A lawyer defends a killer, but soon after he wins, he finds out that the killer is guilty. Things begin to become confusing to him and he is struggling to do his job and fall back into his old ways. When Sebastian enters his life and takes advantage of John's charity, his life and afterlife will be changed forever.

However, instead of actually listening to what she has to say he cuts her off with insistent question after insistent question until she runs off in frustration! Well it isn't.

On the other hand what fun would it be it we could figure out what was going to happen next (but I do like to know what's happening now). 3) The slow up build is for you to understand the rest, so be patient! The film's screenplay was written by John Chase and it is directed by Brian A Miller. |

I wasn't really sure what Dorff's character was all about. A Secret Service Agent is held captive in the trunk of a car and endures mental and physical torture as terrorists attempt to extract information for their plot against the President of the United States.

Weak cast, bland story, boring execution and Dorff is just massively cringe. Add the first question.

Written by thrown in. Detective David 'Cal' Callahan is tailored to Stephen Dorff that has good performance and James Woods is great as usual.

External Reviews A woman asks her big shot lawyer ex-husband to defend her career criminal brother, accused of killing a DA. He may as well have just shot himself in the head and been done with it? An aspiring musician from Kaufman, Texas travels to Nashville with the lifelong dream of trying his hand at country music.
Especially a cop?

Cal has an unscrupulous past, drug and alcohol addicted, and he has reborn when he was shot by a drug dealer and saved by a stranger. He presents him with a journal from a deceased girl whose story ends in a brutal trauma. It's fine, but some more disciplined leadership behind the camera would have helped it substantially.

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The film received mostly positive reviews. The beginning is slow and somewhat hard to follow but midway through it really picks up and finishes well.

I can't believe the cast for this kind of crap.

Determined to avenge her, he is soon immersed in a (way too) complicated web of intrigues with druggies, pimps, Russians and hoodlums - and a police captain (James Woods) who appears far more concerned about the image of his department than any of the concerns "Cal" may have.

[7], Anchor Bay gave it a limited release on January 18, 2013, and it grossed $1,463 in the US. When a stranger meets Cal in a bar, he tells Cal that he was the one who saved him and gives the journal of his deceased … But engaging. Critical response. Was this review helpful to you?

Callahan has a past of slumming it in shady, mob run clubs, up to his ears in coke and whores.

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, Detective David 'Cal' Callahan is a family man, married to Alexandra with a teenage daughter, Lanie.

It wasn't like signing the statement meant he couldn't change his ways.

He tells Cal that she committed suicide after she was beaten up and raped by Angel, a regular at the night-club where she danced, owned by the drug dealer Royce Walker. This movie is also just a B-movie.

I wasn't expecting much when I saw the 5.5 rating on this movie but I was bored so I figured I'd put it in as background noise. Ivan Zavalon. But that doesn't mean it's bad!

I have always liked Stephen Dorff, but most of his roles have been strong supporting ones.

While some of them with a good dose of action, or a good dose of comedy, are good, it is the ones, like this one, where the black and white view of society pretty much morphs into an ugly shade of grey. Simultaneously the urge to change the channel! I mean it seemed like it was something important being that this daughter who barely said a thing to her father unless it was dismissive of his concern for her, was all of a sudden wanting to ask him something really important and not go to her mother! Personally I prefer these types of movies to the standard police thriller where the police are clearly on the good guys side and the suspect is clearly one of the bad guys. This FAQ is empty. When I started watching this film I was trying to figure out where it was going for the first hour. As for Officer Down, he (as Detective David Callahan) as well as James Woods (as Captain Verona) provide the biggest value to the movie (the other actors seem to derive from Seagal-Lundgren type of movies). Allied is the story of Canadian RAF intelligence officer Max Vatan (played by Brad Pitt), who encounters French Resistance fighter Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard) on a … Set against the backdrop of an international finance deal in New York and Peru, Oliver's Deal is an intense political drama which explores how far people will go to get what they want. Filming began later that week in Connecticut. 6) Watch this you are a detective yourself.

I could see why he would have looked that way when he was drinking on the job, hanging out in a strip club, sleeping with strippers but at the start of the movie he is supposed to have been clean for 2 1/2 years. Woods is also an actor who makes movies more interesting to follow.

[2] Locations where the movie was filmed include Roberto's Restaurant on State St, Fairfield Ave and inside a new apartment complex also located on Fairfield Ave, in Bridgeport CT.[3] The first images from the set were revealed on May 6, 2011. Officer Down is a 2013 American action film directed by Brian A. Miller.

It's partially told via the narrative of the journal, with flashbacks from his own life that makes the storytelling rather clunky and bitty; the dialogue is poorly constructed and in the end the vindication of the vigilante in him is a bit too shallow and disappointing.

Jonathan Vandermark is a music teacher with a weakness for young men with great aspirations and without a pot to piss in.
| Western Biblical themes such as redemption, deliverance, angels, devils, and Christ figures abound. View production, box office, & company info. Callahan (Steven Dorff) is told by his daughter that she wants to ask him about something that is troubling her. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. The eclectic cast alone is enough to warrant interest, with many an actor cast far against type to excellent result. Then it starts to slow down a little.

Stephen Dorff plays a corrupt cop who seeks redemption.

It is a Rich Story-Line that Requires the Viewer to pay Attention with Twists and Turns and multiple Flashbacks. Stephen Dorff has always had a dangerous, flint spark vibe to his work, and he employs it fully here in Officer Down, playing Detective David Callahan, a corrupt, volatile cop with a drug problem, and past affiliations with the wrong kind of people. Cal has an unscrupulous past, drug and alcohol addicted, and he was reborn when he was shot by a drug dealer and saved by a stranger. I say B, A bit complex and with some improbable scenes, but generally good.

They couldn't act their way out of a paper bag and some child from American idol.

Alas Stephen Doriff is now languishing in B movie hell. Rated R for violence, language, nudity and drug content, The Cleaning Lady -World Premiere at FrightFest 2018 – Available June 4, Veteran Texas Police Officer Dies After Being Bitten by Feral Cat, Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Chaos Is Come Again. As I mentioned in the summary, this movie can be very confusing.

Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A fabulous combo of gritty cop drama and action, with just the right amount of 'who dunnit' (or rather, 'who is it?') Just about everything in it ties together or has a parallel that makes important information and concepts evident or at least available depending how deeply you want to think about it.

OK, so the scene sort of had a point in that it showed the Callahan saw only what he wanted to see, or that his relationship with his daughter was being interfered with by his work, but in the end we never find out what the daughter was trying to ask.

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