[24][25][3] Placing emphasis on Jacobs' imposing height and weight, Yankem was portrayed as a monstrous figure whom Lawler had hired for the purpose of ridding the WWF of his longtime nemesis, Bret Hart. On the December 12 episode of Raw, Kane defeated Triple H in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match, then Kane participated in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship at New Year's Revolution but he was eliminated by Carlito and Chris Masters. The storyline did not end there. In December, Kane joined The Corporation to stay out of the insane asylum. Jacobs made his re-debut as Kane at Badd Blood: In Your House on October 5, 1997, by using The Undertaker's signature "Tombstone Piledriver" to cost him the victory in the first Hell in a Cell match against Shawn Michaels. [43] Kane and The Undertaker began teaming as The Brothers of Destruction, and in the course of the year they feuded with Edge and Christian, Rikishi and Haku, and The Two-Man Power Trip. He then continued teaming with CM Punk to earn a WWE Tag Team Championship match at Judgment Day,[82] which they lost to John Morrison and The Miz. [111] Kane later explained that he needed to feel like a monster again, and believed that defeating Orton would allow him to do that.

Kane and The Undertaker feuded with one another over the following year, during which time their history vis-à-vis one another was expounded. The feud culminated at SummerSlam, where they defeated Page and Kanyon in a steel cage match, resulting in them holding both the WWF Tag Team[32] and the WCW Tag Team Championships. He is also a two-time Intercontinental Champion and a Money in the Bank winner, as well as the third man to complete WWE's Grand Slam. [96] The following month, Kane reunited with the Big Show against a common enemy, The Corre, thus turning face in the process. captures Divas Title, RVD returning to WWE", "Caldwell's WWE Raw Results 6/17 (Hour 2): Ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw – Orton vs. Bryan, A.J.

After the match, Kane attacked Ryder with a Tombstone Piledriver and then he chokeslammed Cena. At Survivor Series, Kane participated in the first-ever Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship, which was won by Shawn Michaels. before the Royal Rumble, Kane was involved in a six-man elimination over-the-top-rope battle royal, with King Booker, MVP, The Miz, Chris Benoit, and Finlay. The feud ended when Edge defeated Kane in a Stretcher match on the July 25 episode of Raw. Jack Swagger; Kane def.

In the later episodes ‘The Big Red Machine’ would often make use of a voice-box to interact. [229], Jacobs is actively involved in libertarian politics and publishes his views via a blog. [211] At Royal Rumble, Lesnar retained his title in a triple threat match against both Kane and Strowman. Kane's been looking 6ft 6 at times with people too recently. [12] On May 1, 2018, he won the Republican primary election for the mayoral seat of Knox County,[13] and on August 2, went on to win the general election. [220] At Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia, Undertaker was defeated by Triple H following interference by Michaels. On the June 1 episode of Raw Is War, Kane defeated The Undertaker to become the number one contender to the WWF Championship. [100] On the July 22 episode of SmackDown, Kane was attacked by Mark Henry, who injured his leg with a steel chair.

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