Note: Removing the rust will help minimize the chance of rust developing under the paint in the future. Wet sanding is very similar to rubbing compound but you’re using a sandpaper with the grit equivalent of compound. If it is a sealant, then that goes on second and the color goes first. If this is already the case, then it would be redundant to sand. Leveler solvent for leveling touch up paint. This is a perfectly adequate method but it will not do much for blending the touched up area into the original paint.
Our Expert Agrees: You need to thoroughly prepare the area before you add any touch-up paint or the result might look bad.

This kit of 2 compounds and 2 polishes is an ideal assortment for bringing the dull look of sanded paint back to a high gloss. You fill the reservoir with your touch up paint and dab it into small chips or scratches. Note: Rust arrestor is available at most auto parts stores. Touch up paint comes in several types of containers. To use it you can apply some to a microfiber polishing pad or microfiber rag and begin applying pressure. These chips are usually too small to warrant a new paint job or professional assistance at all. If you have difficulty matching the paint colors, speak to an auto paint specialist, who may be able to advise or even mix a suitable touch-up paint for you. Knowing how to properly touch up rock chips and small scratches automotive paint is something you really need to know how to do if you’re serious about keeping your car or truck looking its best. A car that is used is bound to obtain a few paint chips. This is a bit excessive advice if I’m honest but you’re better off waiting if you can. Small chips and scratches are easily addressed with a touch up pen and personally I prefer to stay in that range.

Without prepping the spot first, the paint won't adhere well, and it could look 'globby.'.

The best car paint chip repair kit we’ve found is available from To touch up car paint, start by washing the spot on your car that you need to touch up, using a wax and grease remover to remove any residue, and sanding the area with 220-grit sandpaper. Chad Zani is the Director of Franchising at Detail Garage, an automotive detailing company with locations around the U.S. and Sweden. Use car washing soap, water, and a clean, soft cloth to clean the scratched area. If you did, then there is no need to sand between the coats which will save you lots of time.

Using touch up paint on a bumper might be different than using touch up paint on the car. Wear safety goggles, gloves, and a paint respirator when applying auto paint and primer.

If you’re dealing with unusually fine but deep scratches and chips or just want more precise control, this is the tool you need. The mid coat isn’t a solid color and is essentially just a layer of colored tint on top of the base coat. Be sure not to build the layers up above the rim of the scratch or chip to leave room to apply clear coat. The mid coat is applied on top of the base coat, also known as the paint color, but below the clear coat. Remove all the wax and sealant on the area and make sure any dirt and grime are gone as well. The rust must be removed before applying paint otherwise the paint won’t adhere properly and the rust may simply return even if you do manage to paint the surface.
They’re typically priced a little over $100 for a good one which isn’t too bad considering they’re great for polishing out swirls and scratches when the need arises. A good DA polisher is a must-have tool for any serious detailer.

Don’t be tempted to push really hard with the sandpaper because of this. kits come with a compound that is used to polish away the excess clear coat and blend the touched up area with the surrounding clear coat. Is the final sanding done with wet sandpaper? Yes, you can. The only way to get the metallic flake to lay properly is to spray the paint onto the surface.

Finally, sand the area and apply a top coat to finish the surface. This is especially true of plastic bumper covers. What do you do? This can be a very difficult paint to touch up but if you’re willing to practice first you can pull it off. Debris from the road kicks up while driving to chip the sides, adverse weather can wreak havoc on the hood, and accidents can happen any time. Clear coat is essentially a protective layer. The fact is that they don’t care about my car as much as I care about my car. Gasses release from new paint over time and if they can’t escape they can cause a bubbling look to the fresh paint. It’s a good idea to give your car a good wash prior to attempting to touch up a scratch or chip. Many people just ignore these and move on. You will need to wait a minimum of 10 minutes between applying coats.

Avoid getting primer on the car paint outside of the chipped area. Consult an auto paint specialist if you are having difficulty finding the right color. When getting a touch-up paint from this website, you have over 100,000 different custom paint colors at your fingertips with a guarantee that it will match the original color.

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