Was back recently to look at the longer clubs and now looking forward to getting my new clubs in my hands. So, if people are thinking you'll be 'sold' a load of kit, I was advised not to buy the hybrid. the after sales service is not like anything else I've come across......ever, Went to Foregolf today for my custom fitting and have to say that it one of the most professional and enjoyable experiences that I have had...I have been planning my trip to the guys for a long time and they overwhelmingly exceeded my expectations...Had the pleasure of getting fitted by Derek today and with his knowledge and experience you know you're in great hands...ended up with what my brother described as "one of the most awesome bag setup's he's ever seen"...think that says it all...thanks again guys fantastic team and fantastic business. I cannot recommend highly enough to any golfer who has an ambition to improve , they should definitely consider custom fitting at Foregolf . Just like the last time met the famous Dom for the customary pre fit chin wag and look around the custom fit workshop, and as always left with a lot more worldly knowledge. Golf IMO certainly has a bit of science behind it and you need all the help you can get to produce more consistent shots. The picture of a needle being inserted into the face of the M5 driver called to mind baseball’s Steroid Era and balls being launched prodigious distances at historic rates. This was one of the most relaxed fitting sessions of hitting golf balls I've ever experienced and is highly recommended. I couldn't have got this bespoke offering from a normal golf shop. All in all a great experience and would recommend it to everyone. TaylorMade is making some big claims about the performance of the M5 driver with it’s Speed Injected Twist Face and most expansive adjustability ever.

Great hospitality from a very welcoming team. Went to Foregolf for a full bag check. Can't recommend ForeGolf highly enough. The entire experience is well worth the money and the change that the fitting has made in my golf game is noticeable. Well done Foregolf, utmost professionals �, A really great experience from the main man Don and his staff especially Dave the fitting guru did NOT try to sell a new driver but said the shaft is the option I require and true i got great results cannot wait to collect my club I would highly recommend Foregolf I am just sorry I didn't do it years ago Thanks a Million Don and Dave ��. A standard club bought in a shop would be generic and effectively have “generic settings". Their attention to detail is excellent. All Rights Reserved.. Lived up to its reputation. Cobra Tour Trusty Black PVD or Satin Wedges Coming Soon at Fairwaygolfusa.com, R11 preview video leaked!! To achieve ball flight control, the weight track system needs to be adjusted as well. Such is my delight that I have decided to replace my other fairway wood with another Foregolf hand built special. We whittled down the list of shafts, lies, grips etc. Matt, what was the shaft tested including flex? Twist Face returns to keep your drives in the fairway, but now it’s Speed Injected Twist Face. It was such a great experience. Anyone hoping to improve their game - I would thoroughly recommend a visit to ForeGolf. All of the staff are amazing and I can't wait to pick up my clubs in a couple of weeks. I wouldn't purchase my golf clubs anywhere else. Thanks to all involved.. I am really looking forward to receiving my new clubs. Then into Dave for the fitting, I would highly recommend anyone getting fitted in foregolf to go to Dave. For higher launch & more backspin move the weights to the back of the driver. With the service they offer you would be crazy going to a golf shop to get a 'fitting' for new clubs.

I strongly recommend ForeGolf to anyone who is serious about their golf and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed by the choice of equipment and by the whole experience the team provide from start to finish. So, that will be the max fade position. And what can I put this down to? Lovely to revisit Christine, Don and Dave for a session after 8 years. Will be back in the future for sure!

All I can say is that technology has moved on massively in the last 10 years. I went with Mizuno irons and wedges that I couldn’t wait to pick up, I have only played with my new clubs 4 times and have lost a shot already!! Copyright © 2020 Plugged In Golf. Really enjoyed my latest fitting in ForeGolf. It […], Why are my EZGO RXV golf cart lights not working? Couldn't have enjoyed my time anymore and can't wait to get the new weapons in my bag. I think the average driving distance back then was around 265 yards. Two of the putters I was fitted for by a well known retailer. I was fitted last year in foregolf and waited a while to see the full effects before I posted a review.

Taylormade has really upped their game by launching the M5 and M6 drivers. Went through everything from driver to putter!

This was an informative and valuable experience and one which I thoroughly enjoyed. Custom equipment to the individual IS the way for improving your golf game, enjoyment and scoring #simples #buildingbettergolfers #tourproven #thebest #NoI, Forget about all that money your spending on golf lessons and get in to see the team at Foregolf and allow them to custom fit you for your next set or clubs. ForeGolf will use the information you provide to us, including your email address and phone number to contact you regarding your enquiry.

There was no pressure to buy and had a great chat with Don before the fitting. Big thanks to the lads at Foregolf for all the help over the years. Mark had golf balls ready for me to hit on the range before my fitting. Must say I enjoyed my visit yesterday at fore golf and this was my second experience with fore golf and they helped me out with my irons about 15 months ago and true to there word said my woods were good enough for at least another year at that time which they were right about and I felt it was time to revisit this week and yes they have proved to me the difference a year can make with clubs they have given me another 30 yards and straightened my swing thanks to all the staff who look after you even when you have collected your new clubs 5*****. If i had gone anywhere else i would of walked out paying 300 - 700€ for a driver i wasnt ready for . They have fitted everyone from professionals to beginners, yet they take the time to go through the specific requirements of each individual golfer. I said nothing & it turned out to be the recommended driver. Down at address, you instantly notice the matte finish of the carbon fibre and it makes you wonder why it wasn’t done sooner. I was absolutely delighted and blown away by the whole process and the detail that Dave went into with myself and brother. Last year I was fit for irons and I was very happy with the results. 1st fitting I've had and ill definetly be back. Great welcome, good chat with Don the clubmaker and his assistant Aaron before I went out and had a good luck at the workshop which was like all the tour buses rolled into one. I was fitted by Dave who recommended all my other clubs were fine and did not need changed. Went down last week for a full bag fitting and the experience was exceptional. The time I spent with Dave during the fitting was extremely professional. Dave is an absolute gent and talks you through the fitting process from start to finish. Bought irons here a few years ago which improved my game and still wouldn't change them. Highly recommend to anybody who seriously wants to improve their game. If you have ever been fitted by one of the big brands at a club day or in a shop and think you know what it’s all about - you’re dead wrong. Facilities & Surroundings spectacular.Will be recommending and hope to be back very soon.Thanks You,Richard. Great experience, week worth it if you want to trust the equipment you are playing with. How did that happen? Fantastic visit recently to Foregolf, Incredible staff, both friendly & ultra professional. Can't wait for my new clubs and extra 50 yards!!!!! Thanks guys and good luck. I was not happy with how I hit my driver on the day & thought this would affect the fitting but I don't think it did. Thank you for registering for our newsletter! This years M5 Driver has a T-track that allows golfers of all skill levels to dial in their desired ball flight.

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