Asian short-clawed otter pups are developing bald patches.

Bush dog Franco has got his sister-in-law pregnant. Will training Napo to be more assertive help? Giraffe Orla is due to give birth. Red panda Jung's losing weight and no one knows why. Watch them in action. “As soon as you take one of the babies in your hand the rest of the meerkat mob go from being your best friend, the person who feeds them, to them hating you and wanting to kill you,” she explains. And will mono-browed fish Noel Gallagher and Frida Kahlo mate?

When people come to the zoo in daytime, they only see the aardvarks asleep and will sometimes make comments that they’re boring or lazy. The chimps have been brandishing a large stick. Chester-based BBC Breakfast presenter Louise tweeted to say she was finally catching up with the much talked-about show. They’re just on a different time cycle.”. The aardvarks wreak havoc by night.

The Secret Life of the Zoo (C4, 8pm) CHESTER Zoo is Britain’s most popular zoo hosting 1.6 million visitors every year, but few ever see the world explored in this major new Channel 4 series.

A tarantula risks his life to mate.

The tapirs move to a new home. Plus: a fussy French crocodile, turtle love and penguins. “I learn about interactions, social situations, hierarchies, dominant and subordinate animals and humans. We see zookeeper Kirsten Wicks, 26, trying to round up eight-week-old meerkats so they can be checked and microchipped. Gogglebox. Proud mum Thi Hi Way with her one-week-old calf, Nandita, Zookeeper Kirsten Wicks with the mischievous meerkats, Sir David Attenborough: 'The drive and inventiveness of animals is breathtaking', Mum's the word: New ITV documentary to follow expectant animals into parenthood, Natural wonder: Documentary series captures greatest animal gathering on earth, WATCH: David Attenborough on the Great Barrier Reef. Sloth Tina has been giving her partner Rico a hard time. Young tapir Solo is moving to a new zoo. There was also a tale of turtle love gone wrong.

Huge gorilla statue stolen from Sandbach garden leaving owner heartbroken to lose 'friend and protector', The 64-year-old said she felt 'violated' and offered a £100 reward for its return, Cheshire British Bake Off star dies at 48 after battling oesophageal cancer, Luis Troyano's wife Louise paid a heartfelt tribute to her husband and said 'you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure', How a birthday present for her brother turned girl, 10, into published author, Bedtime stories book was originally written for her little brother, 'You can't call it a lockdown' - You react to schools staying open during second national lockdown, "You can't call it a national lockdown if you are keeping schools and colleges open", Girl, 15, sexually assaulted in Chester alleyway after stranger dragged her away from friends, Incident happened near the suspension bridge in Chester on Halloween, What next for Cheshire as England heads into a second lockdown, It's been a fraught few months for local leaders, What Ryanair says about refunds due to new lockdown travel ban, There's a partial ban on overseas travel as part of new lockdown, Speeding stop-check leads to drug dealer being ordered to pay back £87k, The criminal was discovered to have 44 wraps of cocaine worth between £1,320 and £4,400 at the time of his arrest, Controversial Chester bus lanes to be scrutinised by special task force, Cycle lanes in Winsford will also be considered for recommendations, Driver trapped in car after three-vehicle crash on Parkgate Road, The 25-year-old man was taken to hospital for his injuries, Machete found and police car tyres slashed near illegal rave site, The 'lockdown gathering' took place near Warrington. The giraffe family have a new arrival.

Channel 4's The Secret Life of the Zoo has proved popular since hitting TV screens in February, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. More Full Episodes. “Enrichment means we give the animals novel items to help them with natural behaviours,” explains Kirsten. Can mantis Bruce survive mating with deadly Natasha? Express.

Otter Wallace is ill. Young meerkats Beagle and Huskie become parents for the first time.

Video Clips.

This week’s biggest drama is the birth of the elephant calf, which causes some jostling for position within the herd. The Secret Life of the Zoo at Christmas 2018, Tortoises Burt and Terrance compete for the affections of breeding female Smooth Sides. “I’m passionate about aardvarks. The keepers think that pregnant elephant Thi is three months overdue, The keepers struggle to transport a suspicious warthog and a giraffe, Spider monkey Kiara seems to want to hang out with friends rather than look after her baby.

The Secret Life of the Zoo, which is now into its fifth week, is one of Channel 4’s top-rated shows, regularly pulling in viewing figures of 2.5m. The meerkats, she explains, are pack animals that guard each other closely. Keeper Niall attempts to negotiate with eldest chimp Boris for its return, but Boris is wary of dominant male Dylan stealing his reward, and plays hardball with Niall. Amy, who won gold at in the skeleton event at the 2010 Winter Olympics, said in her tweet that she had always wanted to work with animals. Keepers are vigilant of the zoo's Sumatran orangutans, Penguins Almond and Walnut go house-hunting, but an intruder is eyeing up their turf, An underwater special featuring blind fish, rare amphibians, a frisky penguin and more. The keepers make gifts for the animals.

Chester-based programme continues to captivate viewers and ride high in ratings, There's no excuse to miss out on What's On in Cheshire! An aging nanny goat fights for its life and a pregnant rhino prepares to give birth. Jaguars Napo and Goshi aren't breeding. The penguin chicks face the ordeal of joining the main pool.

Plus: mandrills, tigers and penguins. “The worst case scenario is that he kills the youngster, which sometimes happens in the wild, even if accidentally,” explains Kirsten. Plus: chimps, dwarf mongooses, rhinos and ants. Our. This week’s The Secret Life Of The Zoo on Channel 4 takes us behind the scenes of the zoo, founded in 1931 by British animal lover George Mottershead. Sloth Tina is putting on weight.

Find out more about some of everyone's favourites, including Rud and Spike the penguins.

With 12,000 animals from more than 400 species to look after, the animal handlers have a job on their hands keeping wildlife happy, healthy and ready to see the 1.6 million visitors that show up to marvel at them. Plus, Caribbean flamingos.

Louise Minchin and Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams were among those who took to Twitter to praise the programme after last night’s episode.

Two tigers are moving to other zoos. The complete guide by MSN. After an unsuccessful attempt at breeding, on closer inspection it turned out that one of the turtles which had previously been sexed as female was actually a male after all. She says she learns from the animals every day.

Find reviews for the latest series of The Secret Life of the Zoo or look back at early seasons. Flamingo mum Calypso loses interest in mothering her chick. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Baby otter Bo goes missing. Is she pregnant? Pregnant rhino Asha goes into labour at night.

Venture to the most popular zoo in the UK -- the Chester Zoo. Chameleons Charles and Eddie try to impress new arrival Ruby. Rhino Kitani is due to give birth. New rules will come into force in December across the UK, Government confirms what shops and businesses will close from Thursday, Downing Street has released a provisional list of what it classes as essential and non-essential, Fears over 'death trap' Sandbach Flashes after puppy is 'sucked into tunnel', Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for safety measures, Longstanding Chester country club appears to close as social media accounts and website disappear, The club made some major changes earlier this year, 15 key worker jobs you can apply for in Cheshire now.

The Zoo. Although it’s not as difficult as interacting with dangerous wild beasts, it’s still not easy. The programme is also making stars of the zoo’s keepers. Observational documentary series capturing, in incredible detail, the remarkable behaviour of the animals at Chester Zoo, and their relationships with their keepers, At the reptile house, the Bermuda skinks have a ferocious approach to mating, Chester's hornbills and meerkat Huskie have the baby blues. The Secret Life of the Zoo at Christmas 2017, Chester's male lemurs' peaceful life is turned upside down by a female arrival. There's a surprise orangutan birth. Will Chester's female zebras be interested in new stallion Mac?

And after eight years, the zoo’s dominant pair of otters, Daisy and Robbie, are moved on to retirement to make way for a new breeding pair. There's a fish out of water at the aquarium. You can unsubscribe at any time. A TV programme which follows the adventures of animals at Chester Zoo continues to be a huge hit with viewers. Red panda Nima gives her partner Jung the cold shoulder.

A chameleon goes speed-dating. Episode and Series guides for The Secret Life of the Zoo. newspaper archive.

Marmoset Audrey has to carry her babies everywhere. This show may go some way toward easing their fears, for Chester’s animals are obviously well cared for and covered by strict welfare codes, and the zoo takes an active part in conservation and education programmes designed to prevent species from becoming extinct. “We might not have goshawks, but we do have buzzards and red kites in the UK, and meerkats are always on the lookout for those as well as helicopters and planes.”.

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