[1], The most famous sufferer of this disorder was Nebuchadnezzar II, who in the Book of Daniel "was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen". Some people think that the disorder usually starts out as a dream and goes on to pervade the waking mind, eventually taking hold as a full-blown delusion. Feed it for some time, never let it go hungry. Eric Berne considered the first years of life as a time when the child 'is dealing with magical people who can perhaps on occasion turn themselves into animals,' and thought that even in later life 'a great many people have an animal...which recurs again and again in their dreams. Most of the written evidence about Nebuchadnezzar’s period of insanity comes from The Book of Daniel in the Bible. Special report: Getting a good pre-registration placement, Special report: Treating common minor ailments in the pharmacy, ONtrack - Pharmacy revision for preregistration trainees, Pharmacy Knowledge – Digital learning for students, Pharmacy reference and learning resources, Scottish National Pharmacy Board meetings, Pharmacist contributions to consultant-led post-take ward rounds: a service evaluation, Community pharmacist-led influenza vaccination: a service evaluation, Evaluation of a pharmacist-led virtual thiopurine clinic, Evaluating pharmacist interventions using the Simpler tool in Malaysian patients with type 2 diabetes, Interchangeability of biosimilars: a global perspective for pharmacists, ‘We ensure that the website and mobile applications are safe for users’ — a day in the life of a clinical risk manager, Five ways pharmacists can prepare for an online job interview, 'I have developed good working relationships with my patients beyond their diagnosis' – a day in the life of a renal pharmacist, Transatlantic pharmacy: what to consider if you want to work in Canada, ‘My role is a mix of both clinical and quality improvement initiatives’ — a day in the life of a primary care network pharmacist, Side hustles: how pharmacists can turn their passions into a money spinner, RPS Scotland policy sets out how pharmacists can support people with mental health conditions, Clare Morrison: ‘I honestly think this is the most exciting role in pharmacy in Scotland’, RPS Wales and Scotland publish manifestos ahead of 2021 devolved parliamentary elections, RPS launches consultant pharmacist credentialing programme, Medicines substitutions in supermarket home deliveries put customers at risk, RPS warns, UK could see ‘influx of counterfeit medicines’ without FMD after Brexit, warns RPS, Everything you need to know about the COVID-19 therapy trials, Everything you should know about the coronavirus outbreak, Pharmacies will ‘struggle’ to serve patients if NHS Test and Trace fails to look at individual cases, warns negotiator, Pre-registration assessment to be delayed until first quarter of 2021, regulator confirms, Up to 85% of community pharmacies could be in financial deficit by 2024, economic analysis concludes, Eye disorders: understanding the causes, symptoms and management, Hospitalised COVID-19 patients first in UK to receive antibody treatment in RECOVERY trial. Boanthropy No Joke – I just found out today that there is a real disease called “Boanthropy” where someone thinks they are a cow. [6], Freud had long since noted 'cases in which a mental disease has started with a dream and in which a delusion originating in the dream has persisted'. One of the rarest documented psychological disorders is called Boanthropy which is a specific type of zoanthropy, and it sufferers of this unusual disorder believe that they are a cow or an ox. No Joke – I just found out today that there is a real disease called “Boanthropy” where someone thinks they are a cow. The oldest known case report of zoanthropy comes from Robert Bayfield (1630–1690) who in his “Treatise de morborum capitis” (or diseases of head published in London in 1663) gives a comprehensive description of metamorphosis into animals; “Lycanthropy, Wolfmadness, is a disease, in which man run barking and howling about graves and fields in the night, lying hid for the most part all day, and will not be perswaded but that they are Wolves, or some such beasts.”. Ebola outbreak 2014, Boanthropy is a psychological disorder where a person believes that he or she is a cow. People with the disease are now simply ‘loonies.’ Still, if you have ever wondered what grass tastes like, you have experienced a symptom of boanthropy.

Heme is made of body chemicals called porphyrin, which binds to iron.

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