This guide is hosted on GameFAQs. User enters a guard stance, decreasing damage taken from attack and spin moves. Generally, this guide is written with Normal difficulty in mind. Also like Matador, it is quicker to save on the world map and keep reloading from there, rather than save during a DLC quest. 84) For this reason, Dullahan is not included, since she is unlocked from a challenge quest that is part of the main storyline (i.e. Your ending is determined by the dialogue choices you make and some challenge quests. 11), Jaki Gremlin (Lv. This could involve fusing new demons, buying new equipment, grinding, or even spending your macca. 1 to 3 hits of medium physical damage and 70% panic to multiple foes. I will permit nothing less than total conquest! Even though you can only use it twice before Red Rider starts to become "bored", this is still incredibly useful for those first crucial turns. [Release] Shin Megami Tensei IV Full Undub 1.0 Canzah , Sep 26, 2016 , in forum: 3DS - Hacks, Translations and Utilities Replies: 56), Fiend White Rider (Lv. On your first turn, heal if necessary, then use Dekaja, followed by Doping/Luster Candy. Point (e), finally, is why the previously credited 'Mara method' doesn't work (see here). Spirit Macabre (Lv. The Capote Earring is, in my opinion, the best accessory in the game. Stronger under Baton Pass. 38) If you're still having difficulty, try fusing some new demons with better skills. It is a good idea to have demons with at least 700 HP though, in case you're hit with a few criticals. Even after you've got everything set up, it's important to have at least one character smirking at the end of the turn to dodge attacks, or use Chitchat. Red Rider Main article: Red Rider. balanced-type demons or Flynn), who also need to heal, you've virtually lost. But because most endgame demons come with dark resistance by default, it shouldn't be a problem at all. is not optional). What makes the fight difficult is Pandemic Bomb + Death's Door. You'll need Torifune's Shawl to reach her. Start with the cheapest demons within that range and work your way up. This deals moderate damage and can be shrugged off with buffs, debuffs and Doping in place. He holds a great sword upwards as though ready to battle or mass slaughter. ", "Take your blade in hand! But there must be some kind of limit somewhere. However, if he decides to use Blight twice it will cause serious damage even with buffs in place, and if he gets a critical and smirk, it's pretty much game over. Shin Megami Tensei IV puts the player in control of the samurai Flynn. You should also take along someone who repels or drains physical, for if he uses Purple Smoke. Navigation takes place both in the third-person perspective with 3D-rendered environments and a 2D overhead overworld map. I bought SMTIV on a whim last year after enjoying Persona 3 and 4. It shouldn't ruin your enjoyment of the game. Silent Prayer (Remove +3 buffs/-3 debuffs only). But don't expect this to happen for other Fiends. If you still can't find an explanation, please contact me. If Flynn makes any attempt to challenge them before accepting the quest, the Fiends will eject him from the Domain.

Also be prepared to use a few Revival Beads or Recarm, since this fight is quite unpredictable. When a mysterious Black Samurai begins transforming the population into demons, Flynn and three companions are sent to capture her. 86) You get a lot for defeating him, slightly more than a storyline boss (400,000+ at Lv 99), but best of all is the three Heavy Grimoires. Demons unlocked from these quests are included since they are missable, unlike those from compulsory main quests. Killer_Man90, for his observations on fusing Famed demons. They are Jonathan (ヨナタン, Yonatan), representing Law; Walter (ワルター, Warutā), representing Chaos; and Isabeau (イザボー, Izabō), representing Neutrality. She'll ask you where you're going. Heal off the damage and ignore poison until you get a good chance to cure it; usually when your party has high HP and you have buffs/debuffs in place. However, he won't kill anybody with almighty moves if you play the fight correctly, and his physical attacks aren't that dangerous. 88) Three decoys or more is far too risky, as they could all be taken out with a single Mahamaon/Mamudoon. This is useful in itself, reducing the number of opportunities Trumpeter has to hit you with four or five Great Logos in a single turn. Needless to say, with how rare fusion accidents are, this will not be easy. Will you choose peace or anarchy? Origin However, it's still useful if you only need to restore a slight amount of MP during a fight, like if you're just short of the MP required to cast a certain skill. The key items listed are all obtained from the Master Samurai in Roppongi after the alignment lock. Megami Tensei Wiki, for much of the info in the tables of Part I, and the images for Fiend spawn locations in Part II. If your entire party resists this element or better, it will trigger almighty spam (besides gun for Chemtrail, which you need to null or better). It will be very useful in the early phases. 55), you could choose any demon between the levels of 47-63 inclusive. Red Rider is one of seven fiends available to fight as an optional battle. Made significant changes to Part III, the Famed demons section. ", "Since our roads have crossed here, now is the time for wicked bloodshed...", "Draw your blade and make war with Death, the red knight stained with blood! This means you're completely free to set up buffs/debuffs and Doping.

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