Of course there are/were more '97s made and sold. Not true. I picked it up in one of the small towns here in Alabama, pawn Central in Opelika Alabama, to be exact. Bankruptcy exonerates the new owners from any liability for old products. It doesn't appear to be unsafe to me, but I understand the organizations (both Marlin and SASS) have to protect themselves. Lots of good info here about the Marlin 1898, http://marauder.homestead.com/files/Marlin98s.htm, "Of major concern are failures in the firing system, but, there is no clear cut failure mode or sequence of events leading to. FACTORY ENGRAVED MARLIN MODEL 24 PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN, FACTORY ENGRAVED MARLIN MODEL 30 PUMP ACTION 16 GAUGE SHOTGUN, Marlin Model 90 Combination 22LR/410 Seldom Seen, Marlin 1895 410 22" - Lever Action .410 Walnut Stock 70451, "Marlin 42 12 Gauge factory cutaway (S5891), Engraved Special Order Marlin Model 31 C Grade Made 1916 Extra Select Wood 16 Gauge, Scarce Engraved Early Marlin Pre 16 Model XXX Wood C Grade 16 Gauge.

The 28" barrel has an excellent bright bore and has a modified choke. Shipping and insurance is $30 or $18 more if you want it shipped in a new Plano hard case. 24 scattergun. * By submitting this form you certify that you agree to our. Personally, I think it was a stand up thing for Marlin to issue this warning to keep people from being hurt. Marlin made 1,238 of the 778 with the longer barrels.

In 1898, Marlin produced their first shotgun. Copyright © 2013 - 2020 CashMyGuns.com. The Marlin disclaimer was made in 1999. Selling on-line provides instance access to thousands of buyers. But, I have never seen these companies say that their unmodified products are unsafe to shoot. I have a Marlin Model 50. Marlin's first shotgun was a pump action, made in 1898. I thought that it was only certain guns that were within a certain Serial Number that were "Bad"...could be wrong...been wrong a lot today. Standard C gr, Marlin model 40 12ga pump serial number 5244  Bore excellent barrel blue 90% barrel length 28 1/2" choke improved cylinder, May have been cut back from 30" not sure. PRICE LOWERED TO $1900.00 on this rare and seldom seen Marlin Model 90 in 22LR and 410 Bore firearm. The pictures will tell you more. Marlin Model 90 12ga Over/Under shotgun, dated to 1953, via the "K" letter code. This remained in production for almost a decade when it was replaced by the "teen series" (M16 and 17) guns which gave way to an improved Model 24 in 1908, which, like all of the above, had an external hammer.

Double triggers and extractor. As with any Marlin product, it is the bottom line that probably spelled the end of the Model 120. Therefore, almost all of the Marlin pump shotguns were broken and disregarded, and very few excellent examples have survived. In 16 gauge, modified choke. In unused original condition retaining all. The barrels are 26" with rifle sights for the 22 barrel. ), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (flint), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (perc), United States Patent Firearms Revolvers/Pistols, Century Arms International (CAI) - Shotguns. This model was made only two years 1906-1907. sn-A 33089.29" full chock barrel. Features a 28 inch barrel with a matted top surface. Email me if you would like the, This C grade hammerless pump shotgun is in 12 gauge and has a 30 inch barrel with Full choke. They were generally unsuccessful, as none of these models were made as reliable as the Winchester. Mfg.

I’m a licensed dealer who exclusively sells on-line.

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SHOTGUN, CIRCA LATE 1930'S. The standard or "A" grade gun sold for $23.25 in 1906. No rust or pitting on the

Do a Google search with your model number. The disclaimer was posted after a change in ownership solely to avoid any liability for previously released products.

The wood 2 3/4"-3" chamber, 28" BBL, fixed MOD choke.

Marlin has made a lot pump action shotguns over the years, you may not see your model below.

I'll get down off of my soap box now. Extractor's and double triggers.

The 28" barrel has an excellent bright Marlin Model 40 12ga pump serial number 5244.

Part one review of this 1898 Marlin pump action shotgun takedown model. The Marlin firearms company went through at least one and maybe more bankruptcies after the last of these shotguns were produced. Marlin 410 Lever JM Marked as new in BOX... Marlin Model 44A 20g, full choke, 28" Ba... Marlin 1895 410 22" - Lever Action .410 ... Trades Accepted: No 28 inch barrel, takedown system, good bore, mechanically fine. I wouldn't want to dig up another dead horse so close to Christmas!

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