Making Project Responder Something Special: This is where I get to show off all of the cool stuff that was added to to the truck during its build. Once in place, the springs can then be pressurized up the maximum of 100psi if necessary. Especially as technology changes so rapidly, things that were once impossible or impractical, are now feasible. We are very grateful to Kodiak for their support. Loaded, we’ll have the springs up around 80psi to keep the truck level and prevent side to side sway. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to respond. After I gained complete unobstructed access to the frame, it was sandblasted and made ready for the rebuilding process.

LMC Truck is a great resource, but when I was building Project Responder, my truck was not yet old enough for LMC to actually offer any replacement parts. I did not add anything which I did not believe added some level of functionality to to the truck with respect to its intended purpose. If you're already registered, please log in. Follow with me as I start the long road to the final chapter in this project, making Project Responder a reality. The sidewinder step was set aside and the mounting holes were drilled out. The cab corners were rusting away along with the cab mounts, the floor was split open and the motor used oil like it was going out of style. I saw this during the initial build of the truck. Fortunately, I received a lot of support from over one hundred fifty sponsors. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. The TST power system is designed to allow for a positive or negative feed and after a few minutes, we had the steps working perfectly. The interior of the truck was paid just as much attention as the exterior. The 5700 super duty air spring kit comes with two 2-ply fabric reinforced air springs which are built like tires. The supplied bolts were 3/8″ but we decided to use 7/16″ bolts to eliminate any play in the bolt holes. We can’t say enough about these springs and the extremely well engineered kit from Air Lift.

And the heavy-duty electric motor is designed and tested to provide reliable, maintenance-free operation for decades. Operated and Maintained by Responder PSE LLC.

At first, installation looked like it was going to be a large project, but after unpacking the boxes and reading the incredibly thorough directions, we found that installation was actually very simple. ARIES ActionTrac™ powered running boards provide your truck or Jeep Wrangler with easy two-step access, featuring a unique, patented step-within-a-step™ design. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you thought. The only difficulty I had was finding a location to install the door switch, a magnetic switch would have been better for my application. They are very sturdy and have never failed. Vehicle specific instructions will be included with your purchase. So we contacted Kodiak to inquire about a set of Sidewinders for Project Responder and they were very gracious in their support. The batteries were relocated under the bed of the service body. Starting with the gear we wear, the truck carries a complete set of turnout gear. With the hole locations marked out, we used a cutting disc on a dremel tool to make remove the metal. Now that the holes were drilled, we had the brackets cleaned and then powder coated over at Spectrum Industrial Coatings. trailer<<8d8e6768cf6299e15aa15fb9abb2a1de>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 17 0 obj <> endobj 35 0 obj <. Of course there are several modifications to perform along the way. However, we found that if they are mounted upside down, that they work perfectly. I did not leaving any stone unturned. By following the links in the navigation on the left side of the page, you will be able to see how the transformation took place and all of the work that went into building this super truck. Bling out the drivetrain with ARP stainless steel bolts. Well the answer is quite simple.

Kodiak Sidewinder™ Retractable Step Wiring Instructions 1422140 FEB06. 0000022092 00000 n Kwikee® IMGL Step Control Testing Procedure 82-ST0500. I know it can’t carry everything under the sun, that’s why firefighting vehicles are so specialized, but the goal is to be prepared for most situations that a self sufficient volunteer firefighter would be called upon to handle. The AMP Research Bedstep2 mounts just behind the cab, forward of the rear wheel, providing a faster, easier and safer route to access toolboxes, equipment and cargo in the bed.

Go figure. So we contacted Air Lift and explained our predicament. The PowerStep Running Board provides a clean yet aggressive look for your vehicle with tread design allows for ultimate traction in any condition. So we took the brackets to the local welding shop and had the outer lip of the bracket removed and a new piece welded on the other side for support. Going back to the future with a manual shift transfer case. Review the video in the Video Link above for in-depth instructions on trimming the running board. The power lead and ground wire were connected to an always on 12v power block and to the power center enclosure, respectively. We serve our residential, commercial and government customers through our 59 recently renovated stores in the mid-atlantic region of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. Plug-N-Play Compatible Power Steps That Reduce Hard Wiring Are Available Here. Once again, the truck had to be raised. Other than most of factory wiring, the electrical system on project responder is completely custom. When all doors are closed, Powerstep retracts up and under the truck, flush with the rocker panel, keeping step surfaces free of mud, snow and road grime. See all details for Kodiak 950208000 Sidewinder Retractable Driver's Side Step, Silver - 8... © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Because the doors get opened and closed a lot at shows and just in general when the truck is being detailed or being worked on, this just made more sense for this installation. 0000001048 00000 n Retractable side steps deliver optimal performance in all weather conditions. At least none that I found anyway.

0000022417 00000 n Of course, there were some limitations.

The challenge was a daunting one, to start from the ground up, putting a truck together bolt by bolt. 0000003401 00000 n Mounts just behind the cab, forward of the rear wheel, providing a faster, easier and safer route to access toolboxes, equipment and cargo in the bed. But this is was also a very exciting place to be as well. Leonard Store Locator . They offer an additional load capacity of 5,000lbs. Powerstep automatically presents a step assist low enough for children to easily climb in and out of the tallest trucks. They make getting and out of the truck so much easier and the steps really get’s people’s attention when they are activated. So we started from the end of the Kilby air tank under the bed and ran the line up the the switches. stupid *** site I posted that last night and was like where is my post ? These steps work great, they tuck up and way nice and tight. They were happy to help and send out a set of their super duty air spring kit along with their Easy Street Dual Paddle Valve Gauge with which to control the pressure in each spring. © 2020 AMP Research. This eliminated a great deal of weight from the front end and helped to lower the center of gravity. All that remained was the routing of the air lines. 0000021865 00000 n ARIES ActionTrac™ powered running boards are the next generation of power steps and lifted truck steps. Do not sell my personal information. Now I can get virtually anything for the truck now that it’s over 20 years old. Strong and rugged, this non-slip, retractable bumper step quickly flips down with the nudge of a foot providing a faster, easier and safer way to load or unload your pickup’s cargo. This was the easy part. They're perfect for large, lifted vehicles and are constructed from powder-coated aluminum. So mounting them in the rear of the truck makes the most sense. For the actuator leads, we decided to control the sidewinder steps with a switch on the center console as opposed to using the ground actuated push switches that were supplied. The actuator leads are ground activated and we connected them to one of the relays. Worry free pressure-sensitive, pinch-proof safety technology. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. This was my chance, to create a truck exactly the way I wanted, without the restrictions of the factory.

To that end, I’m pretty sure that getting the attention of other drivers will be accomplished as effectively as possible. Note: The phrase ‘police lights’ is commonly used to describe emergency vehicle lights, whether they be for fire, police, ems or other use. The AMP Research Power Step has been tested in a variety of environments and temperatures from -40F to +200F. Automatic power-deploying running boards with a low-profile integrated led light system, standard. I guess they went out of business. The step itself is wide and flat allowing for good foot placement, and in the lowered position, it extends outward 10-12" allowing occupants to take more of a natural step in or out of the vehicle. As mentioned earlier, Air Lift sent us their Easy Street Dual Paddle Valve Gauge assembly which is pre mounted in a panel meant to be mounted below the dash. Some of the major items on the list are: We knew right away that a basic cab mounted step was not going to offer the necessary assistance in getting up and into the cab of the truck. Swapping out the three speed C6 for an E4OD electronic overdrive transmission. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 1, 2013. They feature a unique, patented step-within-a-step™ design for easier, two-step access into offroad Jeeps and trucks. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. While AMP Powersteps can be installed by an experienced DIY owner they do require wiring into the vehicles electrical system, drilling holes and some adjustments after installation. When all doors are closed, Powerstep retracts up and under the truck, flush with the rocker panel, keeping step surfaces free of mud, snow and road grime.

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