they tired to rape me and they stole my 1000 euros. Newport has a population of 6,912 residents. I still love this City so much even though I had some bad luck and I encourage people to take advantage of what the City has to offer, ranging from History, plenty of sight seeing, beautiful old streets and houses in the Plaka area, food is amazing and really awesome nightlife as well in the Gazi area.

var _g1; It places third and although it is known as “the friendly city” another element co-exists with the remarkably friendly residents who take pride in their town. Some people may be nice and helpful, but many of them are just rude and act like divas. While each city has elements which make the residents proud to live there, we must also acknowledge that the more dangerous areas do require a knowledge of risk so residents can take the appropriate measures to protect their physical well being as well as their property. Although it is ranked as number one in the state for violent crime, the rank of thirteen in property crime has helped to bring it into the fourth position with regard to the overall crime rate.

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Athens the city zombie.Drugs, jungies, pain, poors, imigrans, and politicans that thief peoples money poor greece the country of democracy the country that born all this things tha we have today now is the place of gypsies of europe, Is that the guy say if you want to come to greece go to an island no athens and you that you say you are walking in 2 o clock to do a walk to omonoia or likabitos or panormou gkazi haha dont mes with athenians if tou threated you will die if you do your walk like a normal guy you can go out anytime you want.if you dont live in the strreet life do not say bullshit in athens i see the most weird things.. We like the peace and tranquility of most Greek isles and their beaches. It was quiet before a team of holligans arive with axes and molotov.

Do not partake, and stay away from the seedy areas where prostitution is rampant. By proceeding, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Having a Greek background, I felt at home in Athens, it truly is an awesome City and I hope people don't get frightened away from visiting this historically rich City. I got mugged in Monastiraki/Gazi area walking back from the Clubs, but I was just unlucky, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. While violent crimes are a little on the high side for a top ten city, they are still 3x better than the state average.

However, there’s plenty of illegal prostitution here too; clients seeking escorts in Athens have reported seeing victims of sex trafficking and human slavery in brothels.

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