Aristotle believed that justice consist of giving each person his or her due” [ (Jay.S, 2013) ]. United States Department of, Police Use of Force. Additional materials, such as the best quotations, synonyms and word definitions to make your writing easier are However, for the past years, many people have questioned the use of excessive force and other forms of misconducts among police officers.
0000003659 00000 n Cole, Tyler. Get a verified writer to help you with Police Use of Force. If an officer is already lacking good moral judgment when faced with a dangerous situation they may over-react to it if they know there are no consequences for their actions. This is a perfect example of society losing faith in our Criminal Justice System they see the proof of what the Officers had done wrong yet they hw were not held accountable for their actions. Police officers like those who beat Rodney King should be punished and made an example of. In this case, the topic of discussion being on police brutality, the following example can be a good opening statement. Essay, 2 pages. 0000004330 00000 n 0000006638 00000 n Stuart, F. (2011). When looking at today’s society and if you go back as far as there is written proof the court systems and law enforcement rules and regulations have grown and developed into more evolved court system and law enforcement for society to follow. In today’s society there is always someone watching and often with some type of recording device recording all actions of Law Enforcement to catch them in an unfavorable situation. Body Cameras Can Provide Truthful Evidence In Judicial Cases, Ask Writer For 0000025352 00000 n (1993). It is not ethical to hurt someone just because you have the power to. Argumentive Essay And Thesis Statement On Police Brutality. Academic writing is conducted in several sets of forms and genres, normally in an impersonal and dispassionate tone, targeted for a critical and informed audience, based on closely investigated knowledge, and intended to reinforce or challenge concepts or arguments. This model “addresses the traditional duties of policing in the context of specific neighborhood problems and includes several segments on the use of force.” (United).

Today’s society there are often electrical devices that capture uses of force which are often used against Law Enforcement, these devices often capture a use of force that had gone bad like in the Rodney King case for example .

0000022635 00000 n (756), 4.9 "Police … The Misuse of authority like in the case against Chief Charlie Beck in the Los Angeles Police Department the outcome and concerns with a case like this. 0000004517 00000 n Essay, 17 pages.

3rd edition. trailer <<5B671C71BFB2480BB608386949118834>]/Prev 128299>> startxref 0 %%EOF 56 0 obj <>stream The ethical or unethical use of force is determined by the community, society, and often a judge and jury. It also appears to makes the police officer look untrustworthy and uncontrollable. We have ethical responsibility s citizens to follow the rules and regulation of our count try and they s Law Enforcement Officers have n ethical obligation to lead by example. (457), 4.9 They took themselves and placed themselves above what society feels to be acceptable and they broke that trust.
Excessive force is common during military operations or when handling suspected criminals. (2013). 0000054084 00000 n The New Zealand police for the last 30 years has faced an unfriendly and an unprofessional police culture that has infringed on both the rights of fellow police offices and those of the society as a whole. Police officers act as citizens protectors, police officers ensure everyone is safe by maintaining law and order. Beck is being accused of not punishing police officers who have used excessive force. 0000009171 00000 n After completing the first part of the essay, the author should take his mind off and relax before re-reading the paper again. The body paragraph of an essay can be divided into three main paragraphs depending on how extensive the author wants to describe the problem. In his discussion, Goodwin looked at two scenarios wherein perspective was influenced by three elements: coding schemes, highlighting, and articulation of graphic representations.

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