In spite of the high levels of unemployment, firms in Germany have remained relatively competitive.

The final one is the Marxist theory of employee relations. I hop to hear from you soon. The believers of Marxist theoretical perspectives of employment relationsargue that the capitalist societies are identified by the unending class struggle. Thus, the radical approach consists of both benefits and limitation towards the employment relationship. The employee relations in organizations emerged amidst industrial relations which began in 1920s in Europe.

The weakness of the pluralist theory is the inclination to dwell on on rules and procedures and disregard the processes that also contribute to the resolution of conflicts.

The unitary perspective is normative in nature. This essay focuses only on two perspectives, the unitarist and the pluralist. This perspective tries to integrate the interests of managers and employees in order to enhance the commitment of employees as well as their loyalty. This makes up the 3 theories asunitarist, pluralist and Marxist perspective on employee relations.

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The findings were that a number of entrepreneurs and or employers have begun to make attempts to de-unionize their firms through the use of different means. Also, when conflicts arise, the managers are given a stir to look for a new way of handling the issue ensuring the best results possible. The management should ensure that –.

The firm that adopts the pluralist approach to industrial relations agrees to the fact that conflict is inherent in society and that it can be accommodated through numerous organizational strategies (Ackers, 2014). The unitarist is likened to utopic and or authoritarian regimes therefore many organizations are shifting from this kind of management and adopting the pluralistic form of managing employee relations in organizations (Wilkinson, 2008). ( Log Out / 

This perspective is also best suited for collective industrial relation systems.

Mmmm, no. 2. (2005) ‘Understanding the role of communication and conflict on reengineering team development.’, Chuang, Y., Church, R., & Zikic, J.

(2003) ‘Individualism and collectivism in industrial relations.’ In, Ross, P. and Bamber, G.J. Conflict is an unavoidable more so in the modern economy which is characterized by competition that is coupled with a lot of dynamics that put a lot of pressure on laborers as well as the management of firms both in their line of duty and even outside their line of duty. The unitarist approach consists of all members sharing the same interest and being homogenous. Unlike the unitarist, the pluralist theory emphasises that effective IR interventions can resolve conflicts (Dzimbiri 2008: 3). Some companies can adopt no-union policies, as long as there are employee organisations, while other companies can motivate the use of trade unions. This in itself has a big effect on the managers and employees who caries out their work under human resource management practices in their pluralistic organizations.

Management uses consultative approaches in reacting to and solving of conflict.

For instance, workplace conflict solving rules and or laws can be made through industrial relations (Grady, 1993). The management should ensure, however, that it is not providing a superficial kind of participation, wherein major job processes are still provided top-down, because this can only decrease employee satisfaction, instead of increasing it (Chan et al. Unitarist and Pluralist View (Fox 1966) 1817 words (7 pages) Essay. The pluralist perspective is based on the belief that the workplace has a composition of differing sets of beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors.

When conflicts are effectively managed the organization gets a chance of having a new look and therefore more room for development. This theory is based on the works of German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. So, the conflict to rise to an extent where it dissolves the organisation is highly unlikely. this is Amazing!

Image courtesy:, Your email address will not be published. Most unions are familiar with the traditional customs, practices and work patterns within a collectivist or pluralist approach in industrial relations.

Employee relations emerged from industrial relations in the Europe in the early 1900s. This can work well for individualist systems of industrial relations (Martin and Fellenz, 2010). Unitarism has been applied in the models of human resource management in several states that lie in the South East Asia region. This practice focus on the idea of control as most important, to the industrial relations and the employment relationship (Wood & Elliot, 1997). ( Log Out /  These developments are not only limited to the managers who deal with such issues but have affected the entire management body of the organisations. Your email address will not be published. Conflict is not overlooked, but managed effectively through stakeholder participation (Hunter 1998: 560).

Ackers, P. (2014). Unitarism lies at the center of the philosophy of human resource management. This is different with firms in the United Kingdom and United States where numerous well known firms have been brought out as having applied Unitarism perspective in human resource management. He has contributed to the academic enhancement of students from the University of New South Wales, Central Queensland University, Edith Cowan University, etc. Hi do have any insight on Marxist Perspective? Another aspect that the theory of Unitarism focuses on is mutual cooperation.

Unitarism further ignores is not a participative style of management and ignores the idea of employees which could be used to positively alter the course of events in organizations.

It is argued that the pluralist form of management may become common and mostly preferred in European firms which follow a market strategy that bases on high quality and substitute the unitarist form of management that the United States uses (MichaeL, 1999). (2000) ‘New employee relations strategies in Britain: towards individualism or partnership?’, Bacon, N. and Blyton, P. (2007) ‘Conflict for Mutual Gains?’, Badigannavar, V. and Kelly, J. This mostly works blue-collar jobs.

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