The Tough Rake explains itself by simply being a tough version of a rake.

The Trail Boss uses alloy connectors that slot, and then thread together. Meet the 70AR – “Travis Tool” This multi-purpose tool is built for hard work, whether it’s removing brush from a trail or digging out roots and rocks. The 575G is perfect for those backyard gardens. Ideally, it is carried with the tines pointing toward the ground for safety, with a sheath over the cutting edge. The Trail Tool is their take on the classic McLeod or fire rake. A McLeod tool (or rakehoe) is a two-sided blade—one a rake with coarse tines, one a flat sharpened hoe —on a long, wooden handle. $ 69.95 – $ 75.95. The Tough Rake, like the Trail Tool (above) is made in the UK from the same materials and uses the same tapered handle design. ADDRESS: 4360 Bado Rd. Trusted by wildland firefighters around the world, our innovative tools have earned their keep on the fire line. It’s also great for digging out roots and rocks. It is a standard[1] tool during wildfire suppression and trail restoration. The light head meant that it bounced off hard terrain.

Gardeners everywhere rely on our Rogue Hoe Scuffle Hoe and Hand Hoe. For example, you could take the saw and rake to clear branches and leaves to get your trail started. On one side, you have the 70H head and on the opposite side you have our Rake. The head measures 4″ x 6″ (W x H) and is sharp on 3 sides. It is a standard tool during wildfire suppression and trail restoration. It uses slightly thicker 5mm steel and sports a smaller head. Your garden (and your back) will thank you! The head includes a 5.5˝ Rogue Hoe on one end with a 4.5˝ axe on the other. On the flipside, it. No firefighting arsenal is complete without one. Some McLeod[4] tools are made with a removable blade to partially mitigate this problem. Are you a trailbuilder or visionary who is frustrated by subpar tools that weren’t built for real work? !” The craftsmanship is better than I could expect and makes butter out of The hard rocky soil up here in the mountains. Designed for the wildland firefighter, this Pulaski-style tool is built tough to stand up to rigorous field use. The raked side is good for shifting dirt and doesn't seem to catch on small roots much, and the smooth edge is perfect for shaping and carving. More Details. Rogue Hoe’s legendary, tempered steel blade stands up to the toughest use, and features a … [2], The McLeod was originally designed to rake fire lines with the teeth and cut branches and sod with the sharpened hoe edge. Our selection of long and short handle hoes will make any gardener happy! • Not sharp or pointed enough for hard terrain. A tapered handle is needed and can be purchased from BTR with a Bellota wooden handle in a choice of 120 or 140cm lengths. Look no further! Great product, great company!”, “I bought a scuffle hoe and a regular 4″ hoe, and I will never buy another brand as long as I live.

Use this handy tool on the fire line, building a trail, in construction, or even building a road. Find the Rogue Hoe for You All our tools are Made in America and designed to last a lifetime. The mass distribution makes it difficult to carry in this orientation consistently. The 70AR is built for removing brush from a trail or small locust trees or cedars from a pasture.

They also produce a nice line in handmade steel frames. Leave a message and we will return your call. The combination tool was created in 1905 by Malcolm McLeod, a United States Forest Service ranger at the Sierra National Forest. Due to high order volume, we are experiencing delays in fulfilling orders and answering emails. It weighs about 5 to 5½ lbs. 40F – 4″ Field Hoe . Description A highly-requested Rogue Hoe, this tool is actually two of our hoes combined into one! The head measures 11½” x 6″ (W x H). With a total weight of nearly 7kg, carrying all the tools in a pack (walking or riding) is heavy work and I found it's best to head off for the day with a couple of heads for certain tasks you have in mind.

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