When you collect 30 shrines, you unlock the sunglasses, not the shirt. When you step near the sign, Mario gets shot up by a forceful current.

Save big on Echo, Fire TV, and more at Amazon right now, Best microSD Cards for your Nintendo Switch. Wall jump between the gray walls to collect the third Red Coin. Go under the village and follow the path of mushrooms, much like you did in episode 5. Jump from the wall or wall jump to collect it. Chase him and spray him down until he gives up the Shine. Spray the sprout in the middle of the beach and a sandcastle will pop up on the peninsula. When you reenter the secret stage, ground pound the red switch and start the time. On the spinning star to the right of the blocks that are circling the platform. Doing so will rock the tub and that corner will begin to come apart. Ground pound the Pianta Statues nose for coins. Races; Pricing; FAQ; Sign in; Sign in. Be careful not to fall as you run over to collect the secret Shine. No spam, we promise. You can get a large chunk of coins by exploring the lake. Those backgrounds look familiar, don't they? Start by jumping across the poison water, using FLUDD to avoid the fish bouncing around between platforms and speak to the Noki fisherman, who will tell you about an ancient Noki King buried nearby, He tells Mario that spraying the magic paintings on the wall will reveal a path. Replay episode 1 and enter the sand castle that leads to the secret stage. From the next platform, Yoshi can shoot the orange goo that blocks the way to the Shine.

Simply swim over and add it to your collection. Head back to episode 2 and back into Monty Mole's cannon. Gooper Blooper is more aggressive this third time around but fights the same way it has the pass two rounds. Using FLUDD's hover nozzle, jump down to that platforms and hop across, until you make it the hill. Wall jump to the right, and then the right again. Why not. You'll have 1:30 to collect all of Spray the graffiti and open the portal to Ricco Harbor. Check out these Switch controllers! The Red Coins won't appear until you ground pound the red switch on the docks. Head back to Episode 6 and towards the back of the dirty lake. You have a minute to collect all eight Red Coins.

Save big on these VPN services ahead of Black Friday. Episode 2: Mirror Madness! Holding left after the launch steers you left and holding right pushes your further to the right. When the boat passed under the bridge, you will notice a single gold coin underneath. Find the nearest piece of grating that, Head back up top and cross the bridge. Poor Chain Chomplets have become overheated and are making a mess around the village, smearing fire goop everywhere they go. If you miss your jump, it's all over. Time is short on this run — you'll have one minute to collect all of the Red Coins once you press the red switch. After you've totally cleaned, a Shine will appear. There's some tricky platforming in the next section, made trickier thanks to the tight camera. Wait for Petey's mouth to open, and then spray his mouth with water to fill him up. Collect the last coin at the end of the ride. Spray the Cataquacks to stun them and make sure you don't roll the watermelon into any stunned enemies. Be sure to clean them off 100% before moving on. Wahoo! Once you defeat Bowser, you'll earn a Shine, and the end game credits will roll. Once FLUDD has ben recovered, hop onto the golden mushroom, and wash the goo off of the mayor. Head down the passage to the sweeper's left. That's your cue to jump up and ground pound his belly. When you return to Delfino Plaza, you'll discover that another Polluted Piranha has made itself comfortable on another building. It'll take you right to the building. Now that you know where all of the secret Shine to acquire every Shine Sprite in Super Mario Sunshine, you're one step closer to finding all 120 Shines. Full Steam Ahead! You have a minute to collect all eight Red Coins. The combination is deadly to the ghoul. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Head back to the start and jump down to the mushrooms growing underneath the village. At the end, there's a rotating block that'll lead you to a small sand area. You'll know it because a Red Coin is sitting on top of it.

Adjust your camera and dodge the first few cubes and ride the rotating cube platform to the other size. Then, run over to his belly and ground pound the highlighted area. If you find yourself getting low, swim to the sides and collect Gold Coins to replenish your health and oxygen. Use the ropes and bounce up to the second Red Coin, To the right, you'll see a third Red Coin, Turn back around and you'll be able to spot the fourth Red Coin, this time, From the fourth coin, follow the rope you just bounced off towards the cluster of white buildings, dodging the wire traps on the rope and the Wind Duppy circling nearby and, You don't have to look far for the sixth Red Coin; it's, Head up to the top of the white wall and look towards the houses again. Look for the castle at the bottom of the bottle. Leave through the door and head back to the Yoshi Egg. Head through the first part as you normally would. They all seem to have the same top speed though. A cutscene will start and Shadow Mario will unleash Mecha Bowser on you. Once you've collected all 8, the Shine is yours. Shadow Mario is a master at wall jumps, so remember if you can't keep up, you can always spray him from after.

Spray the foe down to free the Yoshi Egg. That sucks, anywhere online this game sells for like over $100. Get tossed around enough and you'll find your way to the Shine. r/Mario is the premiere community for the Mario franchise, spanning video games, books, movies, television … All you get is a different picture during the credits. Ride on the boat that runs from the town to the small island with the fruit basket Pianta. Jump into the cannon to be blasted to Pinna Park. Pass through the gate, jump off of it, and resume following the arrows. You'll have to do it one more time across a bigger gap.

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