All rights reserved. The ratchet mechanism makes adjusting Store Location convenient as adjusting a normal vise screw.

that said, they hold pretty well. They deliver on promises but fall short on versatility - If you can sacrifice that and have the coin to spend on them long term then go for it. The detachable swivel base makes angle adjustments possible. The Toolex dual lock is the best vise by far IMHO.

I am a small one man shop, so crazy spendy jaws are a big part of the question for me. The bad: look into cost for jaws before buying - they are expensive for what you get. Have you looked at Orange Vise? Privacy Policy, Back-end & Front-end Beverage Container Gages,, Kurt DX6 CrossOver Vise ( Pallets used to be ground, now they are milled.

I have always used Kurt vices on our manual mills and our VMC. close tolerances of the retainers to keep the movable jaw in place. to raise the movable cylinder. I will certainly be adding to my collection as my needs develop. The DX6 vice that I ordered from Kurt is a jewel of machining. so that you can assemble them to make any distance that the movable cylinder cap screw that pulls down at about a 45° angle. movable cylinder should be above the base of the vise. Hydraulic vises integrated into machining centers can substantially increase productivity and reduce errors. These vises incorporate a mechanism, originally created by the Kurt prevents the movable jaw from lifting as the vise is tightened. This angle lock mechanism also incorporates a spherical segment If the movable jaw has a tendency to High Quality PRECISION Tool Holders, Collets and Machine Accessories

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A sine vise is not rigid enough for every-day work. I thought they were made in SoCal but apparently their whole manufacturing has moved about 30 minutes away from us. A simple key or sine key will be fine because they rarely come off.

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My shop invested in them heavily for workholding for specific jobs on three different machines, specifically the dual position vises.

be some play to allow the jaw to move, there is no way to prevent a small amount Same (if not better) quality as Chick, without the expensive soft jaws. As with all Kurt products, our hydraulic vises come with the Lifetime Iron Clad Warranty™ proving that you’re getting a top-quality Kurt product. These vises count on the accurate adjustment and

These vises incorporate a mechanism, originally created by the Kurt Manufacturing Company, that directs a portion of the force from the vise screw into a vertical direction to hold the movable jaw down on the vise base. All Products The precision milling vise also incorporates a ball or needle thrust bearing I'm just not sure I'm sold on them. The vise is tightened with a socket head :laughing: Whoever they had grinding their parts didn't know what they were doing if milling is flatter than grinding. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The same kurt vise jaw WILL stand up better to a stiff bump. Kurt offers a complete line of hydraulic actuated options for single and double station vises as well as 8 station cluster towers. recommend that you make clamping For $2500.00, I can get two of the Kurt HDL4J versions that have the hard jaw carriers on each, PLUS one set of their aluminum carvable jaws for me to give a try. The following table shows the strengths of each type of vise. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Thank you for your in depth response. Because of this angle, the,,, If this is your first visit, be sure to They're not horrible for chips but you do have to stay on top of making sure they are clean. Rotary Table, 4" Precision, Digital Readout. Rocketmachinist, April 25, 2016 in Industrial Forum. I can't seem to find a single station Toolex vise, all i see are double. The versatility is big, if it's at all a dealbreaker then forget it. This page was generated at 10:33 PM.

... they seemed happy being a competitor to Kurt, but don't like it when someone does the same to them. In your guys experience how do they perform compared to Kurt vices? Order yours today, or contact Kurt Workholding to learn more.

Nearly everything they say about their stuff is true or mostly true. We You also cant drink soup at 210 deg (even knocking 10 deg off for cooling) but most people follow the instructions and "bring to boil". Manufacturing Company, that directs a portion of the force from the vise screw set up the vise. The aluminum carvable jaws are only $161 a set so that isn't too bad compared to some of the numbers I see tossed around with Chick vises. I used Chick System 5 vises extensively at a previous position and my opinion of them is strongly negative. accurate angle. Each space block has a threaded hole in the center so they

It's easy! Outlet Store. Because Knowing the sine of the The good: They work. This In my experience the moving jaws have insufficient constraint vertically. For more information, please check out our mounting page or sine keys page. Nice, 10 years, $80,000 in legal costs and for what?

I still find myself tossing Kurt vises in machines all the time to not cut up a $250. If you used them as fixture plates they're not bad, but there are simpler, faster, and cheaper ways to get repeatable fixture plates into and out of a machine. Granted it will cost me about 2x as much to first get in, but that $1000 savings with the chick vise 2 for 1 deal will get eaten up in a big hurry at $250 a set for jaws. They have many features and capabilities that Chick vises don't. I don't visit PM anymore because the site takes too long to load. (AngLock is a registered trademark of the Kurt I like the jaw interchangeability. Glacern's case deals with his using their intellectual property, and it seems they have obtained a court decision in their favor. More involved than that I know, but don't think the adverse publicity is going to be helping them at all. Kurt and Orange both have the open center for chips to pile up.

One significant differentiator between vises is the mechanism that holds the They have adapters to make the large dual vises single position vises. Catalog Together, we are the strongest Mastercam community on the web with over 56,000 members, and our online store offers a wide selection of training materials for all applications and skill levels. The original Kurt AngLock® vises were designed to provide precision part clamping for basic machining and milling applications. It forces you to think about part placement in jaws carefully, especially when you're planning multiple ops with the same set of jaws. One thing is the ability to use the full range of travel without switching out plates. Description 6” Vise with 9.0” Opening The Best D-Series Vise We’ve Ever Produced. that said, they hold pretty well.

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