Sir Elton John visited the set of The Jacksons: An American Dream and heard a young Weaver sing. He soon graduated to bigger acting roles like the 1990 TV movie The Kid Who Loved Christmas and the old Oprah Winfrey TV show, Brewster Place. "No, no, don't do that. That's why young black executives don't get to become the old chairmen—the wise men who've seen it and done it.

I'm gonna be Motown for this generation of young-adult record buyers. Back then, he featured in commercials for a beverage company and a fast-food chain. Weaver says he turned down a $2 million payday in favor of the much savvier move of taking royalties on the film's profits (plus $100,000 up front). He also performed on the popular track, "Once Call Away", with Chingy. What about the younger acts on Motown? I think it might've been, like, 1969, '70. "It's always been a dream of mine to head up Motown," he says. In this clip, Jason Weaver detailed being offered $2 million by Disney just to sing in the Lion King. “Disney had a reputation for re-releasing stuff,” recalled Weaver. He's doing a cou­ple of million here, a couple of million there. Check us out.”. “This is probably not your first time [on house arrest],” Smith jokingly replies.

In the interview he claimed that over the ensuing decades, this turned out to be a very wise choice because he still earns checks to this day and his total earnings have topped the original $2 million offer. I think at that time they had put out Sleeping Beauty and some of their old catalog from when [Walt] Disney was alive," he said. The Four Tops, the Temps, and, especially, Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross—these are national trea­sures.

I've got a family and everything. Clare Bronfman Net Worth: How Much did the Seagram Heiress Spend on NXIVM? Jekyll.) “Reunited and it feels so good,” Smith wrote on Instagram on Wednesday (April 29). I'll be making some noise real quick. Successful as the artists on his label proved to be, Harrell has felt constrained in his efforts to make them pop superstars, both by his arrange­ment with Uptown's parent company, MCA, and by the troubling racial politics of the music busi­ness in general. At Uptown, Harrell defined a contemporary R&B sound for the hip hop age, bringing the world Guy, Heavy D, Jodeci, Mary J. Blige, Al B. For whatever reasons, though, the execution between the two sides never worked. Zhané I'd like to give a little bit more image. The black executive is not given the opportunity to become the business and the music. Clearly a man who enjoys control, Harrell was soft-spoken and intent. Travis Roy’s Girlfriend: Where Is Maija Langeland Now? Those meetings will come after I execute the deal. He is most widely recognized for his roles on "Thea" and "Smart Guy". I'm going to have a satellite office in Atlanta—A&R-oriented. After their moderate success and a second album, Excuse Me, I’ve Got a Life to Catch, Kitty & the Haywoods stepped away from the business.

In 2003, he was a featured artist on Chingy’s “One Call Away” and even appeared in the music video for the same. ✌ #tbt, A post shared by Jason Weaver aka “J Weav” (@itsjasonweaver) on Aug 8, 2019 at 12:14pm PDT. It's that young, hip hop—soul, Generation X energy. And they have a lot of work to do to gain his trust and respect. Jason Weaver, one of the most underrated artists in Hollywood and also an incredibly smart entertainer, voiced … I wish I could’ve been down there in ATL to celebrate this day with you, but don’t trip because you know what I’m outchea doin. Were gonna invest somewhere else"? "Oh, sh*t, oh, sh*t," he said aloud with his hands up in the air once he realized what was about to go down. But when there's some sort of problem, the major label looks at the black executive: "Why can't you handle this act?" Berry Gordy was the blueprint for what I became. Jodeci came to me because I had Al B. Was the idea, "Well, Andre's doing fine. At the time, Thomas starred in the comedy Home Improvement and was literally on the covers of every teen magazine out (RIP Tiger Beat.). @itsjasonweaver explained what happened to #ShadowAndAct. He had a recurring role in the ‘90s sitcom Thea, during which Jason and his mother had moved to California. I don't have to ask anybody. FACT CHECK: Is “Text RBG to 50409” a Scam? Smith posted a snippet from the Zoom reunion that showcases the special bond between the Fresh Prince cast.

What about new directions? While the Lion King revenue kept rolling in, Weaver followed his singing and acting interests. The sound I'm going for now is soul. He's stepping into one of the most vis­ible jobs in the entertainment industry: president and CEO of Motown Records. and "I Want You Back." is an affiliate site of Billboard, a subsidiary of Prometheus Global Media, LLC.

“Jeff you had us all scared,” says Ribiero.

Not just their art form but their plight as African-American men and women. I was the founder and chairman of Uptown Records, a major, culturally influen­tial entertainment company for African-Americans in the '9os. "They were releasing that stuff when they were releasing the new Disney stuff, so she was able to see the playing field and go, ‘Wait a minute, this is going to make a lot of money over time, so what happens when my son turns 40? Jason spoke about his mom deciding to turn down the upfront money and negotiated royalties instead. Now, I feel like, with Arista being involved with LaFace and the other labels, they sold 7 million Toni Braxtons. 1 pop hit, "Candy Rain").

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