The only thing is that they have made it relatively challenging. Besides, here, you will learn more about how to perform Discord Screen Share and how to fix Discord Not Opening with ease. If you use ‘!clear 1000’ you will be able to delete 1000 previous messages on the respective channel. NOTE: Be sure to make a list of the bots you have on the channel because cloning doesn’t always copy them over to the new channel.

After authorizing, you will be able to use several commands … When it comes to deleting channel messages in Discord, you can use three methods. Also, making it easier than creating a new channel from scratch. So, it would be handy for any user to learn how to clear Discord chat. Once MEE6 is installed, you can utilize lots of commands to delete messages and more. Discord is a great app for communicating with your friends and creating a tight-knit community, but managing your own Discord server isn’t always a cakewalk. We hope you’d find this information to be useful.

If for some reason the MEE6 alternative doesn’t work for you, the last way to delete all the messages in a channel is to clone the channel. Hover over the message until the three-dot icon appears on the far right.

As a result, this functionality was wiped out from the native UI. Use ‘!clear @username’ to delete a particular user’s previous 100 messages. When a large number of admins simultaneously delete bulk messages on Discord servers, issues can occur. More importantly, they were allowed to delete the messages in bulk form. Once MEE6 is installed, you can utilize lots of commands to delete messages and more. Here is what you should do: Step 1: Download AutoHotkey Installer online and install it on your computer. Though Discord is a gaming-focused app, it has become popular at a higher level, making the text chat feature all the more relevant. How to delete multiple messages on Discord in this way? This process makes it much easier than creating a new channel from scratch. 1) As the first step, you should get the text channel opened (where the respective message is located). 2) Right-click on the respective channel you intend to clone. So, you can try this cloning option if you have no success with the MEE6 bot option. The following is on how to make MEE6 delete messages: Step 1: Login in Discord and navigate to the MEE6 website. Installing the MEE6 bot is quite simple. Free, intuitive video-editing software for beginners to create and share stories easily. 3) Select the option called ‘Clone Channel.’, 4) You can now rename the channel if it is required. Now, get the answer from the following part. Hope that helps!

5) Now, click on the option called ‘Create Channel.’. Right-click on the channel you want to clone. Technically, you cannot delete a Direct Message in Discord. In the Direct Message pane on the left side of the screen, hover over the conversation. From the MEE6 control panel, allow the Moderation plugin. Or is there any way to delete all from my side of things? Discord is a free VoIP application and digital distribution platform. Log into your Discord server and follow these steps: Once MEE6 is installed, you can utilize a variety of features from the browser window that pops up, as shown below, or enter commands within Discord Chat to delete messages and more. Regardless of the fact that Discord is mainly used among gamers, it competes with other chat apps as well. Also, the platform’s text chat capabilities are incredibly popular. Step 4: MEE6 will ask for specific permissions to delete messages and you should click Authorize. Use ‘!clear @username’ to delete a particular user’s previous 100 messages. As a matter of fact, the messages you send in Discord can fall into two different categories. Also, the installation of this bot is pretty simple compared to the other options. Step 4: Delete all the text in the script, copy and paste the following text: Step 5: After saving the script, open Discord, and double-click the script.

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