SCANDAL: Al Mohler Just Fired SBC Professor Who Stood Against Marxism & CRT, who claimed he suffers from feelings of white supremacy, Strange Defeat: China is beating America and our dysfunction is helping, BOMBSHELL: Fired Professor’s Family Breaks Their Silence about Mohler and SBTS,, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler Just FIRED Four Conservative Profs,, Three reasons every Christian should vote for Donald Trump in 2020, Victory: Donald Trump gives Evangelicals huge win with Amy Coney Barrett, ALERT: SBC Professor says ‘totally cool’ if Christians vote Joe Biden, John MacArthur’s lawyer blasts LA Times for ‘fear-mongering’ & ‘misleading’ readers. image/svg+xml. Some students, however opted to take different professors, making his classes smaller.

If we do not get God right, I won't have much confidence in other matters. The quality of writing here is middle school.

I affirm my SBTS colleagues and the others I know to be exceedingly fine Christians in purity of life and doctrine. Al Mohler isn’t what you think he is. The staff cuts at SBTS happened the day after this meeting. I bear no ill will toward SBTS over my layoff. This is why Randy Adams in his SBC presidential platform called to end the use of NDAs within SBC entities. Virtually all subsequent translations more accurately render εἶδος as “form” or “kind” (e.g., NASB, NIV).

My own quick take is that some criticisms of Mohler/SBTS are legitimate, but to then act as if these men are heretics or enemies of the Gospel is to go from a man offering a faithful correction to a shrieking man of division and discord.

These are good respectable men, but not viewed as the best teachers. In short, both "sides" need to go to their rooms and not come out until they work out their own issues. This too, is forbidden by the Law/Word of God. If SBC Elites have nothing to hide, then why require NDAs? It’s really good.

Had your article included any references to anything that made you look credible, you might have reached a bigger crowd. As I have written elsewhere, I am not a baptist, I do not share many theological ideas with Albert Mohler and other leading Reformed Baptist voices, and I also have my own fair share of criticisms of Mohler, the ERLC, and other figures in that arena.

However, I want to offer a word of correction to those chomping at the bit for a scandal.

I am truly sorry for those who read this and are swayed by your ignorance and apparent lack of knowledge…and wisdom. I do have grave concerns with the fundamentalist crowd as many have adopted heterodox, ahistorical, and anti-creedal views on the Godhead. I won't link to them as I don't want to add to their traffic. It isn’t very Christian to hide in the dark. I am a student at Southern and have another take on this situation. Responding to a question from Baptist Press, Mohler declined to provide details on the number and nature of faculty and staff layoffs, saying the “implementation is still underway” in some cases, and that he wanted to respect private personnel situations. Aren’t Christians called to abstain from even an appearance of evil? His passion is Hebrew! It’s sad that some of your readers will take you with higher authority than they do the Scriptures. I have also been laid off before, and though I can speculate on why I was chosen instead of someone else, professionalism and Christian charity would forbid me from speaking my speculations and feelings in such a way that warms the reputation of another person or institution. Staff and faculty layoffs were part of this cut and included me. To besmirch them in this way is to reveal ignorance and/or dishonesty. They in no way form or fashion promote CRT. I also strongly disagee with Mohler’s idea of voting for our unfit and adulterous president. That sends a very clear message. Mohler is purging conservatives.”. This is a pathetic excuse for anything resembling journalism and lacks basic credibility, primary interviews, citation, sourcing on and on. Sadly, many companies are either dramatically cutting staff or closing altogether.

We know that the budget and staff cuts were a decision of the Board of Trustees and not a rogue act of Mohler or Hall. The other professors were described as bulwarks of conservativism. And he’s done nothing publicly to rebuke Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) Provost Matthew Hall—who claimed he suffers from feelings of white supremacy—or reprimand others who similarly promote racial identity politics like Jarvis Williams and Curtis Woods. ), you would know better (my own assumption) . It should go without saying that this social media post should be taken with a grain of salt.

If you think SBTS only has four conservative professors, I have some beautiful oceanfront property in Oklahoma to sell you. SBTS’ 2019-20 budget ($53.2 million) will be trimmed by $16 million, to $37.2 million, for 2020-21. Claims are being made that the remaining professors are "liberal" or "Marxist" and that this amounts to a "purging" of conservatism at SBTS. Also, NDAs are standard anytime you give severance pay and are actually required by law in some states. The Ninth Commandment also forbids "[prejudicing] the good name of our neighbors." I will speak out against the SBC from now on. Lastly, Mohler terminated one specific conservative–someone who signed the Dallas Statement. While other professors are more loving and pastoral toward their students, he is less so. This group of conservative professors stood against the leftward drift of the Southern Baptist Convention. We can have our concerns and I am in agreement about CRT being evil and that the SBC needs to be very careful, but many comments above are in danger of looking at a brother and calling him “fool.” (Matt 5:22).

I think at the end of the day, your witty and shoddy attempt at an article is misleading. No doubt you are a fanboy of Mohler employing Matthew “I’ve got feelings of white supremacy” Hall. Because it is standard in secular employment doesn’t mean it is desirable in the church. Branton you use the same phrase all radical anti-God anti-White fools seem to think is so clever,”dumpster fire”.Dumpster fire is such a stupid descriptive.As far as this site,its great.They give information on things your Satanic side prefer remain hidden.If you want middle school writing try Rep Hank Johnson or Rep Sheila Jackson Lee who I’m sure you adore. Mohler fired the guy who literally wrote the textbook everyone else uses. Tuesday, three Southern Baptist Theological Seminary professors were laid off. Some of the comments above were appauling. ... October 31, 2020. Responding to a question from Baptist Press, Mohler declined to provide details on the number and nature of faculty and staff layoffs, saying the “implementation is still underway” in some cases, and that he wanted to respect private personnel situations.

The idea that those remaining are heterodox shocked and angered me. It could turn out to be a devious plot, but we should be much slower in coming to that conclusion than those spending all of their energy eager to cause further strife and division.

And if you guessed that the men’s severance package including salary and health benefits would be tied to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), then you’d be right. It is even more so understandable given that this professor, Dr. Russell T. Fuller, has reportedly had a theological dispute with Provost Matthew Hall. Follow and Support Me Here.

And he was extremely tough! Before day’s end other bloggers repeated the falsehoods, but none consulted me regarding any of their content. The rest of the piece got worse, presenting many Southern Baptists I love and respect as if they were heretics.

These errors on such a vital topic feed into many other theological and social issues. If you don’t then this is just gossip and the Bible warns against that. It is true that Fuller wrote the book that I and many other Hebrew students have used.

Secrecy is unbecoming of God’s people and only breeds rumors and makes us look like a cult. Due to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary made the difficult decision this week to cut its budget by 30%. Southern Seminary offers gospel-centered, theologically-grounded training for ministry. Regardless of your view or the side you take in this SBC kerfuffle, we should understand a few things about the Ninth Commandment. ", We know that one of the professors (who is supposed to be a victim of persecution) is taking a strong stance against the fundamentalist uproar, We know that the staff cuts were made along with major budget cuts and restructuring. As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him, knowing that such a person is warped and sinful; he is self-condemned.

To besmirch them in this way is to reveal ignorance and/or dishonesty. These layoffs come on the heels of Monday's (4/20/2020) executive meeting of the SBTS Board of Trustees. To assume evil intent on these brothers and sisters is sin. According to Tim Dukeman, “Something you might not know because you didn’t go to SBTS: Fuller WROTE the textbook that most of the Hebrew profs use. This is often done because of a predisposition to think wrongly of someone you are at loggerheads with. In other words, Mohler fired the only faculty member at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on record condemning Critical Race Theory by supporting the Dallas Statement while keeping the progressives on staff. Help the Persecuted Church: Equipping and Training our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters to heal and rebuild. Access Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote online or install it on up to 5 PCs or Macs.

“Economics.” lol. Can you share definitive proof that this is the reason they were fired? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. All of these men are strong conservative voices who have publicly criticized identity politics and the social justice movements. Mohler is purging conservatives. SBTS has the stats backing up which classes students take with certain professors. Further, considering this, I doubt your assertion that it is “required” is accurate: The idea that those remaining are heterodox shocked and angered me. Something about a camel and a gnat comes to mind, and I think both have a bit more than a gnat to fit through that needle (Matthew 23:24). Therefore it might be helpful to understand Paul as saying, “Avoid malum in se.” If Christians were actually supposed to avoid all “appearances” of evil, we have to ask, “appearances in who’s mind?” “Appearances” expands the concept of evil far beyond the objective examples in Scripture to anyone’s ideal of what, subjectively, “looks evil.” It is time to put an end to a common but inaccurate understanding of εἶδος lest we find ourselves straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel. This is analysis.

A fourth may be laid off soon, but his employment status is not yet definite. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

Still, I have heard he is absolutely brilliant and I was hoping to take at least one class from him. Have fun trying to defend the dumpster fire that is the SBC. This includes the dissemination of tabloid articles filled with sensational conjecture, speculation, and click-bait hype.

They can and should continue to use Fuller’s book. I wonder if you know how many students took Fuller’s classes. Were these specific layoffs unrighteously motivated by a theological or political bias?

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