Google categorizes Illenium as Future Bass, but scanning the Wikipedia list of other Future Bass artists seems to get me a lot more Trap, more minimalistic and rhythm-focused than I'm looking for. What electronic artist sounds anything like Bon Iver? What is the craziest show you’ve done this year?

But I was getting paid like 500 bucks. $15.00 LTD ILLENIUM Jersey / Black. Illenium: It’s mind blowing, it’s hard cause you gotta start out. Then you hear the lyrics and you hear people are getting tattoos of your lyrics and your logo all over the place.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Definitely look for melodic dubstep, lovestep, or chillstep. And it’s done so perfectly. Denver-based DJ and producer with an unabashedly sentimental, melodic take on dubstep and trap. My grandfather died of alcoholism and I heard this Brad Paisley song called “Whiskey Lullaby” and that f**ked me up. In a few moments he will take the stage before a sold-out crowd of more than 6,000 excited fans. $80.00 Phoenix Prism Windbreaker. Where did they come from? But I felt like Chicago was one of the most genuine shows. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Originally from San Francisco, Miller began producing electronic music in 2008 and moved to Denver in 2013, where he performed and released music as Illenium. There’s so much hurt, people can relate to that, I think, the most. I co-headlined Red Rocks this past year and that was probably when they were like, “This is it.”.

ILLENIUM let fans ask him anything hours before releasing 'Nightlight,' his first single of 2020 and his first with the label 12Tone Music. Mitis definitely has a very close style to illenium.

But I was 16 then, I feel like I’ve had emotional things before that, probably the punk rock stuff. Illenium: They’ve been so supportive the entire way. Illenium: I would actually probably say the first show of this tour, at the First Bank Center in Denver. Illenium: Totally. Illenium: “Re: Stacks” a hundred percent. There’s overlooked depression with people or drug addiction is crazy right now. Every element of that whole album I love that sound. The releases were well-received within the EDM community, and Miller issued additional singles as well as remixing songs by ODESZA, Dawn Golden, Oh Wonder, and others. Clearly one to watch on the electronic circuit, Miller spoke with me about how he brings together influences from Odesza to Bon Iver, his supportive family and the craziest shows he’s played. There's a new artist 'on the rise', called Lnk XI, reminds me of Illenium a bit. Hard To Say Goodbye (feat. My whole musical production background is while I lived in Denver. Press J to jump to the feed. I would never want to go to a Bon Iver show and not listen to the songs that I love and I feel like a lot of that is lost in translation with electronic music cause it’s a party scene too. And I played at First Bank Center, which is almost 7,000 people and this tour is much different than what I was doing, like DJ sets and stuff. I think it’s all about light and dark and a contrast to beauty. Baltin: You look at Porter and Deadmau5, for example, and there is an audience there that is smarter than the turn up crowd. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. You look at the viral stuff on Spotify and it’s copies of each other. Denver-based DJ and producer with an unabashedly sentimental, melodic take on dubstep and trap. Chloe Angelides) Ship Wrek Remix Ship Wrek, Illenium, Chloe Angelides, Ekali Big Beat Records. I would just look in their eyes and they weren’t around. Flume's music is very hard to classify into a genre. They’ve been to six shows so they kind of rock as parents, lucked out. Illenium: I think in the electronic scene there’s Odesza, there’s Flume, there’s Porter [Robinson], those three guys specifically do this. I have written for Billboard, Rolling Stone, the L.A. Times, Yahoo, Vice and every other major publication as well as host the Hulu interview series Riffing With and teach music journalism for Grammy Camp. Heartfelt and eerie tones are a plus for me, too. Indeed, what makes Miller one of the brightest young stars on the electronic music circuit is not the numbers. That’s what I relate to the most in music, that kind of emotional stuff. Baltin: When I saw Flume here at the Shrine it was quite the scene let’s just say. They do their own thing, but then I love Bon Iver a ton. And then I edit those songs and take them totally down a place live that’s dark. Illenium: I think specifically with the Bon Iver stuff you hear it and it’s just organic, as real as real life music gets. Book ending his mostly sold-out tour of last year with 7,000 fans in Denver opening night and 6,000 plus in L.A. the final night, young electronic music artist Illenium had a breakout 2017.

Illenium: Yeah, I think I’m close. I have had countless amazing experiences in music, from tea with Neil Young and hanging in a limo with Stevie Wonder to drinking beer bongs with the Foo Fighters in Vegas and being onstage with Skrillex. He's performed at festivals including Decadence NYE and Global Dance Festival, in addition to solo tours. You may opt-out by. His self-titled debut EP appeared on Los Angeles-based Prep School Recordings that year, followed by Risen in early 2014. It’s all my own music and it’s my passion, this is my show as much as I’ve done workwise for a show. Some artists you may like are Blackmill, MitiS, Kozoro, Skrux, Xan Griffin, William Black, Gryffin, and Trivecta. If we were to narrow down on one specific genre… ILLENIUM Dip Dye Hoodie / Grey.

It is both the fervor of the fans and, even more importantly, the artistic sensibility he brings, pushing a mix of tempos and moods at the Shrine that pumps up the crowd while showcasing his depth and backs up his assertion that he connects with “emotional stuff.”. $65.00 Hometown Classic Socks.

I’m normally not like that, but it was intense for me, so I’d say that was definitely the time. I think it’s emotion. Nick Miller, known to dance music fans as Illenium, is sitting in a green room at L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium. $70.00 ILLENIUM Lanyard. Illenium is a phenomenon, a huge electronic music star in the sense of both his massive productions and the numbers this music generates: two billions streams across … $15.00 View all. Illenium: Probably Bill Graham in San Francisco just cause it was the day before Thanksgiving, we were having Thanksgiving in the Bay with my parents, so my whole extended family, cousins and everything, my grandma was there, it was tight.

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Baltin: What was the first music you heard that made that emotional connection with you? It is the final night of a tour that began in Miller’s adopted hometown of Denver, where Miller played to more than 7,000 fans.

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