Talk to your administrator and just be honest about what a crap situation it is. I find that's the only thing that gets admin moving. 1943 also introduced the "Old Smoothies", Orrin Markhus, 51, and his partner Irma Thomas, 44, plus Trixie, the skating juggler.

There have been several attempts to revive the show and its name.

I really liked this episode because i have known girls in my primary school who made a list although we did not get to see this list which i am quite angry about i would like to know what place i was in and don't make a joke about it otherwise your an idiot although this episode was rather silly (because of Bebe producing a gun and all the cops turning up acting as if it where a real scandal) but this episode definitely has the best Kenny death ever and this time he dies while eating dinner (pop tarts) with his family and then boom you will love his death and at least it shows that he is back in south park probably not for good but a least for the meantime i want to see either another episode or a new series yeas rock on Matt Stone and Trey Parker. This is the first year i've really been overly aware of it and paranoid I will get lice and bring them home to my kids. and if i miss a night or 2 she is swarming with them again. Not treating it seems like neglect to me. Hamill and her husband, Dr. Ken Forsythe, were retained as president and CEO, respectively. Similar traditional ice-skating entertainment shows included the Ice Follies and Holiday on Ice. Year-by-year rosters of skaters and other personnel have been published on a website by former skaters. no comment from me, i'll leave that to everyone else.

More Crap. [8], These are some of the many notable skaters who appeared in Ice Capades shows or were involved in other aspects of the company:[1][27].

The girls have their own language which makes great use of the words sparkle and sunshine. [citation needed] In 1986, then-owner Metromedia sold Ice Capades, 15 Ice Chalet skating rinks, and the Harlem Globetrotters as a package to International Broadcasting Corporation for $30 million.

In the episode "Lice Capades", Kenny is threatened to be assaulted with soap bars inside socks for lying about having head lice. Share your experiences, stories, insights, and inspirations! [5] In May 1994, the Shriners dropped its sponsorship of the Christmas show in favor of Disney On Ice. Cookies help us deliver our Services. In 1936, Harris had hired the legendary skater Sonja Henie to perform between periods of ice hockey games. [15], Analysts believe the increasing popularity of the sport of figure skating meant that more sophisticated audiences came to prefer straightforward Olympic-style ice-skating competitions, or skating shows for adults (i.e., without cartoon characters), such as Stars on Ice. It's said to prevent lice infestations.

Yup, a few teachers and I have, but she said her hands are tied. Later my interest for the show decreased a little and not due the content of the episodes, basically I just stop watching it with regularity. I'm itchy now just thinking about it. | The List 9. [13], In February 1995, Hamill sold the company for $10 million to television evangelist Pat Robertson's company, International Family Entertainment (IFE). If you have a question for the mod team, please contact us via modmail.

The first case just happens to be Cartman vs Stan and the school with Kyle's Dad, Gerald representing Cartman for Stan calling him an ass-sucker. Nits are fine. Guitar Queer-O 7. Anyway, at least one parent is LIVID that her child has lice, because she keeps treating her child and then her child keeps getting it again from the school and from the kids who have it for weeks untreated. Wait. [12] The new company took on millions in loans to stay afloat, but attendance figures remained stagnant. By the sounds of it your administration does not really listen to teachers and is probably more likely to respond to very angry parents. So now the nurse is not allowed to do class lice checks and children are not sent home for it. Fantastic Easter. |

The List. This episode felt like an older episode of South Park, not parodying anything in particular and relying on the characters, along with a funny plot.

The girls in the 4th grade make a list naming all the boys in the class from cutest to ugliest. Then, at the end, something happens that hasn't happened since Season 7 (I'm not saying what,though). I know it does not solve the problem at all, but it might be something you could suggest in the meantime (until your district sees the light). Famous skaters in the large cast included Belita, Vera Hruba, and Robin Lee. All things education and teaching!

A decline in popularity ensued in the 1980s, and the show went out of business around 1995. Lice Capades! Imaginationland Episode II 2. Awards That was the only way to keep them from spreading, and would at least be something you could monitor/control if allowable. No one is actually helping Kyle with his problem except, of course, Stan who enlists Wendy's help to change the list. The chalets were started by Michael Kirby, former voice of Ice Capades shows, and eventually expanded to over two dozen facilities under the management of ISI Hall of Famer and Ice Capades VP, Michael R. Booker.

I would explain to the parents your side of the issue, and give them the direct email to the principal or school board so the angry parents can be put to use. This season 11 finale is full of suspense, mystery, conspiracy, love, and utter disfigurement.

This is my order (of course the #14 is my least favourite): 14.

It took several days and 30-40 workers to install the tanks. Anyways, no good advice, beyond I would raise a stink. I'm not sure if it's an old wive's tale or not, but I put some tea tree oil in all my shampoo/conditioners. Costumes from those shows were used at the opening of Disneyland in 1955, and some performers were hired away by Disney. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [11], A decline in popularity began in the 1980s, and the parent company went bankrupt in 1991. South Park … Neglect, or they don't want to spend money for actual treatment. Fantastic Easter Special 4. Mayo will not kill eggs, neither will coconut oil.

The show closed there on June 29 and moved to Atlantic City Convention Hall, where it played nightly from July 19 through September 2. The new show was conceived, directed, and choreographed by the former German pair skating champion Almut Lehmann Peyper. More Crap 5. I teach in a very poor Title 1 school. Wendy and Bebe fight over her gun when the police arrive to arrest Bebe and the gun goes off. This made it possible for them to perform in arenas that did not have their own ice surface, greatly expanding the number of venues where the show could operate.

The season finale is about a list the 4th grade girls make ranking their fellow male classmates from cutest to ugliest. Ice Capades shows were extremely popular for several decades and became a household name, although they were criticized by some as kitsch.

So it used to be the case that the nurse would do class lice checks, and if a child had lice, he/she would be sent home and treated before coming back to school. It's well split with what happens in the real world and what happens in the Clyde's head.

They were the first in the world to perform a back flip without the use of hands.

Well, for some reason, in the past couple years, someone had the brilliant idea of deciding that lice is non-communicable and not a big deal. There are a few kids that never get rid of it and keep spreading lice to others. [17] On August 15, 1997, Del Wilber shut down operations and laid off the performers. Stan tries to find out why Kyle is last and gets Wendy to help him. Imaginationland III. But now after watching it again, it wasn't that bad. [1], Ice Capades shows were extremely popular for several decades and became a household name, although they were criticized by some as kitsch.

[15][16], In 1996, Ice Capades and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer developed The Magic of MGM, which included Dairy Queen among its sponsors.

Contrary of some South Park fans, I love new episodes as I love old ones, is not like with The Simpsons that for me are more than great but just the old episodes (that make like 11 Seasons! Imaginationland Episode I 1.

Newsreel of 1962 Ice Capades show. [2] The other arena managers agreed with this assessment, chose the name "Ice Capades", and formed a group of skaters. The arenas represented were all well-known venues of the day:[1]. South Park Lice Capades ending - Duration: 1:31. [5], The tour had a lackluster season which led Hamill to leave the company. I was a really big fan of South Park when the episodes of Season 4 were completely new and I watched the show on TV until when the last episode of Season 6 was new. The more people that do, the more likely the rule will change.

Shows often featured former Olympic and US National Champion figure skaters who had retired from formal competition.

I think it is getting out of control because it isnt taken as serious as it once was.

Three-time U.S. pairs champion and two-time Olympian JoJo Starbuck was named as Artistic Director.

User Ratings TL;DR: Lice is a major problem at my school every year. 8 is the number of kids in the class with lice on Thursday. (1985)[5] and "The Ewoks" (1986).

After checking her jacket for blood, Wendy discovers she's holding the gun and then shows Bebe checking her jacket and Kenny dies. Women have shown little interest in me and it's always difficult for me to get a girlfriend. a real good episode this one. In 1966, Ice Capades bought an ice skating rink in Topanga Plaza shopping center, Canoga Park, California.


On June 24, 1993, Dorothy Hamill, who headlined the East Company from 1977 to 1984,[citation needed] bought Ice Capades' assets in a bankruptcy sale via Dorothy Hamill International company.

[9], Harris sold the company circa 1964 to Metromedia. Wendy finds there is something odd about the list they made and tries to figure out what went wrong, however the girls threaten her and Stan to stop snooping around. The Snuke. It's funny and thoughtful.

She brings Stan to a list making meeting which leads to probably the funniest part of the episode. I would love them to send the kids home that have them without me having to spend ages every bloody night combing her hair to try and catch them and finding some most nights. So it used to be the case that the nurse would do class lice checks, and if a child had lice, he/she would be sent home and treated before coming back to school. The Little Tourette. This leads to Kyle's downward spiral, he hangs out with some of South Parks most disturbing children and eventually decides to burn down the school. D-Yikes! Episode 3: Lice Capades Oh, not this lice-episode. [citation needed] From 1989 to 1990, as part of the show's 50th anniversary, the Ice Capades had a tour that featured a variety of segments, including appearances from Olympic medalist Elizabeth Manley, Super Mario Bros., and Barbie.

The show was not a financial success and closed in November 2000, canceling the remaining tour dates. Started in 1940, the Ice Capades grew rapidly and prospered for 50 years. Can you get your parents to complain? Almost all the lice getting wiped out in "Lice Capades". You're at risk of getting lice as well. Another attempt to revive Ice Capades was made in the spring of 2008, with plans for a tent show production called "Mystika", billed as "Cirque Meets Ice". Homeless People.

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