I snap back. Because I doubt that nothing is going to stop him from actually raping you next time.". She looks back at me, nervousness written in her features. Your review has been posted. Disclaimer: I own none of these characters even though sometimes I wish I did. "But for me, it'd be worth it.". FanFiction | unleash ... Home Community Books Twilight Twilight Kink Fest Stories. She is beautiful, her long chesnut hair hangs past her shoulders, from what I can see she is stunning. Your review has been posted. ", "Bella, please. She looks at me, confused. I sigh and push myself off the desk, kneeling down in front of her and looking into her face. Edward is a wealthy mob boss, and Bella's new "Daddy" *Warning* Age Play story. I feel like I need to watch out for you, like it's my duty. So the game began. "Edward, hurry up we're meeting Aro and Marcus in two hours, it's a long drive.

This girl is not going to be thrown around from house to house, and treated like shit.

A/N: I don't really know if anyone will be into this fic since it does dabble in the world of DD/LG. Now that Edward is no longer here I feel that I can peruse my interest. Bella Swan is a stalker and thinks she has trapped Edward Cullen into a relationship, luckily Carlisle has an old friend to save him. I regretfully let go of her, and start getting the paper work started. It's been six months and my father has been pushing me to accept my gift from the Volturi Mafia, securing our families alliance for the next generation. In order for me to do that, I need to know the truth. or Jacob finally corners Edward into a fight and almost kills him. She only has ten fucking months until she's eighteen. Phil Dwyer/Bella Swan; Bella Swan; Phil Dwyer; Daddy Kink; Summary. My heart breaks. Her eyes widen, and she blushes heavily.

He only did it because Jake insisted. Title: Another side of Carlisle Rating: R Summary: Edwards left.Carlisle finally decides to act out his deepest desires only if Bella wishes to accept. Edwards left. Warnings: DD/LG- Basically a daddy kink. "Bella, listen to me. This woman will always be a part of my life, she will more than likely be the mother to my children, and I haven't even met her. His family seemed very close and his relationship with Esme intimate both emotionally and physically. ", Bella was raised to be a child. "If you think that him and his buddies are going to get anything more than a slap on the wrist for what they did to you, then you are dead wrong. The women we take into our family are all daughters of the members of the Volturi mafia. ", "Please boy, without my blessing you would still be working the trade with everyone else.". Carlisle wanted something. I take a deep breath. "Where do you expect me to go then, Edward?" I'm pulled out of my thoughs by my fathers voice. Baby girl was the main one usually when everyone was out of earshot or we were alone. I had just met this girl not even five hours ago, and I was already falling head over heels for her. Twilight Baby Daddys Fanfiction. Daddykink, smut, ExB, OOC. Jacob and Edward get into a fight which leaves the lanky vampire into a mental breakdown.

I would have gotten this to you guys a lot sooner, but my computer crashed when I was writing it, and I had to write it all over again, which sucked. Once I recieve my girl all of the other unmatched men in my family will choose a mate as well. I was spending my weekend doing what I always did. Kind and caring. He stops in front of me and brings in the girl to his side. It began to occur to me when he'd interject nick names that I hadn't heard him use before with anyone else. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "I want to protect you, Bella. She is trained to be my little girl. He helped me through Edward leaving letting me know it was possible to move on. I have made the choice to take a young girl named Bella. It'll let me know that I'm not the only one pairing this fic with this kink! About everything…" I trail off. He'd left. She looks at me, and sighs, deciding to trust my words.

The days turned to nights and back into days again. While we spoke, cried and sometimes laughed slowly that hand which held me close to support me began to caress my back. For as long as I can remember the Volturi family have provided all of our mates. She is sitting in my comfortable, worn-in chair behind my desk, and I'm sitting a couple of feet away from her on the corner of my desk. Edward is a wealthy mob boss, and Bella's new "Daddy" *Warning* Age Play story Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Bella - Chapters: 19 - Words: 11,289 - Reviews: 181 - Favs: 305 - Follows: 400 - Updated: 11/4/2013 - Published: 7/8/2013 - id: 9471834

Another tear falls from here eye and a small smile appears on her face. Her eyes bulge out. Maybe something with me? My father and I get out of the town car and walk through the gates to be greeted by Aro and Marcus as they step out the door. However they are most known for a very special service available to only the most rich and powerful, specially trained young woman. This is a one-shot but might be more if people like it My first ever fix so go easy on the comments The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

It always lingered but I didn't take much notice.

But as time went on I began to move forward. Warnings: DD/LG- Basically a daddy kink.If you're uncomfortable with it please do not read this fic, as it will be a prominent feature for all chapters. He turns to the right and opens the door revelaing a nicely furnished office. "I-I'm eighteen.". About everything…" I trail off.

It is my duty to accept my gift to keep the alliance between our families. These woman are all very diffrent. She looks unsure, like she doesn't believe my words. She looks unsure, like she doesn't believe my words. If you do though leave a comment I'd love to know what you think of it. Maybe Carlisle was bored. Warm weather sickens me but I suppose I'm not letting either side win. ", I nod, writing more information down. I would never leave y'all hanging! Be selfish for once in your life. If you were to do it, I would have to make one of your relatives your legal guardian, and forge all of the documents. Esme was far too busy with her new job where she planned events and did all the arrangements according to colour or theme. I ponder for a second. I could lose my job for this," I say, looking into her eyes and holding both of her small hands in my large ones.
She is quick to shake her head though. Not to mention, she was drop dead gorgeous. None of them wanted me two months ago, and I doubt any of their answers have changed.". That I wasn't reacting and that seemed to make him nervous. I still saw the rest of the Cullen's frequently. Founder: TwiKinkFest - Stories: 60 - Followers: 156 - Staff: 4 - id: 96302 A collection of stories posted to FFN to fill TwiKinkFest prompts. "Are you absolutely positive that you don't have any family that would take you in? It added a kindness that I needed. "Oh my god," she breathes out. Bella smiled as she ‘slept’ when she heard her bedroom door start to creak open behind her, the bed dipping as he climbed in slowly and quietly. In order for me to do that, I need to know the truth. "Don't think I'm crazy. She looks at me, clearly aghast. I feel like I need to watch out for you, like it's my duty. I doubt she'd be okay with it. As I started a new chapter without Edward it would seem that I would begin a new one with Carlisle. My feelings for Edward were gone and as time went on I began to find Carlisle ever more intriguing. ", "Of course, Edward you must be very excited.".

Read Carlisle Cullen 1 from the story Twilight Baby Daddys by anniearmitage with 1,584 reads.How U Met: "Alice calm down." "Well, I guess since I can't say no…". Your review has been posted. Carlisle finally decides to act out his deepest desires only if Bella wishes to accept.

She snaps. Bella, I do intend to bestow more if you feel that it's appropriate in your eyes.". I'm going to do everything in my power to protect you. Always making sure that I was okay. She will one day. Also, some of you have asked about how much of their past you will get to see. I don't even know if Bella would agree to it. "Have a seat boys, I'll go and collect your gift.". Trust me, you will get to see all of the important stuff. Aro extendeds his hand and I greet him. I couldn't let you risk your job. I get a good look at the girl. As you may have realised I have started to take an interest in you.
The author would like to thank you for your continued support. I smile at her and look down, jotting some information down on my notepad. Originally posted on FanFiction.net under pen name Untamed Loner (yes, that's me). "Edward this is Bella, Bella this is Edward. I thought of it as a soothing motion but as time went by I realised it slipped lower and lower until he was caressing my ass around the kitchen island while we all stood and spoke. She laughs and shakes her head. It was unknown to me why. She raises her head and I see the most stunning pair of choclate brown eyes. He's gone. He wasn't planning me not to question what he was doing to me. Esme, Rosalie, Emmett and Alice. I've also noticed that you haven't reacted to it and that puzzles me. Summary: Edwards left. I think he only did it because he is never home, and he wouldn't have to really deal with me. "Good as always Aro, Now I'd like to meet my girl. Aro motions for us to follow as he leads us through the foyer and up the grand staircase. I catch a glimpse of her as she follows Aro. Her head is bowed to the ground. His questions were always caring, calming and insightful. They train women to be very diffrent, but my favorite is daddy's girl. It doesn't take a cop to know that that's a lie. "Bella, listen to me. I'm just thinking out loud here," I start off. There is one thing. She is the daughter of Charlie Swan, a well known smuggler for the Volturi. He was smartly dressed in a suit; he probably had a meeting earlier. "Over my dead body." Not that I liked in the sun either. "I'm not going to let you say no," I say, smiling at her. Follow. Their gazes were hard to miss at times especially when the person whom you loved has left you. You're special to me.". "How old are you Bella?" Carlisle finally decides to act out his deepest desire only if Bella wishes to accept. Some are trained to be submisives, others are dominants.

Carlisle would place his hand around my waist as he spoke to me.

Twilight Kink Fest Stories. So much so that he caught me alone in Charlie's house and invited himself in for what he called a 'much needed talk'.

Carlisle Cullen 1 1.5K 25 0. He repeatedly told me that Edward wasn't the be all end all that I'd been imagining all this time. The women are not part of some trafficing ring, at least ours are not. "But it kind of sounds like there isn't any other option for you." Edward said it was because he still couldn't control his urges around me. "So I guess I'm going to be put into foster care," she says in a detached voice that I could barely hear. He knocked softly on the door. None of the others took notice preoccupied in their own lives. "I know what I'm proposing is absolutely insane, Bella.

While Esme made dinner. And then if course there's was Carlisle. "No. Language: English Words: 12,878 ... Daddy Kink; Summary. Later that night, I take Bella back to the police station to formally question her. She was so special, and brave and strong. I couldn't impose on you like that. "No, Edward. I ask, not knowing how old Jacob was. I feel her breasts press up against my chest through the sweatshirt that I gave her earlier, and I feel my member getting hard.

", "I don't care if your my father, I'm still in charge! The Volturi family are very versitale, running drugs, smuggling guns, aquiring the unattainable. I opened the door wearing a robe and when I saw Carlisle I felt immediately underdressed even though it was a Sunday afternoon. Vampires and Werewolfs from the Twilight Saga. Allow me to do this for you- to save you.". I'm going to do everything in my power to protect you. Maybe he finally felt like he needed to let loose his desires which were far more kinky than I thought possible. Do you really want to live with him? His dad took legal guardianship of me.

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