Sign Up ›. "And there is something to the individual mentality of climbing that people can be stubborn. Powered by, Statistical Analysis of Deaths on Colorado 14ers this Decade (2010-2016).

(All but boring Culebra.)

Mountain Madness: The Road to Little Bear Peak - …

Taking objective danger alone, this peak is probably the most dangerous 14er via its standard west-ridge route. Lygon Stevens was called home after she and her brother Nick were caught in an avalanche on 14,037-foot Little Bear Peak in southern Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo (“Blood of Christ”) Range on Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008. May this be because of their lack of social popularity or maybe they are not as tough as they seem?

The so-dubbed "Death Gully" has lured people in the past due to its innocuous appearance from above and people's fear of crossing the Knife Edge on the return journey.

From an analytical standpoint it is hard to say whether this reflects the numbers of males attempting 14ers over the numbers of females or some other factor (i.e. The National Park System comprises 419 areas, 61 of which are designated national parks.

", For that reason, he continues, "the more we can get people to be safe and be clear-eyed in choosing objectives, the better. All of the Elks are that way.

To put that in perspective: in 2018, Grand Canyon National Park, Third death at Grand Canyon in eight days. As Athearn recalls, "We were like, okay, this is when people are going to be paying the most attention. Little Bear, another very rigorous peak, only had one death. And those who tackle Class 5 peaks must engage in "technical climbing.

“Lack of social popularity,” wow what a murky, hazy remark. My guess is that most occur due to breaking hand or footholds. But if you have to be transported by an ambulance or by Flight for Life or something like that, you're talking about a lot more than that — maybe even tens of thousands of dollars.

Kevin Hayne, 18, Killed Hiking Little Bear Peak tak landrock KRDO Colorado Springs A helicopter rescue crew from Buckley AFB is fine after making a “hard landing” near Alamosa, about 183 miles southwest of Colorado Springs.

Analyzing the cause of death was somewhat challenging.

"Those mountains are all steep and they have notoriously bad, loose rock on them," Athearn stresses. There was one death by lightning on Yale in 2015 that isn't accounted for here. "Number one is Longs Peak," he points out.

It is your right and your responsibility. For the Nov 3 election: States are making it easier for citizens to vote absentee by mail this year due to the coronavirus.

The other leading causes of accidents are rockfalls/landslides and avalanches.

Together, they cover more than 85 million acres and are visited by hundreds of millions of people a year --, With those numbers, there's bound to be tragedy.

Colorado fourteeners that offer Class 3 climbs include Wetterhorn Peak, Wilson Peak, Mt. Part of HuffPost News. You can find yourself on a downward slope with all sorts of loose rock that one mountain rescue expert described as like being in a room of poker chips, where everything is sliding around under your feet.

I realize this is limited info but it would be interesting. This sort of accident makes it difficult to categorize the accident. I want to sort this problem out myself. The ridge from Blanca to Little Bear is reputed the most difficult of the classic traverses. Summit Little Bear Peak, 14,037’ at 9:27am, 7 hours, 4200’ and 4.25 miles from campsite. Polling hours on Election Day vary by state/locality.

On any given week, there are an average of six deaths in the National Park System.

“The peaks in the San Juans, peaks that appear impossible to climb as they look buttressed by massive jagged cliffs did not have any deaths on them as well. Today is National Voter Registration Day! You don't need an excuse to vote early. Apparently simply being a woman slices your chances of dying on a 14er considerably. The traverse between Blanca and Little Bear is considered one of the most difficult in the State of Colorado. Kit Carson Peak and Challenger Point, a pair of fourteeners in the Sangre de Cristo range that are so close in proximity they're often tackled in a single climb, weren't highlighted in the video despite as many as three fatalities on the former since 2010 and a 2017 fall from the latter that resulted in the death of Dr. Jamie Rupp. Athearne says. Every once in a while, a visitor will die while attempting to take a photograph. at 14, 048’ and on the right is Blanca Peak towering at 14, 351’.

"But rescue groups will tell you that if there's an injured person and they're going out to save them, they might be sending thirty to fifty people — and if they're looking for someone who's lost, they're going to be trampling in the alpine on these fragile plants.

", Athearn offers the following example (one that resonates given a recent fatality in Boulder County): "People need to know before they start climbing that there are going to be thunderstorms almost every afternoon. Sunlight Peak, Wilson Peak, nor Pyramid Peak made the list and are no joke to climb and require the same degree of difficulty in climbing as some of the others with higher fatality rates. It seems like a reasonable thing to consider.". tak landrock KRDO Colorado Springs.

One thing is clear, however, is that the majority of 14er deaths involved a fatal fall on a mountain.

What can also be useful from a data set like this is considering not just what is there but what is not. Contact Us,

First, the body of 71-year-old Englewood resident Don Chambliss was found on Torreys Peak, a Class 2 fourteener; the cause of death for Chambliss has not yet been determined, but Athearn stresses that fatal medical episodes such as heart attacks can happen even on more modest climbs. A great view of the connecting ridge between Little Bear and Blanca Peak. In 2014 a climber was killed on the approach to Kelso Ridge in an avalanche. That works out to about 312 deaths a year, or a little less than one death per million visitors.

Were the Torreys Peak deaths on Kelso Ridge? "If you fall, you're likely to fall a few hundred feet.

Your vote is your voice! Capitol Peak is clo0se to a more populated area than Little Bear, El Diente, Wilson etc. Three of these five victims died as a result of selecting the incorrect descent route. Check with your local county elections office for exact times and ID requirements. Kevin Hayne, an 18-year-old from Highlands Ranch, CO, died while attempting to climb the standard route of Little Bear Peak, known as the Hourglass. "Before I spent a decade at the Colorado 14ers Initiative, I spent a decade as the deputy director of the American Alpine Club, where I got to understand a lot about climbing psychology." The blossoming popularity of hiking and climbing on Colorado's 14ers has also brought an increase in accidents on these peaks.

Jury is still out…. You are right. 9:16. While the Front Range is tied with the Sangres for most fatal accidents total, this stat is skewed by the sheer number of attempts, as the Front Range 14ers (particularly Longs) are some of the state's most popular.

Also, there was only one death on Little Bear, another peak that is often regarded as the most dangerous of all the 14ers. Travel theme. For those, perhaps extra care should be taken to exercise the greatest possible caution: climb in good weather, wear a helmet, start early, avoid crowds, and tread lightly! Deaths by Cause: fall (28), falling rocks (5), avalanche (3), heart attack (2), lightning (1), unclear (7) Deaths by Year: 2010 (10), 2011 (10), 2012 (6), 2013 (5), 2014 (6), 2015 (4), 2016 (5) (Note: I have combined the Maroon Bells in the above list due to the number of accidents that occurred on the traverse between them making it hard to attribute these deaths to one or the other of these peaks) One fascinating observation was that some of the toughest peaks to climb weren’t on the list at all.

Little Bear is one of the peaks that falls on just about anyone’s list of … ", Denver Restaurant Directory: Takeout/Delivery/Dine-in, Denver and Other Counties on Verge of COVID-19 Crackdowns, Denver Coalition to Trump: You Can't Buy Hungry People's Votes With Food, The Most Dangerous Fourteeners in Colorado, Colorado's Most Dangerous 14ers, Including Site of Two 2017 Deaths, Colorado's Most Popular Fourteeners Today, How Colorado's Best Mountain Town Balances Its Beauty and Dangers, Groups Pushing for Social Justice in Denver Suburbs, Aurora Council Will Consider Minimum Wage Increase for 2021.

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