The Small/Medium size gives a dome … This kit contains 10 x 8ft rods for the arches.

Tunnels and an open-faced Dome created by Clauss Brothers with our Salix miyabeana for a wonderful new playground for hospitalized Kids.

The kit contains : 8 x 11 ft long willow whips ; 16 x 9 ft willow whips ; 14 x 8 ft willow whips ; full planting instructions and twine for securing. 1 piece 10ft square 6 mil black polyethylene.

LIVING WILLOW VIKING LONGSHIP KIT 7m long x 2.4m wide x 3m high Viking longship kit - £200. One of the great things about this project is that it doesn’t cost a thing. 24 medium rods ~96in for the diagonal weavers. height of original structure before new growth 4 to 5 ft). Kids just love playing in Willow Structures! The photographs below show the different kits at different stages of their yearly ‘lives’ – some as just planted and some with Spring or Summer growth.
The kit contains : 20 x 8 ft willow whips ; 2 x 6 1/2 ft trimmed willow ‘sticks’ for end posts  ; full planting instructions and twine for securing. The kit contains : 10 x 11 ft willow whips ; 16 x 9 ft willow whips ; full planting instructions and twine for securing.

. The goal is to bend each of these toward the center to meet a branch growing from the opposite side. please enter the number of sections you require. Shipping charges will be calculated and invoiced when ready to ship. Amazing Natural Packaging: Human Hair as Packaging?

Our Simple TeePee is 6ft in diameter and about 6.5ft high. Please Note : Living willow orders are only available for delivery and planting from late November to late February.

The kit contains : 6 x 9 ft willow whips, 22 x 8 ft willow whips and 4 x 7 ft willow whips, full planting instructions and twine for securing. The arch above and at right require longer rods that we can ship, but you can plant our 96in rods and wait a year for them to grow before tying them together at the top! A pair of simple domes with tunnel entrances, similar to the one we offer. Plus 10 x 8ft finer rods for diagonal weaving. (maximum 4 feet inside height & 4 feet 9 inches base diameter). People have made living chairs, small bridges, fences, play structures, conceptual artwork, and many other designs with willow. Detailed instructions and biodegradable twine are provided with all living willow structure kits. Willow Dome Kits from £134 ** PRE SEASON ORDERING ** Next Willow Planting Season: November 2020-April 2021. The fresher/greener the rod, the better chance for survival.

Please select your choice of Kit from the Drop-down below…, Please Note: Orders placed now will be put in a queue anddispatched in the next Willow Planting Season (starting late Nov), The Living Willow Specialists .

There are photographs of living willow structures throughout our website, but you can see more in our.

(You can, if you prefer, plant the whips closer together at the base to make the domes, tunnels and wigwams havea higher internal height but a narrower base/width or further apart for a lower height and a wider base/width.). You can place an order securely in our Online Shopor you can telephone us on 01536 791371or email us to [email protected] WILLOW DOME KITS.

or maybe it’s a Bio Dome… Whatever it is… let their inner adventurer out (doors)!2m+ high at the apex.Choose between a 2m Diameter or a 3m Diameter version. Make Offer - Geodesic Dome Home Kit (with 2x4 End Cap Stencil) Large Walk-in Portable Greenhouse Plant Flower Gardening House Canopy Black. SMALL BASKETRY WILLOW BED - £50 3m x 3m willow bed, 64 cuttings, 16 each of 4 varieties suitable for willow crafts and basketmaking. Our tried and tested ‘no dig’ method produces elegant and strong, living willow structures that will grow and thrive year after year. You can, however, place your order throughout the year ready for the new season. These kits will provide you with all of the willow whips you need to create our simple, easy to build, living willow structures. Related: Will Beckers’ Natural Willow Sculptures. The Harlequin Fedge comes in 10 ft lengths and 5 to 7ft high. This Harlequin Tree was made in 2012 and the photos show it a year later. ), Salix Viminalis “Bowles Hybrid” is used for t, It can be planted with a wider entrance – as in the photograph.
Let us do all the work, or you can join in and we’ll teach you the art of installing living willow structures. DOME: Full Kits As above plus heavy duty weed mat, 6″ pegs & planting bar. In a flat part of the yard, pound a wooden stake (you can use one of your willow posts if you like) into the ground at the center point of where you would like the dome. Related: Veronika Szalai’s Living Furniture is Made From Woven Willow Trees. is a hybrid between a dome and a teepee. We can provide the perfect kit to get you started. () Call Us. In addition, we also still have some longer lengths available – please get in touch for prices if they might be of interest. You’ll notice that certain places on any willow tree will have long straight sprouts that make the perfect material to start your willow dome. height of original structure before new growth 5 to 5 1/2 ft).

The kit to make this fedge includes the following: 2 braided vertical rods (3/braid) ~96in for ends, CODE: KSDTU Item Name: Simple Dome with Tunnel, 1 piece 3–3ft 6 mil black poly., marked for holes, 6 rust-resistant metal staples to hold down the plastic. Living Willow Dome/Bower/Playhouse Kits : SMALL PLAYHOUSE :  A perfect den for young children. We used S. myrsinifolia 'Blackskin' for its showy winter stems and shiny dark green foliage. for a wonderful new playground for hospitalized Kids.

Whether its a play dome (for kids young and old a-like!) . To see specifications, pricing and discounts for these and other dome home plans from Timberline Geodesics, download our latest Sales Flyer. But as much as it has become a part of high-tech building design, the principles of living structures are timeless and so simple that you can play with them — and make a fun and useful structure — in your own backyard. Of course, the softer the ground is, the easier this will be. If you would like a longer entrance tunnel please inquire! If you want to create your own piece of living willow art? TUNNEL – 6 Feet long : (maximum internal height 6 ft & width of tunnel at base/path 3 ft). Our autumns are always this beautiful! Willow Weaving Kits .

Perfect for shading a garden seat – but totally open at the front. This Harlequin Fedge was created in late winter 2012. For each living willow kit you will see the sizes that can be achieved. (maximum 5 feet inside height & 7 feet base diameter). These need to be as straight as possible. All prices are in GBP The kit contains : 10 x 9 ft willow whips ; 21 x 8 ft willow whips ; full planting instructions and twine for securing. that are stuck in the ground at both ends! LARGE HALF BOWER (up to a maximum 7 feet inside height & 9 feet base diameter). The kit consists of 18 of slender 6ft rods. We cut our willow whips fresh to order.

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