No electronic lockout but mechanical lockout is possible when needed, like during transportation in a bag. Anodizing of the light is uniform without any missing specs. We are the authorized NITECORE US distributor, and your source for direct purchase & wholesale service of NITECORE products. I want the 18650 battery.
It is somehow expensive when compared to other headlights. De clip waar de lamp in zit is gemaakt van hard kunststof, waardoor de lamp goed blijft zitten en gedemonteerd kan worden. For this light, the spill, corona and hotspot is somewhat predictable due to the fairly shallow Smooth Reflector. Low defaults to high when turned off). I have a friend in America. So, you’re not limited to one charging method. The seven brightness settings include ultralow that runs for 800 hours, low for 16 hours, medium for 4 hours 45 minutes, high for 2 hours for 45 minutes, turbo for 1 hour, auxiliary white for 25 hours, and auxiliary red light for 20 hours. Sudio Elva & Sudio Flyg Review (Sudio Sweden).

Although the UI might seem a little intimidating at first, after the inital learning curve, it becomes rather straightforward to use. We provide both expert advice and warranty service. Nitecore HC60 vs Fenix HL60R. The ultra high performance with 2,700 lumens and the 100° wide range flood optic system is ideal for industrial checks, caving, search and rescue. No signs of water intrusion in the head, switch or body was seen. 2 Click – Light will switch ON the main LED (XM-L2) to last used mode (last mode memory) – the Auxiliary White Light [High CRI] will switch OFF. In this review, we’re going to look at the Nitecore HC65 headlamp. A quarter turn (anti-clockwise) of the left side portion (battery cap) of the light will enable mechanical lockout. Power deals, product announcements & more, Location Beacon,SOS,Strobe,Red Caution Light. Battery compartment holds the Nitecore non-proprietary 18650 3400mAh battery OR KeepPower 18650 3400mAh battery with sufficient room for a slightly thicker battery width. As a versatile 21700 L-shaped headlamp, the HC35 has a CNC machined unibody design featuring lightweight, solidity and excellent heat dissipation.
Omschrijving. After all, the entire body of the headlamp swivels on the two brackets which connect it to the headband. HOLD – Direct access to STROBE; 1/2 Press to mode change (light cycles through STROBE, SOS & BEACON) & 1 Click to switch OFF the light. This is a durable metal that will put up with anything that you throw at it. 1 Click  – Light will switch ON the main LED (XM-L2) to last used mode (last mode memory). UI for this light is good for Every Day Carry (EDC) as it is relatively straightforward to use after the initial learning curve. Very humid in my country. Aan de voorzijde zit de schakelaar die rustig blauw gaat knipperen. Is this THE all-rounded headlamp to get – with the included 18650 battery and Micro-USB charging?

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