Originally released as a part of the campaign for Nothing But The Truth—Nike SB’s first feature length skate film with the Nike SB team riders, this sneaker takes design cues from 31 of the most famous SBs ever released, some of which have already been discussed at length here, like the “Pigeon” logo, the HUF “Tie-Dye” panel, and the “Supreme” elephant print around the toe. Bodecker and the team would cut down on mass production and instead focus on getting its limited product in front of those it was intended for, skaters. Debuted in 1985 as a performance basketball sneaker, this mash-up of the Air Jordan I and Nike Terminator was based around the fit of the Nike Legend, then the best fitting last in basketball, period. Nike SB debuted with four sneakers in its “Colors By” series, featuring signature releases from its skaters Reese Forbes, Gino Ianucci, Richard Mulder and Danny Supa. Staple and Nike SB would collaborate multiple times over the ensuing decade and a half, but none of the later releases would cause a frenzy, and change the game, quite like those original “Pigeon” Dunks. Sign up for exclusive early Sale access and tailored new arrivals. Designed to handle the rigorous activity of skateboarding, the Dunk SB Low has become the canvas for some of the most culturally relevant designs in sneaker history. The grey suede Dunk features an embroidered River Thames on the heel. Eniz Fazliov x Heritage Vulc. Like all great Nike shoes it comes with an illustrious history in the world of sports, a heavy dose of nostalgia for sneakerheads, but most importantly it's now in a selection of great colourways. Watch skate videos of the Dunk in action and shop new releases. Now entering its third act, buoyed by Soulland and Comme des Garçons releases a few years back, the Dunk is one sneaker that’s more than worthy of its retro revival. I’m very happy this classic sneaker is having a renaissance – there are so many great iterations dropping.

The Nike Dunks are a solid and comfortable pair of sneakers. Sneaker YouTuber from Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by its green bottles, green nubuck covers the overlays and extends to the midsole, while a black Swoosh and sockliner and red laces finishes off the entire Heieneken theme. In 2003, Supreme and Nike SB released a high-top version in three colorways to similar levels of success. I’m wearing my Nike SB StrangeLove Dunk Lows today. The SB Dunk finally hit stores in March 2002 and by the end of the year, was becoming one of the most important sneakers in the entire industry.

Since then, many popular SB Dunk Highs have been released, including the Nike SB Dunk High Paul Rodriguez. The decade-long crustacean-based collaboration between Cambridge, Massachusetts retailer Concepts and Nike SB began in 2008 with the release of the original Red “Lobster” Dunk. The release was quickly killed, but not before some samples hit the streets. Watch and Learn More. Designed by Peter Moore in 1985, the Dunk was originally marketed as a high-top basketball sneaker.

This “Tiffany”-inspired Dunk, released in collaboration with iconic streetwear brand Diamond Supply Co., is one of the most popular sneakers ever to come out of a Nike SB box. For one, the two brands created one of the most iconic sneakers of all time when they installed the legendary elephant print from the Jordan III onto the Dunk. Though the Dunk was widely adopted by the skateboard community, it would take until 2002 with the founding of Nike SB that they would finally get their skate-specific Dunk. The fact that you could wear them to shred in and chill in meant they appealed to both the skater and the inner sneakerhead. This sneaker is not only a pillar of sneakerhead culture and its expansion during the aughts, it fundamentally changed the way companies deal with high-profile sneaker releases. Only 24 pairs were released to friends and family.

Depending on what look you’re going for, you can either make a statement with something more eye-catching or keep it low-key with a cleaner pair. The Vault. I don’t take any particular extra steps to provide special care for my sneakers – the Nike SB Dunk is a pretty easy-going sneaker. They’re still comfortable enough to wear for a few hours, but I wouldn’t be walking up and down the city all day in them. Nike Zoom Dunk Low Elite SB, a re-issue of Bodecker's original "I-95" SB Dunk Low sample (2017) First introduced in 1985, the Nike Dunk was designed by Peter Moore, one of the most influential designers in the brand’s history. Nike SB Dunk High Atlas Lost at Sea (2020), Nike SB Dunk High Concepts Ugly Christmas Sweater (2017), Nike Dunk SB High Diamond Supply Co. "Tiffany", Nike Dunk SB High Premier "Northern Lights", Nike Dunk SB High Black Sheep "Paid in Full", Nike SB Dunk High Thomas Campbell What the Dunk, Nike Dunk SB High Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, Nike SB Dunk High Premier Win Some Lose Some, Nike SB Dunk High 420 Reverse Skunk (Special Box), Nike Dunk SB High Brooklyn Projects Paparazzi. Nike SB would be one of Nike’s most famous models, the Dunk, it kicked off a fruitful collaborative relationship between the two brands, rarest and most important sneakers of all time, Futura allegedly never gave Nike his blessing for this release, Officially referred to as the “Baroque Brown” SB Dunk. The SB Dunk High dates back to the launch of Nike's dedicated SB department back in 2002.

While the tie-dye treatment is a nod to the Bay Area’s hippie heritage, the colors area clear callout to the city’s local MLB team, the San Francisco Giants.

No inspiration was out of bounds, no idea too out of this world. However, compared to the Air Jordan I it does have a slightly wider fit in the toe box, but the difference is quite minimal so it isn’t necessary to size up or down. The Nike Dunk is having its renaissance moment – but this isn’t the first time.

Today I’m wearing the Nike SB Dunk Low in purple, navy, and atmosphere grey. Nightshade leather and grey suede are discarded for pink and black leather, and some incredible original artwork by Futura himself, with the MoWax logo visible inside the insole.

Heieneken even went so far as to request some eBay listings of the shoe to be taken down over the years. For the more style-conscious skaters, the same Nike tech that made the Dunk so great for basketball also made it a hit for skating in, too. The sneaker was already proven to be aesthetically pleasing, now it was properly outfitted for the wear and tear that came with skateboarding.

Some of Nike SB's most popular releases have been Dunk Highs. In celebration, Nike SB honors its heritage by once again reinventing its most famous icon with the introduction of the SB Zoom Dunk Elite Low. An evolution of its bigger brother – the Air Force 1 – it not only felt good to wear but looked good, too. Notice the star from the California-inspired “Cali” Dunk and the word “Buck” on the heel from the “Buck” Dunk, an homage to Phil Knight himself. The “Paris” Dunk features a tan upper, cardinal red Swoosh, and most importantly, canvas overlays featuring art by French artist Bernard Buffet, which helped set this sneaker apart from the rest of the City Series kicks. Bodecker and the team at Nike SB would need to figure out how best to tweak the classic hoops silhouette to better support its skaters. This is the definitive Nike SB Dunk Sizing guide. I’m a big fan of the Nike Air Jordan I and the Dunk has a similar vibe, which makes it appealing to me. Long overdue and highly demanded, the most recent bevy of collaborative Dunks are just the latest in a long line from the Portland master artists of footwear.

Another Futura-designed SB collaboration, the Nike Dunk High SB “FLOM”—”For the Love of Money” originally released in 2005. While its connections to Futura were always going to increase the desirability of this sneaker, it’s hyper-limited release helps position it as remains one of the rarest Nikes ever designed, fetching over $12,000 on the resale market. An estimated 10,000 raffle tickets were sold in an effort to avoid the potential chaos of a standard release. Limited to just 202 pairs, this remains one of the most elusive sneakers in the world. While not the first weed-centric SB Dunk design (that honor goes to 2004’s “Hemp” SB Dunk Low), the “Skunk” Dunk stands out for its commitment to its theme. Shop Nike SB. While this is notably seen on the “Freddy Krueger” SB Dunk, the same could be said for this 2004 SB Dunk Low.

The original release was such a success, that Nike SB and Concepts would go on to release several more colorways over the ensuing decade, including blue, yellow, green and purple “Lobster” Dunks, all to similar fanfare. You can see the “Lucky” number seven and “Unlucky” number 13 stitched beside each toe box. It’s also been said that no two pairs of “Paris” Dunks are exactly alike, thanks to the unique Buffet art. With sleeker silhouettes like the Air Jordan I, just take the same size that you’d normally wear. From “De La Soul” to “MF Doom”; from “Papa Bear” to “Mama Bear” to “Baby Bear”; from “Hemp” to “Skunks”; so many important sneakers were created under the SB banner. Search for tags to filter content: Forbes would then close out the year with this highly sought after “Denim” Dunk creation. But perhaps even greater than this, the Nike SB Dunk managed to achieve full crossover appeal when it transitioned from athletic footwear to the fashion realm during the mid-noughties, through a string of collaborations with the likes of streetwear culture legends Supreme, Stussy, Futura, Unkle, and even brands like eBay and Heineken. The Dunk is one of those iconic silhouettes you can never go wrong with. The Nike SB “City Series” produced some of the real Holy Grails of the SB line, including this “London” Dunk from 2005. Keith Hufnagel may be best known for his eponymous HUF brand (and its now-iconic weed leaf socks).

4,000 pairs were originally produced before Heieneken asked Nike to halt all production. The “Canary Yellow” proved to be the only one to bring back that old “Tiffany” feeling, as its 2018 release caused two days of rioting, causing Diamond to shut down the release.

By signing up you agree with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. In early 2002, Reese Forbes received his first Dunk, the work boot-inspired, buttery tan “Reese Forbes” Dunk, which was the third shoe in the original “Colors By” series.

This is simply a really cool homage to a horror movie legend, complete with Krueger’s signature striped shirt design, splattered blood accents and shiny silver claw, personified here by the Swoosh. These “Cherry” Dunks designed with Stussy dropped in July 2005 as a part of Nike SB’s “Team Manager” series. Before churning out this dunk, earlier in 2004, Futura linked up with Nike SB in 2005 for its equally iconic “FLOM (For the Love of Money)” Dunk High. If you change to another destination from China Mainland and need to login again, please use your email.

Selecting one of the suggestions will take you to results within menswear. Email: [email protected] As a resident of San Francisco, this SB Dunk is a nod to the city that helped launch Hufnagel’s pro career, and ultimately, HUF brand. Not only have classic colorways recently made their way back onto shelves—with even more on the way—but rumors of upcoming collaborations have kept the shoe on the radars of sneaker fans.

Rumor has it that only 444 pairs of the infamous “Denim” Dunk were released, and it remains an impossible find now 18 years later. The shoe Nike SB entered the market with was the Dunk. Reportedly, there were less than 1,000 paris of this pink, black and silver SB Dunk released to the public; even though Futura allegedly never gave Nike his blessing for this release, this remains an especially important SB Dunk drop. Yes, and no.

I usually style my Dunks with Nike ACG cargo pants or bike shorts and Nike socks.

Check out the latest skateboarding shoes and clothing, news, shopping, team, and museum. SEE MORE: Sneaker Release Dates The short-lived circumstances behind this release makes this one of the rarest SBs you’ll ever see. This Multi-Color/Black-Gum colorway has a retro look, featuring pastel colors that would've been on trend in the early 1990s.

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