Eye protection suitable for paintball use must be worn by everyone handling or in the range of the Valken Gotcha paintball marker.

The second difference lessening the impact in paintball shotguns, specifically the paintball shotguns on our list, is that they are pump action. It is a great introduction to the world of paintball that can open people up to a new hobby. This will reduce the cost of using your paintball gun significantly over its lifetime. The surface area is significantly smaller of low impact paintballs.

Another great feature of paintball shotguns is their cost. As a baby crawls across the screen toward numerous dangers, such as birds of prey or bottomless pits, the player uses his NES Zapper to shoot hazards before they hurt the (, A player's goal is to shoot and kill everything that there is on the screen, both animated characters and inanimate elements of the background.

Bayou Billy consists of three distinct playing styles used over 9 levels: shooting (optionally allowing the use of a Zapper), a side-scrolling beat 'em up, and a third-person driving section.

Making it great for beginners with its lower velocity. It has all of the same features as the base Gotcha paintball shotgun. The pain, when hit with a low impact shotgun, is like a small pinch.

With this being intended for younger users, parents do not need to worry about filling up CO2 tanks on a regular basis. Valken Gotcha is a fun filled, backyard shooting activity for the entire family with a recommended 9+ age rating.

Low impact serviceable .50 caliber marker, Maximum 140fps low impact pump style marker, Traditional clamping feedneck, fits Valken .50 cal loader, Compatible with traditional 10 round .

With smaller paintballs, there is less paint smeared on you or your kid after a long day of paintball. Making pump action paintball shotguns the best option for low impact paintball play. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

This model comes with a target so you can perfect your marksmanship before heading into a game. The JT Splatmaster is a spring powered pump action paintball guns meaning that it requires no batteries or compressed air. To start, the low impact of a paintball shotgun lessens the pain considerably when struck. The gun is compatible with a 120 round hopper that is attached to the top of the paintball gun. That said — even with a lower velocity — this gun shoots straight and is surprisingly accurate. Valken Gotcha paintball for kids is intended for ages 9+, and kids under 18 require adult or parental supervision, especially when initially learning the basics of safe play and safe shooting.

For each screen, shooting al (, In Duck Hunt, players utilize the Nintendo Zapper Light Gun that must be plugged into their NES consoles, and attempt to shoot down either ducks or clay pigeons in mid-flight.

Whereas normal paintball guns have a much higher velocity in order to reach much further targets. The frame of the Z200 is made from plastic and with the absence of CO2 and O-rings, maintenance levels for this paintball gun are low. In fact, there are more low impact paintball fields opening up year to year. Not much upgrading can be done to this paintball shotgun, but there is a Picatinny rail that sits atop the receiver so you can mount sights or scopes.

This was the first paintball gun that I bought for my kids. Without much relevant or helpful information available online, finding the best paintball shotgun for your money can be time-consuming.

Gotcha! The brightly colored Gotcha ammo is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and easily washes away with water. . The pressure released in traditional paintball guns is around 850 psi. The game flashes three "cardboard cut-outs" of a mixture of bad guys and innocent civilians. Low impact paintball guns are popular amongst kids because being struck is much less painful and are generally safer to use.

The average speed of a traditional paintball gun is about 280 feet per second, with an effective range of 150 ft or more. With less pain and intimidating speeds, low impact paintball does a better job of retaining players. The Gotcha Tactical is one of the best paintball shotguns on the market. One great feature is that the Splatmaster is spring-loaded, so no need for CO2 tanks.

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