This weapon mainly deals puncture damage along with a low amount of slash and impact. It makes it a perfect Frame for sniping out enemies from a large distance. 1 combo count removed on miss instead of all of them Highest crit chance and crit damage, fastest fire rate, +crit damage on zoom regardless of headshots, fastest combo buildup makes this the highest DPS sniper rifle, and it actually 'feels' like a sniper rifle. Your friendly neighborhood sortie reward.

Hey guys and today we are going to take a quick look at Gauss’s signature fully automatic rocket launcher - Acceltra. It requires a small charge before firing which can be held to increase its damage and gains additional critical chance when zoomed in. All sniper rifles have a 2 second combo duration, with the exception of the Lanka, which has a 6 second combo duration. If you have any other build requests, or suggestions regarding this build please leave a comment below. Rubico Eidolon Build.

Today we’re going to take a quick look at Wisp’s signature primary rifle the Fulmin which is both a shotgun as well as a fully automatic rifle. The Snipetron Vandal shares a similarity with the Vectis Prime which is its zoom passive, allowing it to deal increased damage when landing a head shot. It makes it a perfect Frame for sniping out enemies from a large distance. Your email address will not be published. Hey guys and welcome to another Weapon Build article. I got a crit chance/electricity (178% chc, 93% ele) riven for it but wasn't sure if I should reroll it because the weapon already gains crit chance for zooming in. Reticle sway removed from all zoom levels! Warframe Builds by Odealo Check our other Warframe builds right at Best Warframe builds by Odealo.

For the hunted, a gateway to the next life. The Snipetron alone was a good weapon and when the Snipetron Vandal was released, it caught the attention of many players that enjoyed its counterpart. Perfect for long range engagements. (The zoom bonuses of the Lanka and Komorex are exceptions to the rule.). My build has a riven in it so it's a personal build that no one else can have exactly... ...but use the Lanka since it will output the most damage per shot if build for radiation, crits, and raw damage. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This duration can be extended with  Harkonar Scope. It’s one of the augments that got changed or rather buffed with the latest update so I wanted to see what I can do with it. Each zoom level also has a corresponding buff to one of the Sniper Rifle's stats, with higher magnifications granting greater bonuses, though leading to a corresponding decrease in field of view. Being the Wraith version of the Vulkar, the Vulkar Wraith surpasses it with better stats and can use the Lasting Purity mod which is exclusive for only the Vulkar and Vulkar Wraith. This has been a favorite of few before the Plains of Eidolon update came and it can be modded significantly to kill majority of the enemies in the game aside from the infested. ASSAULT RIFLE BOW KITGUN SHOTGUN SNIPER . WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Not only does the Snipetron Vandal have a nice new look but it also gains an increase in several of its stats. The type of buff granted, which is displayed just below the current zoom magnification, is dependent upon the individual model of Sniper Rifle, ranging from increased critical chance, critical multiplier, or headshot damage. Regardless of its need for frequent reloading, the Vectis Has an advantage as it does not require its scope to be zoomed out and will reload even though its user is zoomed in on a target. They are also great for taking down bosses and enemies that are harder to kill. I am now very happy with its performance, scoped it is +50% crit damage. Today we’re gonna take a quick look at our first two-handed Nikana that was introduced with update 24.4 the Tatsu. With the following Mods your attributes will be at: Corrosive Projection: requires changing Aura polarity to -, Coaction Drift: requires adding - polarity. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. At the same time making it a Glass Cannon type of Frame, which relies on Sound Quake with Resonating Force for the defenses. Sniper Build for Teralyst Build Ive heard snipers are the best way to take down the Teralysts, ive got a Vectis prime but zero idea how to build it as ive never used a sniper before. When it comes to high damage and medium to long range combat, sniper rifles play an excellent role in Warframe. When it comes to dealing excessive damage to enemies and cutting bosses or heavy enemies down to size, these amazing weapons do an excellent job and remain some of the strongest weapons in the game.

So instead this build uses the normal rifle mods (Serration, Split Chamber, Vigilante Armaments) to increase the damage output and abstains from using Heavy Caliber – missing a shot with a sniper rifle feels super bad and you don’t really want to risk that in a low fire rate weapon. Although the Vectis had only one shot and required a reload after every shot, the Vectis Prime surpasses great with a higher amount of damage and has 2 shots instead of one.

30. Manufactured by the Corpus, the Snipetron is a powerful and accurate rifle that sports optical zoom capabilities. Can you share your setup? Use Overframe's advanced Warframe builder to create and share your own builds! To quote XandyPants "It's a volcano of crits!". Today, I’m going to talk about the Wisp Reservoirs Build that I’ve been using on the Wisp because I really like it and I think you might enjoy it too. Getting this weapon early on is a great advantage to many players due to it decent stats and damage. en. A Sniper Rifle is a type of Primary Weapon designed to fire high-damage shots with high accuracy at very long ranges. Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe build article. Dec 10, 2015 @ 4:44am My Rubico sniper rifle build 103K crit Im using this rifle with Ivara. NEZHA PRIME. A comparison of their stats can be found here. 1 combo count removed at a time when duration runs out instead of all of them (decay vs. cooldown). The game is currently in open beta on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Warframe > General Discussion > Topic Details. edit: Ultimately, however, out of the main teralyst hunting weapons (Lanka, VectisP, Vulkar Wraith, Rubico, Opticor, Arca Plasmor) use whichever one you have a riven for/can get a riven for easily, as rivens are reallllllly good. Sniper Rifles can adjust the magnification of their zoom by tapping the alt fire key (default MMB ), making it cycle between zoom levels. Each Sniper Rifle requires a minimum number of shots, referred to as Minimum Combo, before the Shot Combo Counter activates, starting with a damage bonus of 1.5x. 4. Rubico was my favourite sniper before the prime hit so obviously it's even more my number one.

New Build. Magazine:Capacity of 10 shots per magazine. A Sniper Rifle is a type of Primary Weapon designed to fire high-damage shots with high accuracy at very long ranges. The Lankahas the following stats: 1. 1 combo count removed on miss instead of all of them, Additional bullets from multishot will each count as their own hits and misses in the combo counter, Combo duration reduced to 2 seconds for all snipers apart from Lanka which is reduced to 6.

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