Bis zu -70% ggü. USD $11,698.

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Please have a look at the other planes from our offer. If you have any questions, please contact us: All the contents, media and graphic elements presented on this website, except logos which belong to the third-party companies, are owned by Plane4You company and are protected by law. Unsave Save. If you want our company to act as agent in the sale of your aircraft, please complete the form below. Es ist ein Problem aufgetreten. These contents cannot be spreaded, duplicated or copied in any way without the written permission of a Plane4You representative. My Saved Listings Updated: Fri, Oct 23, 2020 05:54 AM. 1972 PZL PZL-104-35A.

PZL-104 WILGA 35. 93 properties for sale in Wilga, WA 6243. Location: Poland; Year: 1990; TTAF: 3220h; Engine TSO/TBO: 862h/900h; Propeller TSO/TBO: 805h/1000h; View offer in PDF . Buy the best and latest wilga 2000 rc airplane kit on offer the quality wilga 2000 rc airplane kit on sale with worldwide free shipping. View similar aircraft pricing data and search more aircraft for sale at 2000 PZL/Warszawa-Okecie 104MA Wilga 2000 for in Texas-Contact for price. ZOHD Dart250G 570mm Wingspan Sub-250 grams Sweep Forward Wing AIO EPP FPV RC Airplane KIT/PNP W/FPV Ready Version, Sonicmodell AR Wing Pro 1000mm Wingspan EPP FPV Flying Wing RC Airplane KIT/PNP, TY Model Black Flyer V2 Carbon Fiber Film RC Airplane With Power System, 10X Rudder Servo Rob Angle Set With 1mm Chuck Screw For RC Airplane, ZOHD Drift 877mm Wingspan FPV Glider AIO EPP RC Airplane KIT/PNP/FPV Version, X-UAV Sky Surfer X8 1400mm Wingspan FPV Aircraft RC Airplane KIT, MinimumRC ASG-32 Glider 560mm Wingspan KT Foam RC Airplane KIT with Motor / Motor+Servos, 10 PCS Universal Triangle Rudder Control Horns For RC Airplane Spare Part Aircraft KIT, Volantex Ranger 2000 V757-8 / Phoenix V2 759-2 RC Airplane Spare Part Main Wing Connective Parts, F3A 950mm Wingspan EPO Trainer 3D Aerobatic Aircraft RC Airplane KIT for Beginner, C1 Chaser 1200mm Wingspan EPO Flying Wing FPV Racer Aircraft RC Airplane KIT, Hookll EXTRA 300-C EPO 1200mm Wingspan 3D Aerobatic Aircraft Stunt Plane RC Airplane KIT/PNP, Racerstar BR2304 1850KV 2-3S Brushless Motor For RC Airplane Model, DIY 60 Level Tail Wheel Bracket Assembly for RC airplane, Volantex Ranger 2000 V757-8 2000mm Wingspan EPO FPV Aircraft RC Airplane PNP, Ball Link Plier RC Helicopter Airplane Car Repair Tool Kit Tool, Reptile S800 SKY SHADOW 820mm Wingspan FPV EPP Flying Wing Racer RC Airplane KIT, Believer 1960mm Wingspan EPO Twin Motor Aerial Survey Aircraft FPV Platform Mapping RC Airplane KIT, Swallow 800mm Wingspan EPP Fixed Wing FPV RC Airplane Trainer Kit for Beginner, Volantex Phoenix V2 759-2 2000mm Wingspan EPO Sport Aerobatic Glider RC Airplane PNP, Hookll Mustang P51 V2 EPO 1200mm Wingspan RC Airplane Fixed Wing KIT/PNP, 350CC/380CC/450CC/550CC/800CC/1000CC RC Oil Box Fuel Tank Kit for Petrol Gasoline RC Drone Airplane Aircraft Fixed Wing DIY Accessories, Dancing Wings Hobby DW E19 Eagle V2 1430mm Wingspan EPP DIY RC Airplane Fixed-Wing KIT/PNP Slow Flyer Trainer for Beginners, Reptile S800 V2 SKY SHADOW 820mm Wingspan Gray FPV EPP Flying Wing Racer RC Airplane KIT, Volantex Ranger 2000 V757-8 2000mm Wingspan EPO FPV Aircraft RC Airplane KIT, Flash Hobby D2826 930KV 1000KV 1400KV 2200KV 2-3S Brushless Motor For RC Airplane, Sonicmodell Mini AR Wing 600mm RC Airplane Spare Part 1806 2400KV Brushless Motor, 90CC/120CC/180CC/200CC/248CC/280CC RC Oil Box Fuel Tank Kit for Petrol Gasoline RC Drone Airplane Aircraft Fixed Wing DIY Accessories, Dancing Wings Hobby SAKURA E210 420mm Wingspan EPP Mini 3D Aerobatic Indoor Aircraft RC Airplane KIT/PNP, C-160 Cargotrans Twin Hercules 1120mm Wingspan EPOS Warbird Transport RC Airplane Kit, ATOMRC Fixed Wing Dolphin 845mm Wingspan FPV Aircraft RC Airplane KIT/PNP/FPV PNP, Hookll U-glider 1500mm Wingspan EPO RC Airplane Aircraft Fixed Wing Plane KIT/PNP, NiceSky Mini Hurricane 700mm Wingspan Warbird RC Airplane Kit, Sonicmodell Skyhunter Racing 787mm Wingspan EPP FPV Aircraft RC Airplane Racer KIT, MinimumRC Spitfire 360mm Wingspan Micro 4CH Warbird RC Airplane Kit with Power System, Sonicmodell Mini Skyhunter V2 1238mm Wingspan FPV EPO RC Airplane KIT, MinimumRC Cessna L-19 460mm Wingspan Balsa Wood Laser Cut RC Airplane KIT, 40G Digital Servoless Metal Electric Retractable Landing Gear for 1.2m-1.5m WWII RC Airplane KIT, MinimumRC New Generation S.E.5A 360mm Wingspan Foam Scale Biplane Zoom Mini RC Airplane KIT, Dancing Wings Hobby DW T30 1400 1.4m Wingspan Balsa Wood Trainer RC Airplane DIY Model Kit, Stinger T750 750mm Wingspan EPO Racing Delta Wing RC Airplane KIT Only, J11 HLK-31 EPP 640mm Wingspan 3D Stunt Waterproof RC Airplane War Fighter Aircraft Fixed Wing KIT/ PNP, E0717 1030mm Wingspan Fixed Wing RC Airplane Aircraft KIT/PNP Trainer Beginner, HLK-31 630mm Wingspan EPP Sea-Land-Air 3 in 1 plus RC Airplane RC Boat RC Car KIT/PNP Black, Dancing Wings Hobby R03 Mini Stick 580mm Wingspan Balsa Wood Laser Cut RC Airplane KIT/PNP, EPO Cessna 162 1100mm Wingspan RC Airplane Aircraft KIT/PNP for FPV Aerial Photegraphy Beginner Trainner, Taft Hobby Viper 1450mm Wingspan 90mm Ducted Fan EDF Jet RC Airplane Aircraft KIT with Landing Gear/PNP, ZOHD Dart Sweepforward Wing 635mm Wingspan FPV EPP Racing Wing RC Airplane KIT, Upgraded Dancing Wings Hobby Fieseler Fi 156 Storch 1600mm Wingspan Blasa Wood Laser Cut Warbird RC Airplane KIT, X-UAV TJL Mini Goose 1800mm Wingspan EPO Fixed Wings RC Airplane Frame Kit/PNP, SU27 760mm Wingspan PP RC Airplane Scaled Aircraft Fixed Wing KIT, XXD A2212 KV2200 Brushless Motor H365 For RC Airplane Quadcopter, Volantex TrainStar Epoch 747-6 V2 1100mm Wingspan EPO Trainer Aircraft RC Airplane KIT/PNP, MinimumRC P-51 Mustang 4CH 360mm Wingspan RC Airplane Fixed Wing KIT/PNP, Taft Hobby Airplane Yak-11 EPO 1450mm Wingspan RC Plane War Aircraft KIT/PNP, Motor Base Receiver Housing Swing Arm Steering Gear Base Lens Base Accessory Kits XK X450 RC Airplane Spare Part, MinimumRC Fanjet 360mm Wingspan KT Foam Mini RC Airplane KIT With EDF / EDF + Servos, Sonicmodell Skyhunter 1800mm Wingspan EPO Long Range FPV UAV Platform RC Airplane KIT, Bleriot XI 420mm Wingspan Wooden RC Airplane Aircraft Fixed Wing KIT/KIT+Power Combo, New MyFlyDream MFD Mini Crosswind 1600mm Wingspan EPO Aerial Survey Aircraft FPV Platform Mapping UAV RC Airplane KIT.

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