And what makes her determined to protect her employer from the buffeting it has experienced all too often at the hands of a political class with something to hide. But some charges are undisputed. 'She would no more defect to ITV than elope to Las Vegas,' insists one admirer. According to our records, Kate Adie is possibly single. If you managed to hitch a ride on one of the NATO planes from Italy into Bosnia, the rule was that you had to have a flak jacket, and only one bag that you could run at full pelt with under fire, from the plane to the sandbagged area, so that’s no suitcase on wheels! She left west London for a country cottage in the county last summer.

Kate Adie was born as Kathryn Adie on 19 September 1945, in Whitley Bay, Northumberland, United Kingdom. Famed for her courageous work, Kate Adie was awarded with Fellowship Award in 2018.

I was covering the night shift, also known as the ‘nothing ever happens shift’, and bingo! 'She works, works, works,' says one of her producers.

Her insistence upon being on the spot elicited the wry adage that "a good decision is getting on a plane at an airport where Kate Adie is getting off". “Books have always been a pleasure for me,” she says, waving towards neat piles of books waiting to be put away. In 2002, she published her autobiography under the name The Kindness of Strangers. Their Children.

© 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Kate Adie in 1992 The first episode of From Our Own Correspondents (the “s” latterly disappeared) aired at 10.15am on September 25th, 1955, as … Her Net Worth And Salary, Who Is Timothy Carhart's Wife? Also, an author, some of Kate's famous books are Danger: People Who Risk Their Lives for Work, Fighting on the Home Front: The Legacy of Women in World War One. lists, Why? The guys who were news producers could all type, but we couldn’t, so it was a massive learning curve. To this end she recently supported the re-opening of Puddletown Library when community volunteers took over the running of the village library after it lost its County Council funding. Bio-Wiki: Husband, Married, Engaged, Marriage, Now. One of her close friends is known to be a producer at the BBC, and she keeps in touch with Joan Mckenzie. [22][23], In 2003 Adie retired from the BBC, where she had been Chief News Correspondent. She earns a reported £115,000 a year and is about to sign a serialisation deal for her autobiography which will probably secure her £500,000. Her radio career swiftly took her from Durham to Bristol, where she worked on radio and then TV, then to Plymouth and Southampton before she came to London, working as one of just a handful of women in the national news room. And when she's good, she's brilliant. She was also shot by a drunk and irate Libyan army commander after refusing, as a journalist, to act as an intermediary between the British and Libyan governments; the bullet, fired at point-blank range, nicked her collar bone but she did not suffer permanent harm. She has a sister named Dianora Bond. “I was only there because of my boyfriend at the time, I certainly wasn’t the brain of the university,” she laughs. When she comes into the office, it's as if Princess Margaret has arrived. There is little else in her life except the BBC. She is an English and is of white ethnicity. Her London home is a stark modern flat in west London. I said “Fine no interview then.” Vanity of course prevailed and he suggested that my camera man ask the questions. In fact one of my reporters did exactly that and was hugely effective. Veteran war correspondent Kate Adie is quitting her job with the BBC after 35 years.

Kathryn Adie CBE, DL (born 19 September 1945) is an English journalist. Libya. And Alastair Campbell is behind the Exocet. So we changed the camera position to get the angle right and he did the interview, refusing to make eye contact, but with his eyes fixed firmly on my chest. Bio-Wiki: Net Worth, Son, Wife, Wedding, Children, Affair, Where’s Peter Doocy today? “It’s a little rusty,” she shrugs. She first worked as a station assistant of which she later became the producer. charity Foundation of Light event. “No I do the camera,” he said. Her Children? Gosh! Having cut her teeth in the north east covering gritty stories such as strikes in the ship yards and collieries, this didn’t faze her. She has revitalised From Our Own Correspondent for Radio 4, which was becoming a tired vehicle, but little else has been arranged for her. Adie was born in Whitley Bay, Northumberland.

She stressed the importance of personally verifying news sources. It makes Jeremy Paxman look like yesterday's man.'. Ambitions of a ballet career were thwarted by “enormous bunions.” Career options for girls in the early Sixties were limited. [43], Adie is a fan of Sunderland AFC. But then most of our big-name reporters and presenters are bloody difficult to work with. She describes the station output as a “mini Radio 4”. We worked terrible hours, seven days a week, but it was such an exciting time and a new world for all of us.” As a fledging reporter, Kate talked to people about all sorts of local issues.

In 2003 Adie retired from the BBC, where she had been Chief News Correspondent.

And a secretary at Broadcasting House discloses: 'By far the largest number of public speaking requests we have is for Kate. But for every gram of public acclaim, there seems to be a counter-balancing ounce of private resentment among colleagues. Tiananmen Square.

'I'm honestly not sure we had the best report,' recalls one very senior newsreader. Popular with the public, instantly recognised, highly experienced and with a reputation for guts under fire. She retired from the BBC in early 2003 and works as a freelance presenter with From Our Own Correspondent on BBC Radio 4. He launched his broadside without naming the BBC reporter responsible for the controversial transmissions from Tripoli. I turned to talk to one and he was on the ground dead,” she says shaking her head,  “and then I turned to talk to the other he had been shot dead too.”. A riot was considered to be anything over a thousand people, 300 people would be called a disturbance.”, Was she scared? Who Is Her Partner? [9], Adie was thereafter regularly dispatched to report on disasters and conflicts throughout the 1980s, including the The Troubles in Northern Ireland,[10] the American bombing of Tripoli in 1986 (her reporting of which was criticised by the Conservative Party Chairman Norman Tebbit),[11][12][13] and the Lockerbie bombing of 1988. Nine years ago, upon Adie's return to Libya, Colonel Gadafi's foreign information director wrote to the BBC complaining that it was 'as if we have nothing to do except Kate Adie'. it is estimated that her net worth is in millions, Who Is The Father Of Leah McSweeney's Daughter? But this time, it is a New Labour government. I was in such a state after this public humiliation, the producer and presenter took me out for a cheap curry and a pint in Newcastle.

Few reporters are still on the road day after day at 56, and after 30 years. "[21] Her insistence upon being on the spot elicited the wry adage that "a good decision is getting on a plane at an airport where Kate Adie is getting off". “I still love scanning the library shelves and seeing what’s on offer. There was a joke among soldiers in the British army that if Kate Adie turned up on the scene, they knew they were in trouble. But even that's not enough now. Her zodiac sign is Virgo They would love to erase it from history". quotes,

“I managed to sink the team on the last round. For Tebbit, party chairman at the time, has always had an astute sense of political basics. About. She has not disclosed her salary and net worth but we suppose she’s a lady.

Kate Adie is a 74 year old British Journalist born on 19th September, 1945 in Northumberland, England, United Kingdom. The British journalist, Kate Adie spent most of her professional life as a chief news correspondent for BBC News. But the Libyan protest still rang a bell with dozens of BBC staff who have felt exactly the same. His Married Life And Children. In 1990, she won Richard Dimbleby Award. Actually she was the first one to be on this scene. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures are added every day. (And what better retort could there be to the armchair spin doctors stuck in Downing Street? Kate Adie who is known in this world as the British journalist and the former chief news correspondent for BBC News is also the great writer. ), Adie, 56 last month, is now one of the best known faces of British broadcasting.

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