he is sticking out his stomach for sure” girl are you okay, I just watched the Rodrigues’ facebook live video and here are some thoughts, I’m surprised the Rodrigues are wearing masks.

Someone on Reddit had these observations to say comparing the Turpin family to the Rodrigues family. This is  because in all of the photos we’ve seen, she and her children wear an inordinate amount of heavy makeup and use so much hairspray that lighting a match near them will probably cause them to burst into flames. Almost to a very unhealthy point. Pastor Caldwell preached a sermon on modest dress for ladies, and it blessed our hearts OVER and OVER again!

This is Jill pictured with the Pastor’s wife of the next church we sang at in Palmyra, NY – Palmyra Bible Baptist Church. Baptist DM if anyone would like a personal reading, I do sell! She is pretty unintentionally funny. I am SOOO excited and have worked tirelessly to make this happen!

JRod herself once made a comment that her children got the ice cream container out of the trash so that none was wasted. Rodrigues The only one in Washington that qualifies for what he’s becoming is only 15 minutes away from my house.

We only know what we can see in pictures, and the pictures show that the children are incredibly malnourished. I just want to feed them. We LOVE the results of them! Nurie’s siblings look miserable and its not just because she’s left. [7], Nathan Edward Keller - born on April 23, 1996[25]. Rodrigues Family Instagram: October 28, 2020.

And it’s hilarious.

The Rods in their RV and the Turpins from WV, to a couple of different locations in Texas and then later to California.
I almost feel bad knowing most of these are probably snarkers (because her other videos don’t have near the views), but then I remember she wants to take health care away from vulnerable women so yea nevermind, I’m not sure if anyone has shared these yet but —, THIS IS NOT A DRILL, JILL WILL BE LESS THAN 15 MINUTES FROM ME IN JANUARY, (Assuming she meant to say January 2021 and is going to the Plexus Corporate Headquarters which is actually in Scottsdale). All three of these adults are breaking the law, and risking the health of not just that tiny baby, but any elderly or sick people they may be around in the future. They don’t dress sluttish like in America. I bring the cosmetology license up because this is the root behind all the girls’ absolutely dreadful style.

If you’re an off-key warbling revivalist trussed up in loads of polyester and makeup while shilling Plexus you should stay home. They were all getting to act like teenagers for once and all looked so happy (of course being high on meds can do that to you). Perhaps one less frivoulous item that we can’t afford to buy for them? Josh getting the Rodlets names wrong was hilarious. Jill's … I am passionate about a health and wellness company called – Plexus! For some reason, I decided to waste two hours of my life to watch it. But more than control it seemed to be about punishment. David and Jill Rodrigues Listen, say what you will about the Rodrigues family but I have a soft spot for Nurie and (Nurie’s other siblings). I wonder if Jill asked the Keller’s and Nathan if they mind if Jill posts EVERY thing on social media.. David and Jill Rodrigues are selling their home in Charleston, West-Virginia.

www.rodriguesfamilyministries.com She has been happily married to her best friend for the last 33 years.
Meaning if you’re a fireman, or a grocery store clerk, or a nurse or any of the professions on the list you go to work. *insert eyeroll here*, #i cant remember the kids name for some reason, #my dad is ironic as fuck he doesn’t actually believe this shit lol, #he also isn’t gay but isn’t saying it in a negative way, #or perhaps the Dingus family is just foolish. This weekend we are at Bible Baptist Church in Moorehead, Kentucky with Pastor Jack Tackett for their Mission’s Conference.

So yeah, food is less important than having as many babies as you can. We want EVERYONE to know Jesus personally by getting saved! The rather too thin graduates. You know what else is expensive? Hopefully he is a good husband to her. Last Sunday, we were back at our home church in WV. He’s flying home for Christmas only because someone else gave him their flight points. You wiggle into skin-tight t-shirts and skirts, wear big bleached hair and pounds of makeup, and take pictures of your daughters sticking out their chests and butts. After I mentioned that not everyone was reacting appropriately ...". 2. Yesterday afternoon, Jill posted Nurie and Nathan’s wedding video. She’s still looking to keep the gender rolls baking in the oven. Nurie brings the 3 of Pentacles which I interpret usually as collaborative and working with each other for a solution.

The Turpins ended up almost entirely shutting themselves off from the world whereas Jill still seeks attention (and grifts) online for her family.

I am ECSTATIC that God has answered his prayer!!

This is no plot of Satan, or liberal media. Irresponsible, uncaring, unloving and dangerous. Preying upon a populace without the resources to know what it is they are getting into. Nathan is represented by the 9 of Pentacles which depicts a woman surrounded with gold coins in a blossoming garden; he is gonna be the breadwinner of the house just like God intended, gosh dammit! Suzanne Titkemeyer went from a childhood in Louisiana to a life lived in the shadow of Washington D.C. For many years she worked in the field of social work, from national licensure to working hands on in a children's residential treatment center. There’s been a great deal said in the media about the Turpin parents eating pies and other calorie dense foods in front of the children to taunt them. Thank you, Pastor Caldwell, for your stand for righteousness, NO MATTER the criticism you may get for your righteous, Biblical stand!! There are many of the same high pressure tactics that are using in high demand religions so it feels very comfortably familiar to the participants. However she’s still young and naïve about what may lie ahead. We have not heard that good  a message on those issues in a long time! She taught him her grifting ways. Jill characterized her miscarriages as “severe” on the Rodrigues Family’s Blog.

I don’t know really why I’m saying this other than to say it maybe, but thanks ☺️ y’all are the fun online community I’ve always wanted (even if I don’t often interact lol), ETA: I’m going to pull a JRod here, and make this about me.

Shades of the infamous Turpin family without the filthy environment. It’s COVID times and this woman is really putting her kids food on a bare fucking table. She is a ordained Stephen's Minister with many years of counseling experience. She seems kindhearted, just misguided due to her upbringing. Jill is pushing this product and using it. It is our honor and joy!

•Almost all of the children in both families are emaciated. – If you look at her weekly menu you will see that these are meals that are almost entirely high carbohydrate foods. Likely straight out of the food budget. While very much immature, this is a card of hope, possibility, and new beginnings. •David is the first name of the patriarch of both families. I mistakenly said it was Jill’s kids who were sick now. Jill, what in the WORLD is that first picture?? Can you imagine Jill Rodrigues and Miss Renee together?

And that performance comes at a cost. It was a precious, special day and we enjoyed a quiet dinner afterward with the Duggars at their lovely, hospitable home. 75 ($1.06/Count) Get it as soon as Thu, Nov 5. Take a look at this. http://www.maranathawv.com/.

Patheos has the views of the prevalent religions and spiritualities of the world.

“he is SUPER trim. Last week we looked at the fact that Zsuzsanna Anderson, the wife of hate pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church sure seems to be strictly controlling every bite of food her kids eat.

Yes, I want the Patheos Nonreligious Newsletter as well, Identity Politics vs. Transactional Politics. Beyond the means of many struggling families in the Quiverfull world. The New Mo-RAL Pa-NIC: Syncopation! I can’t accept that he will be so close to me that I could run into him or his whole family. Also—she definitely FaceTuned Nurie and Nathan, In which JRod continues to have a creepy relationship with her oldest son…. They concluded it was likely overpriced. Admin T has now freaked me out because she said that he’s becoming a pilot for mission trips. Certainly it can't be a coincidence that this is the first time she's constantly exposed an unborn fetus to Plexus and that baby ends up having a stroke. The two strangest staged photos of eating that is not actually eating. There is a great deal of overlap between the two families. Zsu shared another of her weekly shopping trips and the menu of meals for this last week.

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