It’s also been fun and exciting to get to go into the booth with people like Fred Willard, Joel McHale, Neil Patrick Harris, and of course, Weird Al. Sean had been out of town, we sat him down the moment he walked in the door and made him watch it. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. So, what are your top 3 picks for Official RiffTrax and what are your top 3 picks for iRiffs, sold on or off the RiffTrax website. It’s the quintessential movie we should avoid (I say all this never having seen it): full of “action” scenes of stuff blowing up, long as hell, and nobody cares about it. Conor Lastowka: There are funny moments my wife will come home or we’ll get together with friends after work and talk about what we did that day, and after a doctor friend has talked about an autopsy they did where they pulled the lungs out of a cadavers chest, it’s always fun to say, “Well, I watched a grown man in a Bunny suit nearly crash a fire truck full of kids at Pirates World.” Ice Cream Bunny would have probably been into that cadaver story, actually. Ice Cream Bunny was a great moment. Someone should cut together jokes from those 17 hours and construct a track for the last one. Apparently there's a short film which shows two teachers arranging the furniture within a classroom for half an hour. RiffWiki: Thanks so much for talking with us today. RiffTrax Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. How to sync Just the Jokes I always felt like the guy unjamming the Malibu Stacy head dispenser when I would send out a collection of Good Ship Lollipop DVDs to some delighted 80 year old woman. Is it a committee thing, is it a do as the benevolent and gracious El Presidente Mike ever-so-politely demands thing? RiffWiki: What's the most bizarre thing you've come across when looking for movies? It's a fun way to see the different tastes in riffs people have, but it also provides content for the "Notes" sections of the riff pages.

Okay fine I'll do one for ToonFanJoey then. Rifftrax - Setting Up a Room I love that stuff like this exists. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Conor Lastowka: RiffTrax used to be part of a company called Legend Films, which colorized movies. It was so exciting. Let's hear the Gone Whalin' origin story. We were able to hunt down, tie up and water-board long-time RiffTrax writer, Conor Lastowka, until he agreed to answer our damn questions! We didn’t know exactly what people would want to watch, but the general thinking was that if people had the DVD on their shelf, they’d be more inclined to watch the RiffTrax. Writing a riff script has to be one of the most unique forms of writing there is. Just set aside a whole day to watch stuff and check it off the list. Yes, but for most of these, you got to get the movies yourselves AKA for the commentaries part.

Give in to the block-putting-away. RiffWiki: What's the writing process like? It’s really bad, and not in the ways you’d think, if you haven’t seen it. Something was off with the sprockets on the film, so the first time Mike and I watched it, it played through completely out of focus. Like one of those Magic Eye images, you may have to stare at it for a little while before its brilliance snaps into place.

Even if you have a hard drive meltdown, you can always log back into the site and re-download all of your previous purchases. Conor Lastowka: First of all, thank YOU for your support and enthusiasm for the book! Conor Lastowka: I’ve never heard that about Battleship, but I can unequivocally state that we will never do Battleship. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. I really wanted to be done from about 20% in, but had all sorts of subplots and adventures I wanted to write about. Directed by Rowena Shoemaker. We can adjust if something great comes up, we don’t have to worry about a script getting held up by standards and practices, we just make what we want and then put it up for people to watch. When we’re staring at a moment for a live show that just seems uncrackable, we’ll eventually head back to our own separate rooms and all pitch jokes on our own time. The Room. First, what is the selection process like? Cool! So now Rifftrax have tackled it. You have to think of hundreds of new jokes every week, based on new characters and situations. As an independent company, we can do whatever the hell we want. Menu. If so, then the floor is yours, good sir. It couldn't have been easy, but you did it and it's great. And the Sketchfest performances that I’ve attended have been pretty special. It may not be for everyone. Please "like" and subscribe. For our Download and Stream products, you can stream the product to your computer or to your TV via Chromecast, or download to a device that can play the MP4 file format. Then at some point while I was mulling this all over and jotting down notes, I read a great book called “The Art of Fielding” which has a fairly prominent Melville connection, and it seemed like a decent enough sign to pursue the whaling thing. That was at the height of Breaking Bad mania, tossing out a line and having Saul kick it around and make that little tweak that makes it that much funnier. How’s that for a tease? Since all my answers were so long, I’ll give you a short answer for this one: I worked at a ‘real’ job. When we started to realize that we could cut the 16mm films with scissors and dump them into the garbage, instead of screening them all the way to the end and then rewind them, that was a big time saver.

If such a list exists, and if you are at liberty to say, what is on it and why? P.S. We still watched the whole thing. RiffWiki: Alright, Gone Whalin' time. I was motivated to write something longer and more substantial for a couple of reasons. I enjoyed the Star Wars original trilogy, it was really fun for me to get to put our own spin on those. We have an awesome interview this week that will appeal to any RiffTrax fan. Highlights from the Rifftrax short film Setting Up a Room. There are a couple things I am working on. About mid-2011, we started to see a shift in focus away from Blockbusters right about the time Star Trek II and Crater Lake Monster were riffed. I’ve wrote the words, we just need the pictures, which take a shitload longer than the words. And every few years I’d start thinking “How bad could this Child Bride movie really be?” and make people take a look at it. What compels you to be creative? Thanks! I got it. #3 There's no money in it. You're missing about 44 stars (*) by now.

So that really challenges your creativity. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all.

I had got a job there as a production assistant, which meant I did a little bit of everything: helping on the colorizing and restoration, editing for their DVDs, shipping out Shirley Temple DVDs to old people since Legend ran her website. What do NTSC or PAL mean? Is it something like Setting Up A Room or David and Hazel, or is it something none of us has even heard about? Something was off with the sprockets on the film, so the first time Mike and I watched it, it played through completely out of focus.

For a long time, I'm collecting movies and the Rifftrax commentaries so I can laugh at. I think it took people by surprise, understandable since it has literally nothing to do with Christmas.

- Bill Corbett, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

To attempt to explain anything more about it would be an act of futility. RiffTrax - Twilight Breaking Dawn pt 1 - Trailer!-0, RiffTrax - Twilight Breaking Dawn pt 1 - Trailer!-1, RiffTrax - Twilight Breaking Dawn pt 1 - Trailer!-2, RiffTrax - Twilight Breaking Dawn pt 1 - Trailer!-3, RiffTrax - Twilight Breaking Dawn pt 1 - Trailer!-1403144837, RiffTrax - Twilight Breaking Dawn pt 1 - Trailer!-1403145396, Our greatest fear was that the conversion people wouldn’t be able to fix it. My response?

Own this DRM-free video to download and stream! Birdemic Shock and Terror! They all just started to run together. We usually try to plan out everything a month or two.

Is there anything else you'd like to say, anything you'd like to plug or anybody who's sister you'd like to call something so filthy that to even think of the word it makes you dry heave? @RiffTrax brings a mix of martial arts and laughter to your screen Gather the family for a Sunday night of fun when #FITE pr. I’m not sure how this had never come up before, but immediately it was like “Of course we should do that, that would be really fun and tons of people would want to see that.” So we got a copy, started working on it a few days later, and it was probably up on the site within two or three weeks. And there are tons of weird surprises and plot twist along the way. It really spelled out how identical so many of these action movies are. Buy your movies on Amazon and help RiffTrax. The Rifftrax Crew v. Setting Up A Room. It works, you’ll eventually think of something funny, but it takes a long time. Karate Kid III has the greatest villain in film history, and is a must for any fans of bansai trees. And, last but not least, Cat Women of the Moon. And of course, Rifftrax is a sequel series made by the same guys from this series. Leave me alone!!!

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