She may say maybe you might want to put a bird over there, or maybe brighten that area up a bit. The other area of the website is my art licensing section for manufacturers and companies who license, or want to license, my art. The scenic artwork that I am known for is realistic, colorful, peaceful, and full of life. $1.6 Million Mini Biography. I like to move around! We’ve dreamed up many products during those informal meetings. After starting a family, I turned to freelance work and found my real calling when I was blessed with a commission to paint the Stations of the Cross for my church in California. For realistic coloring and shading of people I try to emulate Norman Rockwell and Michelangelo. I believe that their love and encouragement was the thing that helped me choose a career in art.

Often I use my photography to inspire and for reference. Continue creating art for as long as the LORD wants me to! We call it Heartwarming Art. Your email address will not be published. Working with Tina the past 10 years has been wonderful! I’m very proud to say that home girl got the job! What inspires you? I would have to say seeing my artwork on products being sold on the QVC television network, and seeing thousands of them sell out within minutes.

I am most proud of creating the Stations of the Cross for St Dennis Catholic Church in California. They are such a great team and part of the Crown Point Family! From a very young age, I had a love and appreciation for art. I have painted forever, but when I was thirty-five I took classes at the local college. Influences come from many areas – your parents, your life experiences and interests, your education and teachers, and other artists’ work that you admired growing up. I am currently working on a series of paintings for jigsaw puzzles, and a few Christmas scenes for lighted canvas prints, which will then also be available for Christmas cards, and other products. We continue to license and promote Liz’s work with her “Santa’s” being a customer favorite. Not all of your work can appeal to everyone or be used on every product. The Richter Group. Several years later we visited her studio and licensed another 36 pieces. Seriously, because of technology, we can send art in minutes, anywhere around the world …and we do. Her first successes within Crown Point were with her topiary pieces. Like flowers and birds in the garden, waves and seashells at the beach, and all the things in creation that inspire me. They were used in the church scenes. My ability to paint light and shadows the way I do plays an important part in the unique look of my paintings. Mostly from nature. I paint things that are familiar and comfortable, be it still life or landscape. This design quickly became a best seller for Crown Point Graphics and continues to be a favorite in the Christmas line today. I knew I wanted to be an artist ever since I was very young. Pat Richter Winter Family Snowman Lamp: $28. He captured the New England Nautical look that met the customer need. There’s a ton of great artists out there!

I would spend the day with Michelangelo watching him paint the Sistine Chapel, help him clean his brushes, get him water (or a cannoli), anything to be there and witness the creation of that masterpiece. From that point on, I knew what my life’s work was supposed to be, to use God’s gift to the best of my abilities. Crown Point Graphics was introduced to Pat Richter in 2007. She works from her home studio – a place she calls “the glass box on the hill”. I think that my personal favorite work would be my “Tiny Ballerinas.” It’s a card design from my Sarah’s Garden Collection with Leanin’ Tree.

They are in touch with artwork trends and willing to customize designs to fit Crown Point Graphics’ needs. Mike Bursaw was introduced to Liz Goodrick Dillon through Landauer Publishing in 2005. I pride myself on customer service and making sure the manufacturers I work with are happy is my number one priority. I am sure that I will always stay inspired and creative as an artist, and I will continue make art as long as I can. From the birds I feed on our deck, to the beautiful plants and flowers that Pam planted in our gardens, the clouds in the sky, a beautiful sunset… you name it. We are offered them to re-rent the property, but they just ignored!

The type of artwork that companies have come to expect from me. If you could spend a day with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do? Collaborating with my son Jesse, who is my business partner, has had a profound impact on the direction my work has taken. I really love to express myself through art. It was so incredibly fun to see all of my friend’s babies interacting with my cute, colorful, silly animals at changing time. Do the research, buy the right materials and listen to advice and critiques. It’s very near and dear to my heart. We work together in our in home studio. I’m always very enthusiastic about new projects and I truly hope that my art brings a little joy to anyone who has the opportunity to see it. The designs are much simpler than cards I have painted in the past. Pat Richter body measurments, height, weight and age details.

I plan to get my art more recognized in more mediums. Crown Point’s owner, Mike Bursaw, has been a wonderful mentor throughout Dona’s career and we can’t thank him enough for all the encouragement and sound advice he has given us over the many years we have worked together. You need to realize that the timing just may not be right, or your style and/or subject matter may not be what a certain manufacturer is looking for to go on their products. We like to post visual inspiration and our latest designs on the walls as inspiration to keep ourselves motivated.

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