This is the ultimate act of love in this argument: repairing a flawed relationship between the conquered and God.6 Now that we have established the origins of the theory, we must define what is meant by war. of service. Can terrorism ever be justified? Therefore, rules are made to be followed, but sometimes it is wise to break them. Rather than moving forward with the development, the leaders are stumbling upon stupid laws and clauses of the interim constitution and are working on solving the problem than moving further from it. Are we proving that they shouldn't bother us anymore? ... And they said, Nay; but we will abide in the street all night. Unlike natural happenings, war is an action of people inflicted of other people. The outrage from both Labor and Liberal politicians that followed was predictable. Among the more important decisions a person will ever have to face is that of betrayal. In 1987, a study was published by the Stanford Law Review. Pradhan (GP2)

All rights reserved, Can Breaking the Law Ever be Justified?. Vigilantism and Terrorism are two major issues where groups or individuals claim to be providing justice or freedom. If we doubt that it does, we would find unconvincing certain other arguments that McManus' critics might offer. However, as the saying goes ‘rules are meant to be broken’. War is by common sense evil, but can it ever be less evil? Rights, Law, Civil disobedience 694  Words | WHEN IS SOMEBODY JUSTIFIED IN BREAKING THE LAW? But do we? In such cases, civil disobedience might be necessary.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. An act like this would be a justifiable reason to break the law. Premium

New citizens and officials, but not most of us. Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. After the abolition, We are comfortable breaking the law when we feel it does not apply to us, that laws such as the speed limit are not real laws because everyone breaks them. Hence, breaking laws can be justified if that brings a large benefit to a large group of people. There were times in history when breaking the law was justified: great leaders like Gandhi and Martin Luther King broke the law and changed the world for the better. spaced).

... Over two millennia later, we"re still arguing the issue and perhaps we are no closer to resolving it. (11) O... Can Capital Punishment be justified? Hence, breaking laws can be justified if that brings a large benefit to a large group of people. I will begin by providing contextual information of the topic through exploring the history of terrorism. We were attacked mercilessly on our on soil, so most would say that the war on Afghanistan and Iraq are justified. Breaking the rules can be the best thing to do in a particular situation. For the development of a place and to move ahead, sometimes it is the rules that are preventing us from doing so. Had it not been for him, India would not be the independent country it is now. Does it affect anybody else negatively? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed civil disobedience, when enacted for the correct reasons, was a useful tool to fight unjust laws. People falling into the first of these categories would be those who consider that through social contract we are obliged to obey the law, whatever the law states and regardless of our opinion on the moral status of that law and that we are morally, Disobedience of Authority Two Individuals from the text that have done this successfully are Martin Luther King Jr. and Thomas Jefferson. Our sense of injustice would lead us to suspect the fairness of the distribution of the benefits – too many for some and too few for others. World War II, Middle East, War 937  Words | However, breaking the law is not always justified.

This is why society has set up governments, to maintain order and to provide safety. © 2002-2020 Opposition leader Bill Shorten said he believed in changing bad laws, not breaking them. From the Sicarii in 50AD who carried out assassinations with short daggers to more recent attacks such as 7/7 bombings in the London underground. Vigilantes like the Ku Klux Klan are basically extremists who try to bring justice by exterminating wrong doers, while in doing so they are violating greater laws. At least in the United States all of these terrorist acts are at its core are crimes resulting from breaking the laws of the land.

This is a case where breaking the rule is justified. There three main causes of breaking the rules and law.

No society, whether free or tyrannical, can give its citizens the right to break its laws: To ask it to do so is to ask it to proclaim, as a matter of law, that its laws are not laws. Terrorism Act 2000, United Nations, Definition of terrorism 2465  Words |

Law is an ancient procedure. Or are we just getting revenge? Fortunately, there are restrictions, and they are laws.

As McManus says, we should do what the law requires only "when the law is fair and the law is right". A world without Gandhi would be a world without independent India; without Mandela there would be white superiority in Africa; without freedom fighters, there would be no democracy in Nepal. It is just a way showing the love of nature to many and there is no reason why it is wrong to do so. 3  Pages, up for a particular belief or idea. Gandhi, in India chased the British away through non-violent methods. ... Hoffmann's Kater Murr(1820/21), and James Hogg's Confessions of a Justified Sinner(1824) are four novels of the earlier nineteenth century which develop their irony... All papers are for research and reference purposes only! This issue has raised ethical problems, which are still problematic till today. "All reasonable Australians fundamentally understand that a key pillar of our peaceful, democratic society is adherence to the rule of law," Ms Cash said. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy. There are a number of varying options when discussing the issue of a ‘justifiable war’. ESSAY TWO Retributive theories claim that punishment is justified because, and only because, the wrongdoer deserves it for having done wrong. There are also cases where law breaking becomes a compulsion, which is when it comes to life and death. But looking further into the matter, what are we really accomplishing with war? 3 And he pressed upon them greatly; and they turned in unto him, and entered into his house; and he made them a feast, and did bake unleavened bread, and they did eat. Human nature consists of three basic components. With time there will be more conflict and as a last resort there will always be room for justice even while breaking the law. The hierarchy of law should be taken into account. More than breaking the law, it is an animal rights awareness campaign which should lie higher than the nudity law. It is written by the legislators, enforced by the police and supported by the court and prison systems. I think of law as a system people came up with in order to fight against chaos by organizing our lives into a mechanism of social interactions. Most of the times breaking the laws becomes a must: when u go impecunious and your wife is dying because u cannot afford the drug to cure her and for that if you steal the drug, such cases can be justified morally. The purpose of this essay is to explore the issues surrounding the morality of terrorism.
Another major reason for breaking the law is because of one’s religion or culture. We would, for instance, have difficulty accepting the argument that obedience is required as a matter of fairness to our fellow citizens, on whose obedience our receipt of state-benefits depends. Can breaking the law ever be justified? We assume that any knowingly innocent person would have escaped this sentence if given the opportunity and support, weak started it. The hierarchy of law should be taken into account. It is not moral for the law to tell someone what not to wear; it is taking the freedom of choice away. On the occasion that truly “unjust” rule is forced upon a citizenry, violating that authority can be validated. More than breaking the law, it is an animal rights awareness campaign which should lie higher than the nudity law. Then again, maybe we promise in a less obvious way. Difficulties did arise from the utilitarian definition of what is morally right and what is morally wrong. Rational choice occurs when a person decides to risk breaking the law after considering both personal factors such as need for money, revenge, food, entertainment and situational factors such as how easy it is to clam that target. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. states in his letter from Birmingham Jail "We should never forget that everything Adolph Hitler did in Germany was "legal" and everything Hungarian freedom fighters did in Hungary was "illegal"." In what situation would breaking the law become plausible? It might be a small rule they might have broken, but they have done it.

The hierarchy of law should be taken into account. Many people are found breaking these laws.

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