Range: Up to 247 meters, if the user's around. He then tried to stab Razor in the chest. It has Big white eyes and completely black(shadow) body as from some sort of a horror game or movie.

If you want to hide the UI for screenshots, press shift to toggle it on or off! Meant as a last resort, and is very similar to Bites the Dust. Summoning hands may look like only a simple and weak power, but it's an OP power if used cleverly like making a whole barricade with nothing but hands for example (Robin does that later in the series).

He then tried to attack the opposing hitman with it, but the enemy saw him and then he kicked him off, making the hitman dropped the arrow and falling to the floor. The thief's stand managed to kill the secret service officers, one of whom retrieved the arrow. I saw in my vision that you're the saviour. Power: ESpeed: ERange: EDurability: APresicion: EPotential: B.

The user can assume a two-dimensional form, extend outward to become a larger shadow, blend into the darkness/shadows completely, or even teleport through them. Physical Description: November Rain looks like a robotic centaur with the upper body of a half-devil. What are you supposed to do here?

Thats actually not a bad stand!

My point about your stand is that since Nico Robin's power is interesting, it also makes that i think your stand is interesting too. Its user is still vulnerable in this state, but ADR returns when it is either done so manually or if its user feels external pain (such as stubbing your toe).

He was renowned across the U.S. for managing himself in and out of secure locations. (Get that ugly thing outta my face), Millions of possible combinations!

Appearance: Has the figure of a genie, human from the waist up and the legs are a white fluffy cloud.

A reverse low-pitched sound of [REDACTED] will also be playing when the ability is activated.

Its arms and legs are made out of newspapers that are also filled with the same black symbols.

Condition: Can absorb heat from various media and applications, such as a newly-made asphalt road,  boiling water, sunrays, or even from a direct physical attack aswell (based on the vector theory that every kinetic movement creates heat), which minimizes the damage and boosting it's durability. His mom wasnt the only person he helped, said the whole neighbourhood.

Welp, time to change the stand's name.

Due to the president's strong will to protect his country and the arrow, the arrow merged with AD. Burn Monkey would flow out all out its heat out of its mouth, making the stand spits fire (literally) and burns everything on sight. "You picked the wrong target, my dear friend".

Tired of being discriminated, he started to skip school on purpose, giving him a delinquent title. Mac and Linux versions are now up to date. "Very well, and it's nice to see you being a good child obeying his father's words. Bullet Punch: GNR performs a rapid flurry of punches, each punch having the same speed and force as a bullet. It can control heat using it's staff. Larger items take longer to create.
Look in the Mirror -  In the dimension, the user makes a reflection which turns into a clone of the user, and exits the dimension with the user.

I'll have to watch the show, after I've caught up on JoJo's. Well yes, but technically no, since King Crimson's power is to skip time and erase the skipped time, and can be activated freely. Wears a black school uniform with a light green tie with dark green polka-dots and black dress shoes. Casually, he wears a white tank top with a dark brown puffer jacket and khakis. If her stand power is too focused on one body, it will crumble to dust. The opposing hitman knew and tried to counter the attack, only to be counter-countered by Razor and the knife then dropped to the ground. November Rain uses its body to create any combo of 2 of these weapons: November Rain hugs itself and electrifies its whole body. Over 1200 Stand names!

Outside of the one skill of projecting, The Stand cannot do anything. The fortune teller then walks away an disappears into the darkness, completely gone in the eye. The moment he thought that he had murdered his target, a hand grabbed his shoulder. Jerry is the Great-Great-Great-Grandson of one of Gyro Zeppeli's siblings (not sure if he had siblings but I would assume so), and the last user of Spin. Usage: Event Negation is activated when the stand comes in contact with the affected event, area, or object (mostly by punching).


The clone acts off of what the user is thinking and cannot use a Stand in exchange for slightly heightened physical capability.

According to Clayman, the main protagonist's Stands also have a more metatextual meaning to them. There you go! (Personalize!). Its main use lies in its ability, able to imbue small objects (as in no bigger than a small beach ball, which is a little bigger than RRA1) with a bit of Spin energy. They would take damage equal to the percentage of color they would be able to see. He then stabbed the fortune teller with his dagger in the back, and it goes straight to the heart. He tried punching it, but it gives no effect and instead he gets hurt. Arden's mother owns a salon and he always helps her to ease her job everyday. Pistol Kick: The user/Stand's foot transforms into a pistol and kicks the opponent then fires once to a few times. Or it'll also copy the stand form too?

In the case of Achtung Baby, if the user was covered in makeup or some way the user could see or make out the face, the ability could work. That someone looks like he's wearing a dark gray meander-patterned cloak, and that someone also looks like he's trapped on the ground. He need not to look at the photo just be in possession of the photo. Ability:  Forming metal weapons (spear, gladiatorial net, short-swords) from its body, and shooting lightning from its fingers.

So do you wear the suit? We must've been entangled by fate to meet in here. There are also several additional Stands used by other allies: 1 Trivia According to Clayman, the main protagonist's Stands also have a more metatextual meaning to them. The staff would be so hot that if it came in contact with a material, that targeted material would be burned or melted in just a few seconds.

Insomnia inducement, I like it! User: Literally any good president of the USA. When Enter Sandman is summoned, it will phase through into the target's dream, and will give the target the worst nightmare they possibly would have until they woke up. A close range stand has a same punching power as star platinum and it look crazy diamond but the pads are triangle instead of box shape. Combined with previous and new ability, if there is no dark or shadowy place surrounding the user to move around, the user can just make a new one and then assert dominance over the enemy inside it. Limit : 3 hours cooldown, and Absolute darkness only lasts for a minute. (Grasping, restraining, holding, pushing, pulling, etc). Over time effects include various levels of mental deprecation, insanity and potentially death.

arms after all, someone strong enough can break their grasp.

But I'm glad you enjoy it.

At that moment, his Stand, Right Round, manifested before his eyes. Once again, thank you for the questions! ☺️. Appearance: A 5'6'' man with straight black hair styled to the side. Also if your wondering why don't I write it well I have the desc and stats or whatever you wanna call it but anyway I wanna see what other people do with these names/stands, ok so I have two for if people want to write a desc for these I have Burn monkey and I have end of ZA line use those if ya wsnt. On the job, he is lethal to his target, both as a hunter and assassin, and takes his job very seriously. Lives a very boring life and wishes he could be somebody else with a more interesting life. This skill needs alot of heat, like 95% of all the heat it had. Character: At this point, he's just an Upper Secondary Student born in Naples, Italy, who just discovered his Spin capabilities, as well as his Stand.

Background: He discovered his Stand at the age of 10 when its ability activated for the first time when he and an old American man in tan clothes and hat looked each other in the eye when he was coming home from a vacation in Egypt. Any suggestion or critic will be very helpful. Form: When retracted, it takes the form of the user's shadow. Although I thought since Black Day would originally be for a villain I decided I wanted to go back and make a Requiem version for if a hero possesed Black Day. Heat Absorption Aegis (Basic defensive skill). This could range from something as simple as regenerating an arm that has already been severed and incinerated and the wound already sealed off, to rejecting death itself for resurrection (similiar to GER, but without the loop). A complete list of all 18 Stands that the protagonist can receive after taking the Personality Evaluation is below. Whether this was out of curiosity, or a sign of her fate is uncertain, but she eventually found a relic of her ancestry: an old, damaged newspaper of Caesar Zeppeli during his time in a gang. Hope this helps! As in the case of a stand like Enter Sandman, both IBT's user and Enter Sandman's users would need to make eye contact, not the user and the stand.

Like if IBT's ability activates, are we also going to be able to summon the stand that is copied?

During her time in an Orphanage, she would often not be seen for hours in the afternoon as she would sneak out and explore the town she was in,. Range : As far as the dark or shadowy place goes. Several various firearms erect from AD's wings and open fire on any victim in range.

Piquing her curiosity for her old lineage, Frullata is now set out to investigate anybody who may have ties to the Zeppeli name to find out more about where she came from. Red-green, Blue-yellow, and total colorblindness. And that weird person, also seems to kill an old man, that old man who always sells ice cream to the kids.

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