Come join the discussion about restorations, builds, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! This is Eric’s diagram for the plumbing for his vacuum pump system in his El Camino. For a power booster to function properly you will need at least 18" of vacuum.

Too long a pin will cause this.

With this electric motor vacuum boost system, if the engine dies but the ignition power remains on, the electric pump will still supply vacuum assist to the brake pedal, as long as the battery offers sufficient voltage.

This is a simplified drawing of the wiring for the relay. If the booster is working properly, the pedal will drop toward the floor and then push back upward slightly.

Yes. Switch the engine off, release the steering wheel, and repeatedly apply the brake pedal with medium force.

Somewhat, but usually they will only show a moderate increase in braking performance since the engine doesn't really get to a sufficient vacuum level on a constant basis.

How much vacuum is needed to operate a booster properly?

All material © 2012 by MB Marketing. If the pedal feels hard immediately, or after only one brake application, it may indicate a vacuum leak or a low level of engine vacuum. We’ll show you how an enterprising pair of San Diego car guys fabricated a cool power brake booster system that really works. Yes. Eric’s approach was to dump the wimpy small-block in his ′66 El Camino in favor of a 468 iron-headed Rat that makes 580-plus lb-ft of torque.

This new pump has a built-in sensor that will measure the vacuum … This is equivalent to normal conversation in a restaurant.

With no force applied to the booster there will be vacuum on both sides of the diaphragm. I would adjust your idle to a bare minimum of 800rpm/ 850 would be better just because of your flat tappet. These systems can be mysterious to the untrained technician because part-swapping will not solve some brake issues. What’s the first duo that pops into your head? I told you there would be a test later.


Some say you can hear it whining if the booster is bad but there's no way I could over the motor. They also bent lengths of 3/8-inch tubing and connected the lines with vacuum hose and clamps.

A forum community dedicated to Chevrolet Chevelle owners and enthusiasts. Disconnect the vacuum supply hose from the booster and connect a vacuum gauge to the hose using a cone-shaped adapter. Without the supplemental pump the only choice is to eliminate the booster and go to manual brakes. The difference is that the hydro-boost system uses hydraulic pressure instead of vacuum to provide power assist for the brake system. The bad thing is that it only makes about 2-3 inches of vacuum at idle, so when the valve opens up, the engine has a hard time sucking air out and it causes the engine to run lean. There are two attachment points on the brake pedal.For power brakes you need to use the lower attachment hole. One of the causes of this is a mismatch between the booster pin length and the depth of the master cylinder piston hole. I'm wondering if my power brake booster is going bad? The hydro-boost power assist system performs the same function as the vacuum assist system in helping apply a vehicle’s brakes.

The hydroboosts have accumulators so you have 3 good stops after the motor is shut off/quits. The great ones will always be great — peanut butter & jelly, Abbott & Costello, and perhaps Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. An Iowa native, Smith served a variety of roles at Car Craft before moving to the senior editor role at Hot Rod and Chevy High Performance, and ultimately returning to Car Craft. Is this low? They have to stand on their brakes to stop. The Hydratech system does anyway, not sure about the others.

Again this can be due to a mismatch between the booster pin and the master cylinder piston. With the pump in place and running, they used a meter to measure the sound at 64 dB from two feet away with the hood closed. But at low vehicle speeds, if the brake pedal was applied more than twice in quick succession with the engine near idle in gear (both cars are automatics), the pedal effort quickly deteriorated into what could easily be a dangerous situation should a panic stop be required. If the booster passes this test, perform the accumulator test as described in the following section. Eric found the vacuum switch through Stainless Steel Brakes at Summit Racing for less than $35.

Do I have good brakes? Give us a call at: 1-800-230-3030.

By using hydraulic pressure, a greater amount of assist can be provided. However, if there is no change in the pedal position or feel, the booster is not working. A far less effective duo for a street car is a big cam and power brakes. pump and the other line coming off the hydroboost to the remaining end of the hose that goes to the pressure side of the steering box?,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada.

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At the end of the hour, repeatedly apply the brake pedal with medium force. ", you can go to a hydro boost system ... then as long as the motor is running you'll have great brakes, "An expert is someone who has made every possible mistake within a very narrow field". Just be sure to use a disc brake master cylinder.

All rights reserved. "For those that will fight for it...FREEDOM ...has a flavor the protected shall never know.

If air passes through the valve into the booster, the check valve is defective and should be replaced. Not many. Is a power booster required with disc brakes?

Master Power Brake's new specialized vacuum pump doesn't need a canister, however. 5,976 Posts . I got the comp XE268, which is pretty mild but sounds pretty good in gear but i thought vacuum wasnt going to be an issue. Come join the discussion about restorations, builds, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Street Muscle, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! Product information and expertise direct from all the best auto parts manufacturers. If the accumulator can hold a charge, a Hydro-Boost I unit will provide two or three power-assisted applications, while a Hydro-Boost II unit will only provide one or two. Hydro-Boost Accumulator Test: To test the ability of the system to store a short-term high-pressure charge in the accumulator, start the engine and allow it to idle. We apologize for the added step and appreciate your understanding! In either case, the booster must be rebuilt or replaced. Is there anything I can do? I have 9-10" and my factory setup seems to work real good...better than my 01 Tahoe actually.

Pricey, but as I've said before, you spend big $$ to go fast, you could/should at least spend 5-10% to stop fast!

By using a dual diaphragm design booster you can maintain a high level of assist while keeping a small size. With the engine off, apply the brake pedal repeatedly with medium pressure until the booster reserve is depleted. If you're cruising along the vacuum in the booster will be high and stay high because of the check valve at the inlet. This is Doug Eisberg’s engine compartment just before the power brake booster pump swap.

Start the engine and allow it to idle while observing the vacuum gauge.

Eric performed hours of research and discovered a GM factory vacuum pump for a 2011 V6 Cadillac CTS that was designed to perform this exact task. He plans to mount his pump and reservoir in the same location but will plumb his system slightly different, as shown in the next diagram. Be aware the terminals on an actual relay will be positioned differently than this drawing, but the connections are correct. I have power drum brakes, can I use the same booster if I change to disc brakes?

With the system in place, they were also concerned with noise, but that also turned out well. Hydro-boost was first introduced to solve issues associated with…. If you activate and release the brakes the pressure in the booster rises. So the pair built an aluminum bracket to mount the pump and the reservoir underneath the driver front fender and above the inner fender well, using longer bolts from the hood hinge as studs to mount the bracket. WE need more vacuum period! How much pressure should I be getting to the wheels with a power booster?

Next, a specific vacuum sensor switch would be required to sense a low vacuum to trigger the pump.

Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 2, 2006. Never begin any work on a hydro-boost system until you have discharged the dangerously high pressure stored in the accumulator by pumping the brake pedal numerous times with the engine off.

A disc brake system requires this amount of pressure so be careful when using a smaller 7" booster that puts out only 900 psi pressure.

Although a power booster gives a good pedal feel, manual brakes work fine. Armed with this approach, the guys decided to first test the AC Delco Caddy pump on Doug’s Nova by temporarily bolting it to a wood base to the driver side fender and plumbing it in between the engine and the power brake booster.

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Jeff Smith, a 35-year veteran of automotive journalism, comes to Power Automedia after serving as the senior technical editor at Car Craft magazine. It is important to understand the basics of how power steering gear systems work before we can develop an assessment technique.

When inspecting the hydro-boost system, the inspection must include checking power steering hoses and pump for leaks, power steering fluid level, and drive belt tension. Typically you should expect about 1000 psi.

Because he wanted the make this install as stealthy as possible, it uses a near invisible T-fitting between the engine connection and the vacuum booster, using five check valves total. Power boosters keep going bad on my vehicles.

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