At the hobbyist level, detailing products are more about the experience and less about efficiency or effectiveness – and that’s ok. There’s a reason why so many high-end detailers continue to use Meguiars products decade after decade. It’s often assumed that this is the ingredient in ceramic coatings that produces the hardness pro-grade formulations are known to produce. This spray wax looks fantastic and creates beautiful tight water beads. Today I decided to wash it and see how it looked. I’m going to have to give this stuff a try! People complained about them relying too much on past successes and Meguiars listened. For those that enjoy using iron and fallout removers that change color, Meguiars has come out with a new one. Meguiars might not have invented the microfiber cutting pad but they certainly changed the detailing industry with it. It had been over a year since it was last waxed and over a month since last washed. It’s ph-neutral and is safe to use on both your wheels and paint. The hydrophobic properties of hybrid ceramic wax where ok, where I was really disappointed is the lack of gloss and slickness after application. So, I read up about and saw some reviews about Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax and was very curious about the results. It also smells oddly nice, sort of like cotton candy or something sweet. Being a fan of their existing polishes, I’m really looking forward to trying this duo out. Ease of application, gloss, slickness, hydrophobicity. Meguiars spends years testing and developing their stuff, so when they decide it’s ready to hit the market, they know it works without needing to update it every year. The Unbiased Truth And 8 Myths: How To Remove Snow Without Scratching Your Paint, The Best Rain Repellent for Windshields – 2019 Update. After one wash it would come off but the Meguiars hybrid ceramic wax is very good just by looking at the pictures the op posted this stuff does a good job and lasts my car shines like the ops car I have to say Meguiars made a good product By the way collinite is very good I’ve used it before I can’t find any in my area .

So I bought it a few weeks ago from Wally World for $14 and used it on my hatch. One of my earliest detailing experiences happened roughly 14 years ago.

But they get the job done, come in colorful bottles, and smell good. Submit a product review for a chance to Win a $25 DI Gift Card. These are essentially their entry-level line of products – they’re intended for people that don’t eat, sleep, and breath detailing the way us weirdos do. Not many other companies are marketing these products to be used on both (although many can be), so I think this one is pretty cool. HCW doesn’t need to cure, but Beadmaker does. Well that just does not work for me at all. I can't comment on durability because I am always adding some protection when I wash. What’s better paste wax or liquid wax hand applied. A gallon will last a hobbyist detailer a very, very long time.

I found the product really easy to use, and it left a lot of gloss.

I applied it two weeks ago and it’s still holding up especially since it rainy season and it rains every day, Try using collinite you will love it. D1801 Wheel and Paint Iron Decon is the latest member of the Detailer family. All Rights Reserved. Product works best when you follow the full instructions for the first time using the rinse method of application in my opinion - especially for a vehicle that has a good base of wax or other sealant /coating. They don’t need to be coming out with new products constantly in an effort to stay relevant. What I’m trying to achieve is to establish a base layer, then a top layer that can be refreshed as needed as it slowly wears away. Many people turn to companies like Chemical Guys and Adam’s Polishes when they want to take care of their car as a hobby.

Copyright © 2020 Canadian Gearhead. Meguiars has been accused of not being innovative in terms of new product development in the past. With so many spray-on ceramic coatings and SI-02 detail sprays hitting the market lately, it’s no secret that Meguiars used the word “ceramic” to jump onto that train. It's my goto on though for quick wash wax customers who just want a shine between washes - not sure yet if it will last but doesn't seem like it will make it more than a month. You must log in or register to reply here. Doesn’t really matter, just personal preference. Beeding is great and gloss shine is awesome. I could instantly see the change. Yes, expensive compounds that use diminishing abrasives might be easier to use for beginners. See contest details, High End Car Care Supplies | 2,250+ Products | 81 Brands| 11,500+ Reviews | 1,450+ Ask-a-Pro Blog Posts. You can fine tune exactly how shiny you want it to be by diluting it with water. As soon as the after hit the car on the initial rinse it started beading and rolling off. I then sprayed it with water and it did bead up but not with the results I was hoping for. No. After reading this forum and seeing the results of foam canons and ceramic coating I got sucked in. I tend to use it on cars that only suffer from swirl marks and moderate scratches because it’s so user friendly, keeps heat down, and creates very little dust. Absolutely. I did not apply it to the glass or wheels. Man! I'm using it on my new Harley with Denm paint. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It's $10 for the bottle how could could it actually be. A small amount is all that's needed because a little goes a long way. Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax 2 Months Later, Another good review for Meguiar's Ceramic Hybrid Wax (pic heavy). There’s a lot more to Meguiars as a company than you might realize. Unlike many popular detailing product manufacturers (and you would be surprised at how many), Meguiars doesn’t use a blender to create their products.

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