The part that always tries to do the right thing, eat the right thing, say the right thing. Click, “Theresa is warm, caring, present and an expert in her field.”, Member of The CT River Valley Chamber ofCommerce, Wellness Self Advocacy Based in Glastonbury, CT & Serving the Greater Hartford Area |.

Life coaching legt naast een zakelijk en maatschappelijke insteek een sterk accent op welzijn en geluk. Many tools work some, and provide relief for a time. Trying to force yourself not to be angry doesn’t really work! Her words are never hard or heavy. Welcome back to the Therapy Spot, everyone! Getting to know your parts, paying attention to them, and making them feel included are all incredibly important. It’s very common when your parts have been attention starved. That’s Self. “Say you’re hungry, and you have an inner conflict about what you want to eat. What IFS does, is help you become a mediator between the fighting factions of your mind. All rights reserved. Melissa recommends a few different approaches: Each part has their own personality, which is why it’s so important to really get to know them. The goal of the exercise was to practice including different parts in small, every day decisions — in this case, what to have for dinner. Or, if you’re feeling playful, maybe you want to get some finger puppets of your own! With her every word, Melissa embodies the joyfulness and playfulness that make IFS so rewarding. But inside, it feels like you’re spinning plates in the air, trying to keep them from crashing down — all while you struggle with your own chronic stress from life circumstances, relationship challenges, or your own internal conflicts. To me, Internal Family Systems (IFS) falls in the latter category. Has this ever happened to you? The third member of the conversation, who can mediate between the two — that’s who you really are.

Through this work, my parts are feeling relief, Self energy is growing stronger, and I have access to this energy to move forward in life. You decide to sit and listen to a sad part, or an anxious part, or a bored part. If that sounds a little too easy, well, you’re not wrong. LEARN MORE IFS coaching can help you make sense of all your pieces and parts. Wellness Self Advocacy Based in Glastonbury, CT & Serving the Greater Hartford Area | [email protected], Individually tailored wellness self-advocacy for success, Altraform was created as the result of my personal evolution in the service of others. Before I found IFS, nothing seemed to adequately address what I was experiencing internally, never mind provide effective resolution. As I tune myself to hear them, they start unlocking the doors that have been closed on the inside of me and I feel relief. Through IFS, you build the muscle, over time, that gives you space to speak from the part, not for the part. That part tells you that you should have a salad instead. At the end of our interview, Melissa walked me through a short IFS exercise to get to know my parts. I have worked to keep them comfortable, happy and connected with things that matter and I have incorporated this work in helping younger people find their purpose so they can live their life without regret. It can be like going into a room of kids. October 17, 2017 By Beth Rogerson. “That’s why I use finger puppets for my parts. Going through this all showed me that my calling is to share and empower others to find their own path. You have to learn how to get out of what’s habitual. I went out mushroom hunting and spent the weekend in the kitchen, creating exciting new dishes with my beautiful black trumpet mushrooms. […] I live, eat, sleep, and breathe IFS!” Her passion is deep and infectious — which will be crystal clear when you listen to her speak. And it’s simple, but it’s not easy.” Melissa compares the practice of IFS to working out at the gym. This way, you can speak for the angry part, but not be taken over by it.”. It’s not advice-giving at all — it’s a key to a hidden level. Available in paperback ($11.99)

From Negative Experiences with Self Compassion, New Beginnings: An IFS Journey with Tammy Sollenberger, Coming This Autumn: an 8-week Mindful Self Compassion Course, Reissue: Martha Sweezy, Ph.D., on Shame, Guilt, and Self Compassion, Kristy Arbon on Stress, Shame, and Somatic Self Compassion, Dr. Susan Reyland on Understanding Your Survival Surveillance System, What to Do When You “Bump Into” Differences in Your Relationships. Showing you how to self correct and remove obstacles so you can succeed requires focused individualized attention from me to you. Using science and age-old wisdom packaged into a user-friendly system for the modern, very busy person, you will find ways to tap into your aligned self to become the best version of yourself you dream possible.

Your coaching call was a powerful experience and beautifully led. When I’m stuck and can’t see my way out, Kristen offers a different perspective with amazing gentleness and clarity. “[IFS is] a practice. Wow, Kristen. Thank you so much to Melissa for joining me, and to all of you for listening. You can also download the conference table technique on Melissa’s website, or my meeting place guided meditation download. Whatever way you choose to go about it, always remember to approach your parts with compassion and curiosity. One of them, a playful part, took the lead over the days following the interview. For me, it calms down the overwhelm. Say you find yourself feeling anger towards your partner. Change proceeds at the pace of biology.”. Reduce stress and get the support you need — especially during social distancing — with online coaching. With IFS, however, you make a tiny, critical shift in your words: “A part of me is upset.”, “When you do that, you maintain the connection with your loved one while still speaking for the part of you that’s upset. Help mitigate employee and executive stress with a virtual lunch and learn, along with online coaching.

LEARN MORE Reduce stress, feel better in your own skin, and get your life back I have consulted other life coaches in the past, but Kristen employs an approach that is immediately effective. Learn to instantly relieve stress, avoid self-sabotage and self-criticism, and many other negative traits that hold us back. So join us today, and listen along as Melissa and I discuss the process, the benefits, and the just plain fun of IFS! Welcome back to the Therapy Spot, everyone! It was the key that enabled me to reduce my own chronic stress, find lasting relief from internal conflicts due to early-life experiences, and enjoy healthy and mutually fulfilling relationships. My mission is to help people live the life they want, foster meaningful connection, and to live without regrets. I am also certified as a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist by NASM. Kristen has helped me identify the different parts of myself and bring loving attention to them. After all, in Melissa’s own words, IFS is “a path of pure compassion […] as far as the eye can see.” The goal is to represent your parts in a way that works for you. Me too!” That’s what we call a party of parts. You take care of your loved ones, and they rely on you to be there. I encourage you all to try this exercise in your own daily lives. To my surprise and delight, this small question brought up quite a few of my parts! From the outside, it looks like you have it all together. I have worked with women with weight loss and self-care after struggling with my own and deciding dieting really stinks and working out is smelly.

Her manner is compassionate yet direct. © 2020 | Kristen Quirk. Guiding you towards the fulfillment of your dreams is my mission and passion. My extensive training and background in wellness allow me to customize strategies individually to help you succeed.

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