* A stiff swingarm further enhances handling qualities while minimising weight.

You could even throw in Harley’s air-cooled 883, Triumph’s water-cooled more powerful Street Twin or Enfield’s new 650 twin, and this is where the Kawasaki stumbles a little as it’s one of the more expensive of the wide selection of middle-weight retro machines. They both looked like they been produced by the same man, in the same era, only the modern-day bike disc brakes hinted at the new bikes true age. * Elliptical mirrors have a nice chrome finish. In Japan on the exclusive product launch, Kawasaki cleverly had an original 1965 W1 on display, which clearly highlighted the similarities between the original and new bike. low-mid range performance while ensuring strict exhaust and noise emissions Instrumentation Chad is just as happy elbow-down on a race track, kicking up mud off road, or restoring classic bikes. The Café comes with racy drop bars, black wheels and engine, plus side tank pads, chrome bevel cover and obviously the front cowl. * Dual rear shock absorbers, adjustable for spring preload, offer a smooth ride The front cowl is a throwback to the café racer culture, but is more for show than any real wind protection. Personally, I prefer the looks of the Café over the Street, and on day one I did favour the feel of the racer. The torque is very flat, and the fuelling at low speed is soft, effortless. When you ask a little too much of the new ABS assisted brakes, the front forks travel a little more than I’d like, but they don’t dive to the ground like a scared toddler after a car backfires. goes out of style. Of course, arguably the Café is a styling exercise, and hasn’t been led by performance or handing and in terms of appeal and look, the Café hits the nail on the head. The W800, in both

* Bevel gear cam drive and SOHC 4-valve heads give the W800 a wide spread of

Your Privacy Rights      CA Privacy Rights. From 2019 Kawasaki have delivered an all-new W800 and there are two variants to choose from, the laid back Street and the racier Café. Kawasaki admittedly spent a huge amount of resources on the exhaust tone. give the W800 an authentic quality and classic beauty difficult to find on Stopping power comes thanks to an ABS-equipped braking system that features a large diameter 320mm front disc brake paired with a 270mm rear disc brake for excellent response and strong stopping power. The entire engine is a lustrous silver (either polished aluminium, with a clear

front wheel especially contributes a characteristic unhurried steering feeling.

grip. enables the design of the elegant fuel tank to remain the same. Painstakingly sculpted forms, an abundance of steel and

More power for your Kawasaki W800. * * 5-way adjustable clutch lever and 4-way adjustable brake lever enable riders With a full four-fingered approach the stoppers have some rewarding bite, and the rear disc brake is a big step from the old shoe item.

Both share the same basic platform, identical engine, performance, chassis and brakes. appearance. * Compact 12-hole injectors save both weight and space. not touch them when stopped at lights or putting down the side or centre stand. the bike onto the centre stand and double as tandem grips when riding with a the characteristic handling of that comes from a sturdy frame with Get vehicles, parts, accessories and apparel shipped straight to your door. * Iconic bevel-gear-driven cam adds beauty to the cylinder head while Enter your email address so that we can find your existing information. If you’re looking for a retro easy-to-ride middle-weight machine the market is flooded with attractive choices.

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