I have owned about 7 different compact tractors over 15 years. R4 Composite Worksite: The middle child in the tire lineup, the R4 is best used on hard ground. If traction is a big concern you may want to consider r1s. It’s important to consider your overall property conditions and the attachments This means that some functionality may not work as intended. Fill out our request form to contact us about rentals. If you’d prefer to buy used, you can always check out our tractor tire inventory online. 215/70R16. Not sure? This allows the tire to wear evenly so it lasts longer. 2-door 4wd. Does anyone know where I … © The Papé Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Inspect your vehicle's registration documents. Being wider, they offer a larger surface area, which spreads the overall pounds per square inch. I can't seem to find R4 type tires in 6x12 and 9.5x16, the sizes specified for my 855. No matter what, you can feel confident that you are getting a good deal on a great R-4 tractor tire if you are buying from Tires Easy. We'd love to hear your feedback! Please try again later. Not sure? Look inside your driver’s side door. Tractor tire sizes can be written in many different ways, and can become very confusing to … R4; SIZE: PLY RATING: OVERALL DIAMETER (Inches) TREAD DEPTH (Inches) MAX PSI: MAX LOAD CAPACITY @ 18 PSI: TIRE WEIGHT (Pounds) PART # 28 / 9R-14: 8: 28.2: 1.75: 18.0: 1002 lbs. At Papé Machinery Ag & Turf, our parts team typically ask the following questions before making a tractor tire recommendation: Being equipped with answers to these questions will assure a quick diagnosis by the parts team to tell which tractor tire is right for you. Check your vehicle's owners manual . Highlight local Pape offers, dealers, and inventory by entering your ZIP code. There was an error with your Synchrony CAR CARE Payment. This tire is commonly used by contractors, landscapers, and now home owners as an all-purpose tractor tire. Really, you need to elaborate. Most vehicle models have different tire sizes depending the model and year. Set your zip code to see accurate shipping costs and estimated delivery date when viewing tires. They’ll help you become a tire tread expert in no time. Papé® is a registered trademark of The Papé Group, Inc. John Deere Lawn & Garden Tractor Brochures from 1960, 1970, 1980, & 1990’s. I am looking to replace R4 tires and rims with R1 tires/rims. Most vehicle models have different tire sizes depending the model and year. Many stores carry these types of tires, including tire shops, Ag supply stores, and even big box stores like Walmart.

Tires Easy carries a great selection of R-4 tires from some of the most trusted names in the industry, including Goodyear, Titan, Carlisle, and Advance, along with discount tire brands for a lower price. Please enter your vehicle information, here are some tips of where you can find them: Check the rear of your vehicle. 39.6: 209-1825: 30 / 9R-14: 8: 30.2: 1.75: 18.0: 1134 lbs. While this means less stress on the tire, you are giving up some … Please try again or click the Checkout button! JavaScript is disabled. R3 tires are generally known as “turf” tires and are most commonly found on the golf course or the typical riding mower.

In 2wd, the R4 tire will be no more damaging to a lawn than a R3. If the promotional purchase amount is not paid in full within months, interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date and your total payments will be greater than the amount of the promotional purchase amount. Contact us.

Trying to decide on the right mower attachment for your compact tractor? R3 tires, also known as turf tires, are designed to minimize turf damage with their shallower tread depth.

Repairing problems on a 42″ cut john Deere deck, Repairing Charging System – John Deere 175 Lawn Tractor, 5 Tips on Troubleshooting a Deere Lawnmower, Troubleshooting John Deere 160 PTO Switch, Engine Service Tips – John Deere 100 Series, Oil in your Fuel? Does your John Deere 1026R or 1023E have hood issues? 44.7: 209-1850: 35 / 9R-20: 8: 35.2: 1.75: 18.0: 1236 lbs. R3 tires are also the widest of the three to help provide a large ground contact patch to yield a large traction area to the ground. Do you intend to use your tractor for pavement work? R1 tires also are the narrowest of the three. These tires are often a good choice for compact tractors that will primarily be used for mowing or when working around your lawn or garden. Please wait while we find the fastest shipping & best rates. How to Read Tires Tire Tread Depth Tire Size Meaning FAQ. Bear in mind though, one can still do damage to the lawn if the wheel is allowed to spin. The R1 tire is the “agricultural” tread which is the most aggressive in providing excellent traction and is superior in the field and muddy conditions.
Most John Deere tractors can be fitted with any of the three tread options, but that doesn’t mean just any tire will do. Check out our episode of The Toolkit, where our equipment expert, Sawyer Meek, runs through the tire options we mentioned and explains specific property matches and use-cases for each. We pride ourselves on having the best selection of quality new tires with top name brands. Please enter your vehicle information, here are some tips of where you can find them: Check the rear of your vehicle. By far, the r3 turf out perform the bar tires in the lake, on the snow, and dry dirt.. the ride and clearance is much better also. A wide variety of r4 tire sizes options are available to you, such as type, certification. I can't seem to find R4 type tires in 6x12 and 9.5x16, the sizes specified for my 855. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within months. Finally, R-4 tires are built for durability and are puncture-resistant, making them longer-lasting than most other R series tires. Fill out our request form to contact us about service. It has large, shallow, closely spaced lugs that provide traction and is still easy on the lawn.
On a hobby farm and lake lot. Turf tires are grass friendly and tend not to tear the ground up, especially in soft wet conditions. Papé Machinery is open for business during COVID-19. Minimum monthly payments required. In this guide to tractor tires, we’ll cover the three most common varieties used today, which conditions each type is best suited to, and where you can buy these tires. 79 Posts .

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