It is the only ring that gives a stab bonus. Whatever a monster's weakness is, is the best possible style of combat with which to approach the fight. •  Anger sword •  Dragon, Bronze Welcome to OSRS Best In Slot! •  Black •  Steel •  White If a monster is weak to a particular style, that style will be more effective than other styles. •  Adamant •  Mithril •  Black Abyssal dagger stab or Arclight slash Currently a mid level idiot limiting my account to 75 atk 99 str and 75 def, which means i cant use the arclights stab offense against sire without gaining unwanted xp. Please add an image! Low Alchemy Detailed The combination of high attack and strength bonuses give the scimitar its large popularity in melee training. •  Steel

•  Black Under distress, despite what people say, knife can fail really, really, really horribly. •  Iron Scimitars also give higher Strength bonuses. •  Skewer •  Rune •  Dragon, Bronze

+0 List, Opal •  Gold •  Jade •  Topaz •  Sapphire •  Emerald •  Ruby •  Diamond •  Dragonstone •  Onyx •  Zenyte, Pursuit •  Returning •  Efaritay's aid •  Recoil •  Dueling •  Forging •  Life •  Wealth (imbued) •  Stone •  Suffering (imbued), Archers (imbued) •  Berserker (imbued) •  Seers (imbued) •  Warrior (imbued), Treasonous (imbued) •  Tyrannical (imbued) •  Ring of the gods (imbued), Beacon •  Charos (activated) •  Granite (imbued) •  Lunar •  'Perfect' •  Slayer (eternal) •  Stolen garnet •  Visibility. Amulet of torture +15 The Amulet of glory gives a +10 bonus, but is significantly cheaper. ... Join us for game discussions, weekly events and skilling competitions! •  Iron Anyone have a definite answer?

•  Harry's cutlass +0 Destroy For example fire giant presumably would be weak to water spells and metal armoured monsters weak to magic. Does ardy 4 affect dds special attack accuracy? If a monster is weak to a particular style, that style will be more effective than other styles. Scimitars have exactly the same attack speed as daggers and claws, but provide a higher attack bonus than daggers and yield lower defence bonuses than claws. •  Rune Store price, Slot

•  Mithril Unknown This makes them better to use than the longsword in most situations. Drops From Pickaxe • Harpoon • Dagger • Sword • Hasta • Spear, Sickle • Machete • Axe • Claws • Cutlass • Scimitar • Scythe • Longsword • Battleaxe • Whip • Two-handed sword • Halberd, Banner • Mjolnir • Blackjack • Cane • Warhammer • Mace • Maul, Staff • Battlestaff • Crozier • Mystic staff

Longswords have slightly higher strength bonuses than their scimitar counterpart, which gives them an additional +1 to the maximum hit.

•  Black Unknown •  White •  Scythe of vitur. •  Black 7.2k. The treasonous ring seemingly has a recoloured tanzanite fang attached to it. +0 •  Leaf-bladed Exchange price •  Katana

•  Dragon (or), Bronze •  Mithril

High Alchemy •  White If a monster has a weakness to a particular style of attack, this will not affect the potential max hit that can be dealt to it, rather the chance of the monster blocking will be decreased. •  Steel Release date Weakness is what describes a monster's and/or player's vulnerabilities in combat.

+0 Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, every other style of the same class is also effective. The treasonous ring is a ring dropped by Venenatis in the eastern portion of the Wilderness.

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