We’re super fucking proud of what we achieved and we hope people enjoy what we’ve done with it. Find out what needs smoothing out BEFORE you hit the studio. Just me though. However, ‘Ukiyo‘ also sadly shows what greater heights could have been in store for this record, had the Japanese idea and inspiration been fleshed out further across the album.

So expect something different but not too different, it’s still gonna be the same OAA with the progressive strain of metalcore but we’ve thrown in a few cheeky things here and there. Probably put it down to not giving it enough attention first time around. [4] Original vocalist, James Harrison came up with the band name; naming it after the tsunami that hit Alaska in the 1950s and swallowed up one of its gulfs.

In 2012, the original bassist, Alex Hurdley left the band and was replaced by George Arvanitis for a short amount of time. Also, did you notice just how many times I said ‘metalcore’ in this review? Jake Noakes, 26 Oceans Ate Alaska Popularity Band #982. Hikari has many Japanese themes throughout; many song titles and lyrics are derived from the culture, and on top of this some songs even feature true Japanese instruments. As previously stated, Oceans Ate Alaska’s new album ‘Hikari‘ – which in English, means ‘light’ – sees the band’s heavy, tech-based metalcore sound take on a wondrous Japanese theme. These unique and beautiful instruments have inspired us to create something brand new, and we are beyond proud of the end result!” And you know what? Metalcore (or metallic hardcore) is a fusion music genre that combines elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk. But goddamn, it’s just a bit of a shame about all of the metalcore present here. Rocksins - The latest rock and metal music news.

This is the absolute last thing you’d ever expect from a band such as this, but they pull it off amazingly, and oddly enough fits in with the rest of the song seamlessly. Trivia. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. New vocalist Jake Noakes truly gives it his all, proving he is a more than perfect fit for Oceans Ate Alaska. They took on a new vocalist, and seemingly had found a new sense of direction, experimenting with elements, themes, and sounds previously never touched. Our drummer Chris always really hits home with his beats and time signatures, he does some crazy rhythmic patterns. Unlike ‘Verdical‘, this is a short song that actually stays well within the band’s new-found sound and influence. Well, that is until this once gorgeous interlude gets slammed by Turner’s crazed yet busy drumming and jagged guitar riffs completely override the genuinely interesting elements of the song. Rock Sins: So really the big story with you guys right now is you getting signed by Fearless Records, how important is this for you? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Andrew Watson - Vocalist of What Lies Below. After all, we're all in this together and here for one thing. That being said, sometimes the metal moments just aren’t as interesting as their non-heavy counterparts are, and at times, they do falter. And don't be afraid to share your feelings. He and his band covered Beyonce's "Drunk in Love" for the Punk Goes Pop 6 compilation in 2014.

Chris Turner, 27 3. The same applies to the serene instrumental reprieve of ‘Verdical‘ (which is just a fancy way of saying “truthful”). 14 seconds of James Harrison's (Oceans Ate Alaska) Rad Ass Vocal Range - Duration: 0:14.

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