They may be able to refer you to other breeders who have or are planning litters. Bainbridge Sphinx Of The Ice Realm Oldest active kennel of Irish Wolfshounds in PolandI first saw a wolfhound in 1974 and I have been fascinated by the breed since then. A special little girl already, who gives us so Each of them performs well in somewhat different fields and each dog skills are developed in the directions that suit her best. Rockhart Mistress of the dark aka Elvira out of Rockhart Zhivago and Rockhart Elation. Wir haben seit über 10 Jahren Irish Wolfhounds und sind seit 2010 Züchter im DWZRV.Der Deutsche Windhundzucht- und Rennverband e.V. Special Thanks to Sofie Ankarskar to trusted us and let Elliot live with us! Für uns sind es nicht nur Haustiere es sind Freunde und Lebensbegleiter.Wenn Sie Interesse an einem unserer Welpen haben und unsere Einstellung teilen können Sie sich gern mit uns in Verbindung setzen.

This happened in Milan. She loves body contact, and loves to lay as close as possible to anyone - and it is absolutely secondary if this is a human, a dog or a cat... Keara LOVES to snuggle. Liebevolle VDH-Hobbyzucht von Irish Wolfhounds, den sanften Riesen. it would be impossible that Leia ever could be tired. Use of data from this database to promote your own breeding is encouraged.

You will find the major award winners and placements in each class for each breed.

AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,0,0','width','100','height','22','hspace','5','src','button8','quality','high','pluginspage','','bgcolor','#162101','movie','button8' ); //end AC code with us. DEN CH Taryn's Jazzmessenger (Nugget) - Wolfhouse Irish Wolfhounds They are: We encourage you to use the data of this database in any non-commercial and friendly way you find useful. © WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB 2019. Dahmraks Irish Wolfhounds.

thereafter we got our first Wolfhound, Merlino.

Don't miss the Wolfhouse Leisure & Play Gallery , with additional pictures of Wolfhouse dogs past and present. This wonderful young Irish Wolfhound male combines all the features that make this breed so special to us - he is friendly and happy, self-confident and smart. little girl, who gets away with way too many things because of her all day long. They are also used to give you access to the trial-matings you created.

Loki is the son of Fagan and Leia - and grandson to both Keara and Date of death and cause of death is either contributed by owner or breeder, available in public databases or books, or entered from published info other places. AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,0,0','width','100','height','22','hspace','5','src','button6','quality','high','pluginspage','','bgcolor','#162101','movie','button6' ); //end AC code

Character and health are the most important criteria for us. Libami kennel - ... feel free to contact us. "Dwarfs' Valley" kennel from Latvia is breeding Irish Wolfhounds since year 1991.

A Fresh Start We made new friendships, always related to the world of this breed. 3rd passion for Mia is to flop down on top of people to make sure she gets all the attention she deserves. I am always willing to give advice in the matters concerning the breed and I have been updating my database of all IW litters born in Poland since 1980. Powerful athletic hound with an appetite to match. also, where to find them in AZ? Bavarian Mountain Scenthound are newest dog in our kennel. In 2006 I have created the first Polish internet forum for wolfhound owners and breeders. About IWDB. Something didn't work as expected If you are interested in getting a puppy please fill out the questionnaire and e-mail it to [email protected]

Bainbridge Sphinx Of The Ice Realm O'Devlon) Loki is our big, sweet, and quiet boy who enjoys the company of both his two-legged and four-legged companions. See photos and pedigrees of previous Wolfhouse dogs.

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