The people of Ithaka believe that the Water Wyrms will not defile themselves by touching a guilty man.

The Iron Snakes were stationed in the sector of Imperial space known as the Reef Stars and charged with its protection as their primary mission many thousands of Terran years ago. Amongst the battles fought in that Crusade were: the relief of the Imperial Guard on Ambold Eleven, where the Iron Snakes lost only 8 marines in a campaign that cost the forces of Chaos twenty-nine thousand casualties, the assault on Pelbury Civitas, the cleansing of the daemon-infested Fornax Aleph, the support of the final extermination of the Zoican horde on Verghast and, of course, the destruction of the mechanised mutant army of Presarius. The fallen's remains are sieved away into the wind and returned like the water to the sea. The Iron Snakes recruit from Ithaka, a world largely covered in very deep oceans home to a variety of sea-life, including the great Wyrms.

Successor Chapters

The inhabited worlds of the Reef, while varied in their technological development, each appear to have some form of summoning aid from the Iron Snakes ritualized into their society. [Needs Citation], When a squad is completely wiped out, it is reconstituted under the original name, with its new squad-leader being promoted from the ranks of the elder and more veteran Battle-Brothers of the other squads. 1100 B.C.
Every squad in the Chapter is therefore known by the name of its first commander and careful attention is paid to recording the deeds of each squad and the glory they have accumulated. The fallen Astartes' squad leader carries prepared statements written on a scroll of paper about the valiant dead's life, actions and death, sealed and ready to be placed within the archives of the Chapter House.

"The Chapter House" located on Ithaka's fortress moon, Karybdis

Historically, only one warrior usually suffices in cases of general aid requests, though it is no shame for the individual to request the presence of his Phratry-Brothers once apprised of the specific situation. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page.

In cases of responding to general aid requests from the worlds of the Reef Stars, it is customary to dispatch only one Battle-Brother from the closest squad to investigate. The Iron Snakes are a codex divergent Space Marine Chapter. The Iron Snakes recruit their Neophytes from Ithaka, an Imperial Ocean World (commonly referred to by its people as the "Cradle of Snakes") which is largely covered in very deep oceans and home to a variety of sea life, including the great serpentine Water Wyrms. Each squad will also contain a standard-bearer, who fixes the squad colors to a special mounting upon his armor, and a support weapons trooper (with the Plasma Gun and Flamer appearing to be Chapter favorites).

The Iron Snakes is a Second Founding Ultramarines Primogenitor Successor Chapter. I love this chapter and glad somebody is updating them!! "Form ranks, draw blades and stand fast my brothers -- we shall show these traitorous degenerates the meaning of vengeance this day. I'm really curious about his vision of structure of the chapter after induction of the Primaris marines.

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Another common practise of the Iron Snakes is a ritual punishment, used against those Astartes who have committed a terrible crime, known as Oethanar -- or "Trial by Wyrm" in the dialect of High Gothic used in the sector.

Also, I believe they don't have typical assault/devastator/etc.

The remainder of the Orks were expunged, and the Reef Stars were judged greenskin-free for over a thousand years. Its most common residents are prisoners of war, held pending interrogation under the watchful eyes of the Veteran Astartes who serve as the wardens known as "Archons.

Each squad, named after its first squad leader, is treated as an individual tactical formation held equal in the line of battle with almost all of the other phratry units.
1900 - ca.

The Iron Snakes' Power Armour is painted gunmetal grey with a golden Aquila.

However, through the guidance of Librarian Petrok, the Iron Snakes were able to discover that the Dark Eldar had lured the Orks into the Reef Stars by planting the suggestion that a relic sacred to the Orks was there.

The Iron Snakes' Tactical Squads are unique in the fact that all such squads have an attached Apothecary unlike other Codex Astartes-compliant Chapters who assign only one Apothecary per company. Successors of In real history, this legendary period coincides with the Greek Bronze Age and the Mycenaean Era of ca. When a mission, referred to within the Chapter as an "undertaking", is decided upon, the Iron Snakes' Chapter Master announces how many squads he believes are required to ensure its success. The Chapter Master then decides which squads to assign to the undertaking based upon which tokens he finds in the kylix. Warhammer 40k Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

The Iron Snake chapter symbol is typically depicted as a blue serpent on a white background. The remainder of the Orks were expunged, and the Reef Stars were judged Greenskin-free for over a thousand Terran years. [1], The Iron Snakes also fought a ten year all-out war against a supremely large Ork invasion.

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