Register; Log in; Main The heroes fight against Dhaos, an evil overlord, while travelling through time to save their world. Reaching the throne room, an epic battle with Dhaos ensues. As someone who tried the SNES version right after finishing the PS1 one, seeing as you played the PS1 version already, I see little to no reason to play the older version. It was developed originally by Wolf Team which now known as Namco Tales Studio. The town is destroyed by a dark knight named Mars Uldole and his soldiers while Cress and Chester are out hunting in the forest. In addition to the new playable character, the battle system was overhauled so that spells no longer stop time and break the flow of battle. get the psx version. Mint is a kind hearted girl Cress meets in a prison after being saved by, what Cress presumes despite the fact of her death, her mother Meryl. The Sound Test was removed from the American and European versions, perhaps due to the Japanese vocals in the opening theme song (Yume ha Owaranai). Some music has … There are in game purchases, but they are unrequired to beat the game. Playing the sfc version after every other version (in my case the gba one) feels really weird... they add a lot of things in latter versions like chester's artes (yeah in the original he didn't have any arte and he kinda sucks as a party member) and suzu (she is not playable in the original), also the battle system is a little different (artes are based on the proximity like if the enemy is too close you can't use demon fang for an example), It was my second ever tales of game and it definitely has a special place in my heart. If declaring my opinion is akin to declaring war, then war I shall declare on the so-called veterans. Cover for the Game Boy Advance version of the game. Tales of Phantasia was remade for the PlayStation console three years after its Super Famicom release, and was released only a year after the second game in the series, Tales of Destiny.

The GBA Tales of Phantasia is an inferior port of both the original SNES version and the PlayStation port, but was the only version of the game available outside of Japan until the (also heavily butchered, but for greedier reasons) iOS port. This means that even if you have the app, you are unable to load your save or make any in game purchases. I actually played the PS1 remake (translation by Phantasian Productions) rather than the Super Famicom original. It was perhaps disabled in the western versions due to the limited naming length (most notably, Chester's name exceeds the limit by 1). New intro and credits sequences, taking advantage of the better graphics engine. In the town of Toltus ten years after Dhaos was sealed away, there lives a young swordsman named Cress Albane and his best friend Chester Burklight. The American and European versions also got the infamous English voice acting. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad.

I'm not super familiar with all of the differences between the versions, though I do know that Suzu is not available as a character in the SFC game. She is thought to be related to Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia. You can try it for curiosity sake, but there are so many draw backs in terms of gameplay, since you are used to the PS1 upgrades, you won't really enjoy that much. This game is actually bundled on the same UMD as a complement to the main game Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X, a remake of the direct sequel to Tales of Phantasia itself. Nintendo (US/EU)Platform: It features only one save file not stored locally, though it has a quick save option; as a consequence, many of the original save points are disabled. It'd be a nice touch if it weren't for the drastic FPS drops. Some locations have been remapped for ease of use. She was born into a family of ninja and was trained by her grandfather. Arche is a half elf girl living with her father in the Lone Valley. It is unknown why. | In the original game, it is only possible to control Cress, but later remakes allow the player to control any party member in battle. I like Phantasia but there is one thing I always loved about the GBA port. The party travels back to their original time to interrupt the resurrected Dhaos from killing Morrison and Chester in the mausoleum, and fight him once more. The game just doesn't really encourage playing as anyone other than Cless unless you're doing multiplayer. I'm currently replaying it for the first time since PS1 days when I couldn't read any Japanese and followed a guide blindly. Also, the ninja character Suzu Fujibayashi is believed to be a descendant of Sheena Fujibayashi of Tales of Symphonia. Chester was always in my party ever since he came back, and I appreciate that the remake gives him those powerleveling scenes so he can catch up! Starting with this version, the final boss obtains a third form in battle. Oddly, the room is darker in the international versions, and two crosses are still shown. Ever got stuck?" Klarth is like a less helpful and less interesting Zavied and Chester a far less interesting Mikleo. How the hell did this happen? ~Falos. The Sound Test was removed from the American and European versions, perhaps due to the Japanese vocals in the opening theme song (Yume ha Owaranai).

I suppose it might be written in the gfaqs files.

Namco Tales StudioPublishers: Namco (JP), In the English versions, three question marks would appear for each character's name; however, in the Japanese version, a question mark replaces each letter of the characters' name, resulting in a seemingly random arrangement of question marks. Instead, a lower option allows the player to play certain music tracks, which includes the theme. Unfortunately, as of late August 2014, the game is being removed from the app store and all support has also been removed. is the first installment of the Tales series, and was released by Namco in 1995 for the Super Famicom. They proceed to Dhaos's castle in search of him, with hopes of restoring peace to the world and avenging the deaths of their loved ones. The others are mages of various kinds. Although, the game has only been released on the GBA (which is considered to be the worst version of the game) outside of Japan there have been translations of the PSX and SNES versions. There are some extra sidequests, Suzu can join the party, other party members are playable, Chester has skills, there's an extention to the bonus dungeon, there's some titles, cooking, a monster book, etc. Tales of Phantasia was ported to iOS devices in Japan in 2013. Tales of Phantasia was also ported for the iOS and released both in Japanese and English, featuring a new translation.

The Japanese opening, the song The Dream Will Never Die (a state-of-the-art aspect of the Super Famicom original), was replaced with a mix of two background music tracks used during the game -- "Raising a Curtain" (BGM 39) and "Aviators" (BGM 28). I feel like it's such a shame Cless can't get to know Sorey: they would really hit it off. A port for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) called Tales of Phantasia: Full Voice Edition was released in Japan in September 2006, developed by Mineloader Software. For example, Chester, who relied on brute force in the Super Famicom version, now has nine TP-consuming artes, which carries over into future remakes. He decides he will head to the town of Euclid, as his mother asked of him before she passed away. The SNES version has a blue and pink outfit for the two healers, instead of the correct white one. The graphics are much better, the sound is much better, controls and battle are also better.

For Tales of Phantasia on the Super Nintendo, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "So which is better, the snes version, or the psx version? The game also makes Suzu Fujibayashi, originally just a side character, a playable addition to the party. A remake of Phantasia was the first to be released in 1998. Chester shoots arrows from the back and deals quite a lot of damage; more damage, in fact, than Cress. | Cress uses melee combat and various weapons including swords, spears, and axes. Dejap left the naming option present in the SNES fan-translation patch, but warned about the flaw. So it is that Chester and Morrison are left behind to suffer Dhaos's wrath, with only a broken bow and a diary respectively all that Mint and Cress have to remember them by. Also carried over from Tales of Destiny are the voice-acted face chats; however, now the player simply needs to push the "Select" button on the world map to see them rather than stand still for a while on the world map as in Tales of Destiny. Surprisingly, the game was also released in North America on the app store January 23rd, 2014. For Tales of Phantasia on the PlayStation, ... Phantasian Productions Patch Differences Tales of Phantasia PlayStation . Later as they travel back in time, they find that the only way to defeat Dhaos is to use magic, an ability unexistant in their time since the 'Great Tree', source of all magic, has withered and died.

With no hope of dealing with the all-powerful Dhaos for now, Morrison attempts to send Cress, Mint, and Chester back a century into the past, so that they will learn about Dhaos and procure a means to preemptively defeat him. Despite her appearance she has a very strong will and stout heart which is shown many times throughout the party's journey. There are tons of floors filled with puzzles and stuff and it gets you the ultimate gear. Somewhere. This version combines various elements from both the original Super Famicom version and the PlayStation remake into one game. A subreddit for fans of the "Tales of" series published by Bandai Namco! It has graphics that push the console to its limits, an original never-before-seen battle system, and the addition of actual voices and voice actors. The map is in 3-D and includes the Tales 'Press SELECT for a conversation' button. It is unknown why. GBA has more staples. He is horrified to hear that Cress's pendant has been stolen and immediately runs off towards a nearby mausoleum. Movement and battle were both overhauled for touchscreen use. Cress, Mint, and Chester deduce that Mars must be there, and so follow Morrison without his knowledge and against his will. This version of the game is largely based upon the PlayStation remake and contains completely redone voice acting, which are now used for most story events. Um, I would definitely have to say the Super Famicom/SNES version. The Game Boy Advance version features a handful of original additions and side quests, as well as most of the additions that appeared in the PlayStation remake. Standard RPG features such as HP and TP are implemented. I played practically every major (and most minor) RPG releases in the SNES and PS1 days, but it wasn't until the US Tales of Destiny 2 that I actually experienced the Tales series. This time, Dhaos is completely defeated, and the cave begins to collapse in on itself and an unconscious Dhaos.

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