[27], In the autumn of 2004, a former Swedish customs officer claimed on Sveriges Television that Estonia had been used to transport military equipment in September 1994. Estonia previously sailed as Viking Sally (1980–1990), Silja Star (1990–1991), and Wasa King (1991–1993). She had been expected in Stockholm the next morning at about 09:30. “The sound of a helicopter would give me a mass adrenalin rush, and my body would think it was back into a life-threatening situation and the end result was depression.

Inadequate access to evacuation points and equipment then resulted in the vast majority of the passengers and crew becoming trapped on board, and 852 people died. Sweden, Finland and Estonia to jointly assess new information on 1994 sinking of MS Estonia Agence France-Presse Mon 28 Sep 2020 14.20 EDT … Bildt was a right wing MP fanning this hysteria. Even without wars or conspiracies, tragedies still occur. A political decision was made not to raise the ferry. It was the wild east, with gun runners and generals making a quick rouble while they could. The exercise was designed to push Sweden closer to the NATO-camp and embarrass Social Democratic Prime Minister Olof Palme’s attempts to create a detente between East and West in the Cold War. The 1994 sinking of an Estonian cruise ship in which 852 people drowned may have been caused by a collision with a submarine, a documentary team has suggested. Survivors reported that water flowed down from ceiling panels, stairwells and along corridors from decks that were not yet under water. Of course, ships are built for such conditions. More than 25 years have passed since the tragedy, yet a web of conspiracy theories that has been spun around the disaster has fueled the Swedish radical right’s imagination. The accident claimed 852 lives. We will probably never know what really happened to MS Estonia. The 90s was a chaotic decade for Russia and the Baltic States. According to the final disaster report, the weather was rough, with a wind of 15 to 20 metres per second (29 to 39 kn; 34 to 45 mph), force 7–8 on the Beaufort scale and a significant wave height of 4 to 6 metres (13 to 20 ft)[JAIC 3] compared with the highest measured significant wave height in the Baltic Sea of 7.7 metres (25.3 ft). » As a reward for helping the transit, Sweden got to have a peek at the goods.

Technically, a salvage is feasible, and is a fairly common procedure in maritime investigations. Another question left unanswered, was how water flowed from the car deck to the lower deck, which supposedly was sealed. Of the 989 passengers and crew, 852 died, making it the biggest European maritime disaster since WW2. The article relied in particular on the book Nationens Interesse by L. Borgnäs, Comment on Global Research Articles on our Facebook page, Disclaimer: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of the author(s).

Chapter 13.4 – Advance indications and alarms from the bow area, Investigation report on the capsizing on 28 September 1994 in the Baltic Sea of the Ro-Ro Passenger Vessel MV Estonia. She was carrying 989 people: 803 passengers and 186 crew. I look at the bigger picture, so I am not good at empathising. These have been gathered on the Swedish portal Estoniasamlingen 2019, which also lists publications in English. [13] A mayday was communicated by the ship's crew at 01:22, but did not follow international formats.

To learn more, visit our Earning Credit Page. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. People who might have had something to say, died. The following spring Silja Star began her service with Wasa Line, another company owned by EffJohn. The Joint Accident Investigation Commission. MS Isabella saved 16 survivors with her rescue slide. Hailed as a hero after the disaster in 1994, Barney now wants to know the truth about a connection between Britain’s spies, Cold War missile secrets and the capsizing of the MS Estonia. How could the bow visor snap off?

Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.com Member. Only 137 of the 989 people who were on board the ferry survived when it sank in international waters off Finland early on September 28, 1994. Now he believes there must be another explanation. The vessel capsized and sank in less than an hour, in the end settling sideways on the ocean floor at 80 meters deep. Just after midnight, in the first hour of September 28th, 1994, the passenger ferry MS Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea.

GlobalResearch Center for Research on Globalization. Those images not only contradict the official cause of the disaster, which was a fault in the bow doors, but suggest there might have been an explosion. — the alleged “collapse of the system” — was omnipresent. Visit the Major Events in World History Study Guide page to learn more. Most of the passengers were Swedish, although some were of Estonian origin, while most of the crew … The same effect caused the capsizing of MS Herald of Free Enterprise seven years earlier.

[5][6] In 1986, a passenger was murdered on board. The original inquiry into the MS Estonia disaster concluded that it was caused by the bow door of the ship being wrenched open and allowing water to flood into the car deck. If only the car deck was flooded, the ferry would probably, despite sloppy safety precautions, have been able to stay afloat. And he called Hans Laidwa from the Estline shipping agency, the owner of MS Estonia, telling him ‘The accident must have been caused by a construction error’. the book fair could furthermore be framed as yet another piece of evidence behind If you wish to use copyrighted material for purposes other than "fair use" you must request permission from the On the night of September 27-28, 1994, the ferry MS Estonia, carrying 989 passengers between Tallinn and Stockholm, sank in the Baltic Sea, hit by hard weather and winds measuring 9 on the Beaufort scale, which caused enormous waves. Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado. *[The Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right is a partner institution of Fair Observer.]. [13] Over the next 10 minutes, similar noises were reported by passengers and other crew. The Case Estonia – A journalist searching for the truth. The only explanation can be military. On September 28, 1994, a passenger ferry called the MS Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea, en route from Tallinn, Estonia to Stockholm, Sweden.

She was painted in Silja Line's colours, renamed Silja Star and placed on the same route that she had plied for Viking Line: Turku–Mariehamn–Stockholm. The main editor is Vavra Suk, of Czech origin, who since the late 1990s has been actively involved in the political organization of the Swedish radical right. The wreck was examined and videotaped by remotely operated underwater vehicles and by divers from a Norwegian company, Rockwater A/S, contracted for the investigation work. The term indicates

The JAIC cited results from Germany's Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, which found that Jutta Rabe's samples did not prove an explosion occurred. [22] Estonia's distress beacons or EPIRBs required manual activation, which did not happen. Several hypotheses are possible, from the relatively innocuous to the directly disconcerting. This investigation found a 4-metre hole in the ship's hull. On the night of September 27-28, 1994, the ferry MS Estonia, carrying 989 passengers between Tallinn and Stockholm, sank in the Baltic Sea, hit by hard weather and winds measuring 9 on … The Soviet, now Russian, army was in the process of withdrawing from the Baltic, and a demoralized Russia was a bonanza for Western spies looking for military technology. According to the Swedish Ministry of Defence, no such equipment was on board on the day of the disaster, and previous investigations by the Swedish Customs Service found no reports of any anomalous activity around the day of the disaster. Estonia directed a call to Silja Europa and only after making contact with her did the radio operator utter the word "Mayday".

These statistics are collected and processed using the Google Analytics service. Barney admits that he will “not hold my breath” that the British government will explain what its interests were in signing the treaty but nor will he forget what happened. In 1985 she was also rebuilt with a "duck tail". [10], The Estonia disaster occurred on Wednesday, 28 September 1994, between about 00:55 and 01:50 (UTC+2) as the ship was crossing the Baltic Sea, en route from Tallinn, Estonia, to Stockholm, Sweden.

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