The Venom is very expensive. Hagane gears are also utilized and need no further proof of effectiveness. Personally, I have never fished with either of those rods so I could not make a recommendation.

If the Saragosa has similar power, I'd go with that.

30 or 40 lb braid? He had 20 lb mono set up.

Avoid missing the Hot bite! The Shimano Spheros SW is an excellent value and is available HERE. Says something about the quality of their construction and design doesn’t it? Like the Stella and Twinpower, the Saragosa also gets the Rigid Support Drag system.

More weight reduction in this area, with 6 large aggressive-looking vertical ports, 3 per opposite sides of the spool. To contribute to the OP, I looked at the same reels, though I'm a big fan of smaller reels, I went with the 10,000.

You can see more about these saltwater reels on Shimano’s website.

The line roller was the only location heavily affected by saltwater damage.

The Shimano Saragosa SWA is out!

Share your fishing experiences with the FishingMad community.

X-Shield consists of placing a number of sealing gaskets and O-rings in critical areas of the reel to eliminate the penetration of water and sand into the reel.

This smoothness and stability are achieved with bearings supporting the main pinion gear.

After looking carefully at the Spheros, it is interesting to see that the waterproofness is on par with that of the Stela SW which is 4x the cost. PSegnatelli

He came back with my reels and said that there was virtually no saltwater intrusion at all, and he didn’t need to do much except for the normal oiling and re-grease. Good bunch of people around too and nice to meet new folks. My friend and co-guide years ago had a nice peashooter outfit with a Saragosa SW5000 which he brings with him every time he heads out on the water.

I instantly hookup, suffered for quite some time and we successfully land my 30kg specimen, which was foul hooked on the back, while everyone was recuperating after landing theirs. The overall upgrades the Saragosa received under the hood makes it incomparable in this price range. Starting by adding the AR-C spool design system. Let’s have a look at why this is one of the most recommended saltwater reels out there. Live in Tampa Bay. The Saragosas already have great waterproofing but Shimano still upped its sealing to IPX8 certification through the line roller assembly. I was scratching my head a bit when I read your response, that makes a great deal more sense now.

High-end performance without the high-end price tag. And it is great that Shimano listens to their customers and made this upgrade. The difference in the drag pressure is minimal and the smoothness and reliability are comparable.

Shimano uses 3 shielded A-RB (anti-rust) bearings that are shielded on both sides with a special coating to minimize damage by saltwater and provide an extremely smooth retrieve. Rarely a problem, but can get a bit sporty.... which is the name of the game. Pacific Travel Bubble: Will we be seeing you soon? The obvious comparison after this review is the Shimano Saragosa SW but I think that you will conclude as I have that unless you really need the slightly larger drag or the 25000 sized spools then the Spheros SW is a better deal. What excites us the most is the addition of 2 reel sizes that fit the GT popping game perfectly.

The Saragosa’s drag power is nowhere close to the Stellas at only 20lbs max on their biggest reel in the lineup (25000) compared to the Stella’s monstrous 55lb max drag rating, but we’re not comparing apples to oranges here. jimmy1956

See you soon!

I had a great experience with trees and fishes and the Ocean Blue team. High-end performance without the high-end price tag. Rest assured you’ll get the reliable drag power that we are used to. For the money, the Shimano Spheros SW is probably the best bang for the buck if you are looking for a great reel for surfcasting or offshore fishing that won’t break the bank. They are a quarter of the price of a Stella but can still make your wallet wince, but I do dare say that they might be one of the best reels for the money. The Saragosa lineup can and will probably be able to fulfill all of your saltwater fishing outfit needs. It looks like you're new here. Before I spill out all the information about the updates here in the intro, let’s just take a more detailed look at the sweet upgrades the reel just received. Your email address will not be published. Looking at the 8000 size for local yellows and tuna, maybe 20-40 lb fish. Please double check the product specifications on the packaging prior to making your purchase. Then the big guns, 20000 and 25000. 50 lb braid (been using the suffix 836 blue camo and really like it,no break offs yet on the braid).

I know plenty of guys like to use 60lb. This is important because the Saragosa 8000 size (and below) are significantly different reels than the Saragosa 14000 and 18000. Doggie for Me, Wahoo for John, Mahi for Dad and relaxing for Mum!

This allows the line to peel away from the reel with less friction due to an angled lip which will result in longer casting and fewer wind knots. These changes wouldn’t be classified as groundbreaking but more subtle changes that just make sense. The 6000 for light jigging applications for shallow water. As is so typical these days especially with the larger manufacturers like Shimano, there are several reels that are so close in terms of specs and components that you ask yourself why would they have that reel. Although built with a great design, I do implore you to care for your reels and maintain them regularly and clean them thoroughly with fresh water after each use.

The Drag.

The Shimano Saragosa is widely accepted as a favourite saltwater reel offering great affordability, reliability, and durability. Be first to receive special deals,product reviews and inspirationfrom the Ocean Blue Magazine! John has extensive guiding experience throughout Asia and... Be a Better Angler. A high performing saltwater reel without the expensive price point. It is important to note that the rotors of the 5000 – 8000 sized reels are graphite, while the larger 10000 to 25000 reels have machined aluminum rotors to help withstand more torque when battling bigger fish. The Shimano website lists 15kg max drag for the bigger 10000 and 14000 sizes, and 10kg max drag for the 5000 and 6000 sizes. flylikabird It is important to note that the rotors of the 5000 – 8000 sized reels are graphite, while the larger 10000 to 25000 reels have machined aluminum rotors to … Website Design & SEO Services by MacZin. The XT7 graphite allows the reel to be durable but more compact and slightly lighter than previous models. Read the full Shimano Stella SW Spinning Reel review HERE. Shimano Saragosa SW Spinning Reels > Back to Parent Item. The 20000 and 25000 sizes are great for big game jigging and even fishing for billfish and other large pelagic species. Having similar drag washers and similar drag system designs means that the Saragosa also offers its users a smooth and consistent drag which can be effectively utilized to stop their targeted fish.

mike - i was offering an opinion for those still learning the game, where error in the fight can have negative results. Subscribe for FREE and receive $100 off your next OB adventure. The crew were amazing at trees and fishes and couldn’t have done enough for us, some of the best hospitality I have had on my travels worldwide.

A high performing saltwater reel without the expensive price point.

The OceanBlue difference is based on offering the best sport fishing experiences in the most incredible place in the South Pacific. We get the 5000 for light casting applications, 6000 for light jigging then the 8000 for light topwater work for smaller GT and Tuna. Your email address will not be published. Shimano’s cold forged gears deliver longer-lasting smoothness and strength without the weight. Shimano have prevented water intrusion by designing a series of interlocking lips where the spool and rotor meet, with grease applied at the very last innermost lip preventing water intrusion. BrianBM The Tica Talisman is a smaller reel that packs many original features, and for years it has proven to be a tough and dependable reel.

They continue to use cross carbon drag washers to provide great performance at an affordable price point.

I like to be a little lighter and sportier and my kids will be using these reels too, so lighter weight will be nice for them. These reels are dedicated to the Blue Water angler, and are perfect to tackle the toughest species and conditions with elegance and power. Still using it now to chase GT and Tuna offshore and have experienced no problems with it apart from replacing the line roller bearing once. Learn how your comment data is processed. We will have them posted on the FishingMad website and social media pages to share with other FishingMad community members. The Shimano Saragosa SW Spinning reels are saltwater reels made to be durable with new "Cam" oscillation system.

What size will you get? The Saragosa has what Shimano calls the Cross Carbon drag which again, the Stellas and the Twin Powers have as well.

The Saragosa is the VALUE king when it comes to the heavy-duty saltwater fishing world.

I had a great experience with trees and fishes and the Ocean Blue team.

I have a Saragosa that’s been given to me by a friend of mine which he had since 2013.

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