unityroom:baba_s Cookies help us deliver our Services. Anyone can help me figure out why this occurs and how to solve the problem? (1120186). (Texture Import Inspector image below.) 2D: Fix assertion message when selecting a SpriteRenderer with no Sprite with Sprite Editor Window open (1122260) 2D: Fix Sprite is not generated from texture when user uses "Apply" action at Unapplied import settings popup (1117274) Please download 2D sprite package from Package Manager. Leetcode longest substring without repeating characters. Profiler: Players will show up more consistently in the profiler list, when there are a lot of players running on the same network, previously Editor wouldn't keep up with message processing incoming from a lot of players, thus it was taking a while for a new player to show up in the profiler list. (1109477), Playables: Fixed Issue where Instantiating a Prefab using a PlayableDirector with ExposedReferences loaded from an AssetBundle would produce error messages in the Editor. 2D: [SpriteEditor] Sprite is not sliced accurately into multiple sprites when Type is set to Automatic (1129386), Android: Application crashes when launched on Android devices with Android 6 and lower (1127704), Asset Import: Editor crashes on selecting a texture preset with different settings (1123752), Editor: Unable to change Editor layout after importing asset or any package into project (1132198), Graphics: [LWRP] Game View appears blank when Anti Aliasing (MSAA) is disabled for LightwightRenderPipelineAsset (LWRP package v5.6.1) (1132613), Graphics: [DirectX 12] Editor crashes on Removing Direct3D12 Windows Graphics APIs from list (1132463), IL2CPP: Application crash on startup when building with IL2CPP scripting backend (1121989), Scripting: DLL does not update and "MissingMethodException" error is thrown when accessing the obsolete code from script (1108911). Package Manager: Fixed Package Manager UI doesn't display digit after -preview in package version (1122777), Physics: Fix "Selected Object Info" in Physics Debug View being expanded incorrectly (1122474), Physics: Fix a crash in registerContactManager when instantiating many objects close to each other (1111274), Physics: Fix a crash that happened when re-activating Rigidbody that had a parent Rigidbody and was reparented while being inactive (1121720), Physics: Fix a crash when Physics.OverlapSphereNonAlloc was called wiith an infinite sphere radius (1113683), Physics: Fix convex meshes being extra bouncy when falling on top of very thin (~contactOffset) objects. What does it mean when you say C++ offers more control compared to languages like Python?

(1115381). Scripting: Assembly Definition Reference editor - enable useGUID by default when the reference field is empty.

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