If one can be guaranteed strong flushing chukars, they work well, too, and are a bit less expensive than hen pheasants. Chukar Partridge where imported from Western China and live in the wild in Wyoming,Utah, Idaho, and similar environments. For many years we’ve caught pigeons at night using flashlight, net and burlap sack, helping to supplement our pigeon pen stock. Not any new revelation, it takes birds to make birddogs.

Birds, birds, birds—but used in the proper sequence, with gentle introduction, and sensible progression—will develop your pointing dog into the one you’ve dreamed of! Bob and Jody have trained pointing dogs for over 35 years and have written many articles for The Pointing Dog Journal.

by RichK » Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:31 pm, Post

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If you have this particular pup, remember our Ranger, and make the effort to introduce your pup to quail. Pheasants are big and beautiful and yield more table fare but they are costly and they require a lot of space and a lot of feed. Tried to find the link but couldn't. Also available are small, portable wire recall cages that can be taken with you to training areas. Chukars are a good choice to raise and work well for dog training. by Boolywooger » Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:40 am, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. Make sure this account has posts available on instagram.com. Chukars are hearty birds.

Quail and pigeons are good choices for most young pups.

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The more birds the better, wild birds even better. The side panels are also 1.5″stock but they are covered with galvanized chicken wire.

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For many pointing dog enthusiasts new to the game, pigeons are the most easily available.

I also race the pigeons so I'm more invested in them. Quail, on the other hand, will often come back down, to be found again by the young pupil. Pigeons and hen pheasants are the traditional birds used for training flushing dogs. We have pheasant and chukar partridge available for pick up to train your dog.

by Max2 » Fri Aug 29, 2014 4:17 am, Post Adult bird orders are by contract only, we do keep some adult birds for dog training purposes and stop in hunters. by birddog1968 » Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:49 pm, Post Plus, once we are shooting birds over our young dog, chukars make delicious dinners. Several birds can be left in the portable cage while others are used for training, and the birds in the field will usually recall back to the portable pen. Chukars also do well in bird pens. This method is widely practiced by southwestern quail hunters and is being increasingly adopted by chukar hunters [ 12 ]. Chukars themselves don’t really weigh anything so the pen basically only has to support its own …

Great set up!!!

The chick's are put in there until ready to go outside.

They don’t cackle and won’t spur a pup if crippled.

I train bird dogs.

NEW NOTICE: The Upland Journal Board Software has been Upgraded and is on a newer Cloud Server, but the Board will remain Offline while it is tested and put through its Administration/Moderator paces, and adjustments and issues are resolved. If you have some good homing pigeons and only use blank guns in training with them, they will recall to their pens, once well-acclimated, and you’ll enjoy many seasons of use with them. We also throw spinach and stuff in the pen for them. The common pigeon is likely the most economical and possibly the easiest to attain if you are acquainted with a few farmers who would like to lower the pigeon population in their sheds and barns. My dog is long since trained so it's very rare I use my birds in training now.

Be sure to sprinkle baby chick grit on the feed for 3 days then in its own container. Over the years I’ve raised quail, chukar, and pheasant and so far, I’ve found that chukar are the best compromise.

A bonus is that they lay beautiful speckled eggs that make super cool Easter eggs when colored. I couldn't remember but this sounds correct.

U of NC comes to mind. This will excite the pups into chasing them and generate that first spark of enthusiasm that will fan into a lifelong love of birds. Quail, like pigeons, will recall readily back to the pen, as long as other birds remain in the pen to call them back. Pointing Dog Pointers features monthly training tips by Bob and Jody Iler, who own Green Valley Kennels in Dubuque, Iowa. ↳ Training ↳ Health and Nutrition ↳ Hunting ↳ Brags ↳ Product Ratings & Reviews ↳ GDF "Hall of Fame" Posts; General Information ↳ Events ↳ Guns and Ammo ↳ Polls ↳ Legislation & Hunting Rights ↳ Tributes to the Departed ↳ Wild Game Recipes ↳ Horses; Trading Post - BUY/SELL/TRADE/SEEK ↳ Submit Your GUN DOG Site Finally, we’ll progress to pheasants as the last step in our bird training program, but even then, we’ll use hen pheasants first. No, they don’t taste like chicken.It is roughly 30′ long and 8′ wide built of a free-standing design. Quail have a gamey scent that pups, once introduced to them, will not forget. If you are interested in these products, by clicking on the link you will help support Yankee Hunter .

I've watched his birds in trials a number of years and they are the best flying spookiest birds I ever saw. Use 2 one gallon waterers for 100 chicks. foot per 6 chicks for the first 12 days and 1 foot per 3 chicks up to 6 weeks old, then 2 sq. by Carolina Gundogs » Fri Aug 29, 2014 2:23 pm, Post Pigeon coops can be built and located unobtrusively in neighborhood backyards as well as country homes.

I tended to pack my birds because as soon as they were becoming mature they were leaving my flight pen.

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