crowns, for $39. Check out the Just keep your head on a swivel - there's no telling what metallic monstrosities await. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the, Light OJ 1012 - Guilty Prince Solution (DFS in 2D grid).

Drops like the housing items and pets from the Sinbad Hoard Pack are available at every level, so bring a low-level characters if you want to farm those. Your email address will not be published. We really tarnished their reputations. You also earn the badge “Champion of Metallos“ upon claiming the statue and closing the gauntlet. during the Bea... Let’s Harvest! I thought they were fun when they first introduced cheating Malistaire with 100k health then the bosses in Celestia, but now, the cheating bosses are just annoying. Don't want to collect the reagents to craft the gauntlet item? This pack also offers a series of reagents that can used to craft the Sinbad & the Iron Sultan Gauntlet, but no one seems to have gotten enough yet to craft it as far as I know. I got a level 100 wand while farming the max tier. Sinbad: Ages ago, it was home to a rich mining operation, complete with a massive forge. Sinbad: We sure showed those maniacal Metaltaur our mettle, eh, Wizard? But fear not! }); Have you tried Sinbad and the Iron Sultan Gauntlet yet? You can also obtain the equipment from the pack as a rare drop from enemies in the gauntlet. Assuming you get at least one clay per hoard pack that comes out to 300 packs x 399 crowns = 119,700 crowns (or $160.00 when not on sale). Have you found any other cheats or discoveries we’ve yet to find? Ryzen and RTX: Should You Upgrade Your PSU After All?

Wizard101 - Sinbad & The Iron Sultan Gauntlet Dialogue. I was able to get several level 130 crown gear soloing on my death wiz. Attack! I guess the Iommi Stone works. Proficient in quite a few other areas of the game such as gardening, fishing, and most of all monstrology.

It is time. Is this gauntlet one-time use from the bundle, since it transforms to a usable house item that you can get free daily stuff from? It is basically similar to the chicken and egg scenario… you can get pack gear from the gauntlet, and you can get reagents to craft the gauntlet from the pack… but which came first?

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